Lockdown Eases 2020 – 13th June to 19th June 2020

Lockdown begun to ease in the UK on the 15th June.

Saturday 13th June

This morning started with powerhoop and True for Bella. She is a funny little one. She definitely copies me. She must be used to watching me hoop in front of the TV and wanted to give it a go. Of course that was how our morning was. I mean do you expect anything else from our mornings.

I’m still going strong with my healthy eating and had a salad for lunch. It seems to be my favourite thing to have for lunch. Today I added some salad potatoes and boiled eggs so it took a bit longer to prepare than normal. I need to learn the right amount of potatoes though as I seem to add far too many and it just ends up tasting of salad potaotes.

After lunch Liam watched Bella for me so I could go out for my walk. It was beautiful and sunny when I left the house but just as I left the housing estate to head back home it came over all dark and gloomy.

I actually made it home just as the heavens opened. Thank god I got home then rather than being half way across town.

When I got home Daly was getting ready to go to work and saying his goodbyes to Bella. She didn’t want him to go to work. She’s been struggling with Daly heading off to work with this whole lockdown thing. She is so used to me and Liam rarely leaving the house that she finds it really weird when Daly is heading off.

Sunday 14th June

Bella and I fell out a little bit this morning. I mean our morning started like normal but she found Daly’s belt and was using it as a belt on herself. That was fine. She wasn’t hurting anyone but then she decided to swing the belt around with the metal end being the end flying around the place. Obviously this is dangerous. I’d rather she didn’t send the belt through the TV or hurt herself with it. Turns out those two things I didn’t have to worry about, instead while I was telling her to stop swinging it around before she hurt or broke something she smacked me with the buckle and it hurt! She was not in my good books.

After we’d dealt with that little incident we headed upstairs to get dressed for the day. I picked out a pretty summer dress for Bella to wear. When I bought it I actually bought it for the denim jacket that came with it rather than the dress itself. As it wasn’t too warm today I thought Bella could wear it as a set. It was very cute as a set.

It was lovely and warm outside. I headed out to set my mini office up on the table in the garden. I had my laptop for my blogging and my iPad as well so I could also catch up on my blogs. I’ve noticed I do pretty much the same thing all the time. Man my life seems so boring when I just do this all the the time. I spent my afternoon in the garden trying to catch up with everything.

While I was outside Liam came and joined me and pointed out that there was a crack going straight across the patio. I had seen it a few days ago but not thought much of that. Liam however loves to wind me up and told me that because it was a straight line it was the beginning of a sink hole. I’m sure it’s not but we’ll see if the house or garden suddenly disappear into the ground.

It was soon time for me to head into the kitchen so I could get started on our roast dinner. But that also meant catching up on all the washing up. It seems to build up and then I have a huge blitz of the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon. I’m one of those people who doesn’t like leaving the kitchen while I’m cooking and there’s not much to do between putting the meat and roast potatoes in the oven and dishing up so that’s when I clean.

I did all the washing up an cleaned down the sides ready to make them a mess when I serve dinner up. I now have a lovely clean kitchen all ready to make a mess of again lol.

My day ended with my daily dose of powerhoop

Monday 15th June

May morning started early today. I had to head down to the hospital for my B12 jab. I was actually up and out before Bella woke up. Liam was going to watch Bella if she woke up for me. I wasn’t looking forward to the doctors. I hate getting my B12 jab. It hurts so bad. Also it was the first time I’d been to the doctors since lockdown really.

When I got to the doctors they did the usual of asking if I’d had any Covid symptoms or anyone I lived with did and then they asked me to wear a mask. Fair enough. The weighting room had been completely overhauled and there were only 9 chairs all spread out. I was called into to have my jab and then it was time to walk home.

I didn’t end up doing much else today. Even though the B12 jab is suppose to help you feel more awake and all that jazz I find I’m absolutely exhausted for about two days after the jab and just sleep. And that’s exactly what I did when I got home. Liam watched Bella for me and I went upstairs and slept. Thank god for Liam.

That evening I was feeling a little more alive so decided I’d start my new workout routine. I’ve heard everyone raving about Chloe Ting and her workouts so I thought I’d give them ago. But to ease myself in I did my hooping first before dinner. As a bit of a warm up. I’m determined to finish the six week program and see how many inches I can lose off me.

Just before dinner I started craving Coco Pops. I posted on Facebook that I wanted some and much to my surprise Rachel turned up on my door step after dinner with a box of Coco Pops for me. Man I do love my sister sometimes. I mean at times she does my head in but she does look after me in my old age.

After a quick chat with Rachel I took my chances with Chloe Ting. It turns out it wasn’t too bad. I managed to complete the work out without dying. I thought I might but I actually enjoyed it. I made sure I stretched out afterwards and had an ice cold bath so I didn’t feel tight in the morning. Hopefully I can keep up with the full two week programme and see some changes.

Tuesday 16th June

I had a few jobs to do this morning so when I got up I set about doing them. The biggest job on my list of things to do was to cancel our holiday. I was not feeling comfortable taking Bella over to France with everything going on and I didn’t feel the Disney experience we were going to get was the Disney experience we wanted. Hopefully in time we will be able to head over there and Bella can enjoy Disney the way it is suppose to be enjoyed.

After the anxious phone call and making sure everything was cancelled I cracked into my ice cream. Sometimes you just need to have some chocolate ice cream to make you feel better. While I was eating my feelings Bella was writing out shopping list. Thankfully I’ve gotten into the habit of writing the list taking a photo of it to send to Rachel and then just letting Bella have the white board so she can write her own list.

I had ordered a new scales for the bathroom as I had ordered some new batteries for the one we had but it seems it has completely died and no new batteries were going to bring them back. I had managed to find a fancy bluetooth one on Amazon for not too bad a price and it had arrived this morning. I had great fun playing around with it and setting it all up.

Bella had great fun playing with the sofa cushions making a little house again and pretending to be a superhero. She has got quite a good imagination. I’m so proud of her and how creative she can be.

That afternoon when it came time for Daly to go to work Bella didn’t want him to go. Or she at least wanted to go to work with him. But sadly she can’t. She had to stay home with me. She may not have wanted to but she accepted her fate and happily played with her drum kit. She set it all up in the living room and was bashing away.

I had been chatting to Leanne via messenger and we’d been discussing eyeshadows. I want to know how to do a smokey eye but because I don’t wear make up that often I don’t have any eye shadow pallets. So I spent a lot of my afternoon on Feelunique trying to find an eye shadow pallet. I looked at lots of different ones and in the end I settled on the Jaclyn Hill one from Morphe. I’m not a huge fan of her but I know the pallet has had lots of good reviews so I thought I’d give it a try.

That evening I did a little bit of shopping online for some sports clothes. I used to have lots when I cheered but I haven’t cheered in 5 years so I’d got rid of most of my workout clothes. I had a look on Sports Direct’s website to see what I could find. I definitely needed some new trainers. I had to Google running trainers for flat feet though as normal trainers kill my feet. I had found a pair I liked in Sports Direct and then set about finding some shorts and sports bras. I found a few bits I liked and ordered them.

I had had to wash my workout clothes from yesterday to wear for today but I had to wait for them to dry before I could workout, hence why I was shopping for some more bits.

I’ve discovered my hair is far too long for when I’m working out. It makes me so hot and putting it up in a ponytail, it either falls out or I find it pulls really badly on my scalp. I have such a sensitive scalp I can’t wear my hair in many styles without pain. I have found french plaits are the best hairstyle for me. I find it doesn’t pull as much on my scalp but I have to loop the braids up into buns so I don’t have any hair on my neck. So this is my new favourite hair style.

Wednesday 17th June

This morning was miserable. It was chucking it down this morning. Only downside – I had put my washing out on the line to dry and managed to forget about it. So it ended up getting soaked in the rain. I should have probably paid attention but oh well, it’s only a little bit of water. Not going to hurt the clothes.

As it was wet and miserable Bella couldn’t go out in the garden. That didn’t seem to both her. We cuddled up on the floor and Bella read me one of her books. She has a mini set of Gruffalo books which she decided to read to me.

Bella wanted to carry on with the book so we then moved onto the sofa for snuggles. While we were reading I received a package I had been waiting for. Bella was very excited to see what I had received. Once I’d opened my package she wanted a mini selfie shoot.

I was doing my workout in the middle of the day today. I had a Zoom call with the family this evening once Bella had gone to bed so wouldn’t have time to work out then. I seemed to find it a little easier to work out in the middle of the day but that could be because I’m more awake and haven’t eaten as much lol.

That evening I had a nice Zoom call with my aunties and uncles. It was nice to chat and catch up. I haven’t really spoken to anyone during this lockdown period. It was good to see that everyone was ok.

Thursday 18th June

Bella and I started our morning having some ice poles. She had wanted one and she has very much got into the habit of sharing so because Bella wanted an ice pole mummy got an ice pole. We chilled out on the sofa watching TV. While we were chilling out and waiting for Daly to get up I received a phone call from Joe and Jess needing some help. So I set off to help them out. It was a bit weird as it was the first time I’d driven in four months but because I hadn’t had time to think about it I didn’t have time to freak out about it.

I help Joe and Jess with their problem that morning and then headed back home to go shopping with Daly. Now that I was freaking out about. I haven’t gone inside a shop in months. It was such a huge thing for me to go back out into the real world.

Shopping was not fun. I had a panic attack the whole way round the shop and was hanging on to the shopping trolley for dear life. I felt so dizzy and spaced, I honestly thought I was going to pass out. Now Rachel understands that at the moment I literally need someone to hold my hand while I do things like this, especially for the first time. Daly however will continue like normal and kept walking off from me. I spent our whole shopping trip screaming after him that if I passed out and collapsed on the floor it was his fault for walking away from me. It was nice to be able to do my own shopping though. I’m a bit funny about my food and like specific brands and things like ‘light’ versions and fat free that most other people wouldn’t think about.

After getting all our normal food from Morrisons we headed round to Food Warehouse to get all our frozen bits. This wasn’t as bad as Morrisons as there was far less people.

When we got home I took Bella for a little walk over to the farm shop to get some fruit and fresh bits. At least there I feel confident. And Bella does enjoy these walks and having races along the pavement. The farm sadly didn’t have what I wanted but I picked up some cherries for Bella to try – I don’t like them. She also managed to persuade me to buy her a little bag of sweets. I really am a softy sometimes.

We walked back home with our goodies. When we got back Bella wanted to help Daly wash the car so I popped her in her swimsuit and sent her out to help with a sponge. In my opinion she did a pretty good job of helping Daly.

That evening Daly had some jobs to do so heading off out and I realised that tonight would be the only chance Bella would have to make her fathers day cards. We restarted Bella going to her grandparents on a Friday to give her some form of normality and me a break. She hasn’t seen them for over 3 months.

Bella wanted to paint some hearts to go on her cards so I cut out two paper hearts and then she told me which colours she wanted to paint on to them. Her first heart, for Grandad, she just wanted to paint all pink but her heart for Daly she used all the colours she had.

I’ve noticed recently Bella is pretty good at drawing over dots to make patterns. To add a little decoration to her card I drew some swirls with dots for her to trace over.

She did so well with that I thought lets go full out. I wrote Daddy and Grandad in dots on the bottom of the cards and wanted to see if she could trace over them. And she did so well. Now I know Bella is too young to focus on writing yet but she wanted to do it and she did a great job.

The only problem I had afterwards was hiding the hearts from Daly so they could dry. Bella likes to use a lot of paint. Once the outside of the card was all complete I did Bella a sheet to put inside the card where Bella could write her name and add kisses. Although according to Bella they aren’t kisses they were gingerbread men. I’m not sure where that has come from but I wasn’t going to argue.

Friday 19th June

Our morning started getting Bella ready to go to her Grandparents. She was so excited and to be honest so was I. I love my daughter but we are so alike sometimes we need a little time away from each other. It’s true when they say having a daughter is just constantly arguing with a miniature version of yourself. She was spending the night and then we were going to pick her up tomorrow from a family BBQ we were having for Grant’s birthday.

We went as a family to drop her off and I was a bit worried how Bella was going to be. Being just the four of us for the last 3 months seems to have heightened the attachment anxiety she already had. Everyday she tells me how she misses daddy while he’s at work and if I go out for a walk, even if she’s been told I’m going she seems to have a melt down. Hopefully she’d be ok though.

We dropped her and then Daly and I set off to go look at a car. Daly had seen a Mazda 6 he wanted to look at so that’s where we were going. I wasn’t too fussed. I mean I have my car so I’m good. Although I never drive it at the moment. It seems Daly always has my car and I have to schedule with him when I can actually use it. It’s rather annoying.

We looked at this Mazda 6 and then headed to McDonalds to get some lunch. That killed my diet slightly though. I had a nugget meal and an extra double cheese burger. Bang went my daily calorie intake. I take the view though if I eat too many calories it just means I need to make sure I work them off. I felt bad for Liam though. He’d been dying for a McDonalds but we’d have it while we were out without him. We’ll have to make it up to him.

When we got home it was a nice chilled afternoon. I was feeling tired so went upstairs and snuggled down in bed to watch some YouTube. It’s moments like that I enjoy. I don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on anyone or feeding anyone I can just relax.

Stay Safe

Night all and let’s see what adventures next week holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Lockdown 2020 – 6th June to 12th June 2020

Saturday 6th June

We had a nice chilled out Saturday. Bella found her iPad and spent most of the day playing her various games and watching TV shows on the Nick Jr app. I don’t mind that too much as at least the grown ups are still aloud to watch our TV shows.

Liam had been doing a bit of cooking and had made us all some cheese and bacon puffs. He had made Bella her own puff without bacon. She seems to not be a huge fan of it but she does love her cheese.

I spent most of the day trying to make Bella a summer top. I had this cute ladybird fabric but not much of it so I decided to use it as a ruffle on the summer top I had made it. I swear ruffles look cute but are an absolute nightmare to sew.

To keep me entertained while I was sewing I found my own iPad and set up some Youtube videos for me to watch. I quite like watching and catching up on my various subscriptions while I do other things. It’s one way to multitask.

I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to finish the top for Bella but annoyingly her little growth spurt has meant she has quiet a long torso and the top has turned out a little too short for her so I’ve been trying to come up with a way to lengthen it. I’ve decided I’m going to add a strip of the ladybird fabric and then an extra panel of white to add the length I need.

That evening I did my powerhoop workout. I’m glad I’m able to workout again after two weeks of feeling sick and my stomach hurting. I feel like I’m able to continue with my progress.

Sunday 7th June

Our morning started with snuggles on the sofa watching Netflix. One day I’ll be able to function in the morning but on a Sunday let’s not push things.

I eventually got Bella dressed and she hunted out my weighted hoop. She especially enjoys playing with it now it’s more her size. She was spinning around the living room pretending to spin the hoop around her.

As well as spinning around the hoop she also tried out a few of the other exercises she had seen me do with the hoop, including bicep curls and squats. It’s true that children really learn behaviour from watching and copying.

Bella really wanted to do some drawing so I found her some drawing sheets. I had printed some off drawing sheets on the safari theme. They were for Bella to draw her own safari animals. Bella settled down on her table and began drawing.

She really enjoyed doing this and actually kept asking for more colouring sheets. It was easy enough to print off more sheets though. They are all saved on my laptop and I’ve managed to set up the printer on my phone as well so I can’t print things off from anywhere in the house with the ease of pressing a button on my phone.

Bella designed quite a few safari animals, well she drew her own versions. She drew a cheater, a zebra, a snake and a giraffe. She’s getting so much better at her drawing and she’s gotten to the point where you can actually tell what she has drawn.

After some drawing she found a few bath finger puppets that I had washed and wanted to put on a puppet show for us. She found her little wooden chair and set it up in front of Daly and I and made up a puppet show using her paw patrol finger puppets, and a few Bambi ones. She used the bars in the back of the chair as the stage.

We ended our day with Bella dressing up as Aurora. I had headed upstairs to do some bits and I have ended up taking this time to have a break a lay down on the bed but trying hard not to fall asleep.

Bella had come upstairs to found me and took to running up and down my bed and jumping up and down on it. Pretty cute when it’s a mini Sleeping Beauty is doing the bouncing.

Over the top of my dressing table mirror is all our Disney ears that I had bought for when we go to Disney – which has sadly been cancelled by us due to Covid. I know Disney is reopening soon but I don’t know how the experience is going to be for us and I know things are going to be different but I want Bella to have a proper Disney experience. Anyways I have about 5 or 6 sets of ears, or should I say we as two sets of the ears are Bella’s. Bella saw my Sleeping Beauty ears and wanted to wear them with her dress.

She looked very cute.

Monday 8th June

Back to ballet this morning. Daly is off so he got to experience Bella’s lesson this morning. As I think I mentioned she has themed lessons on a Monday so no ballet leotard today but she needed her ballet shoes. They are starting to get a little too small for her so we’re going to have to invest in some new ones for her but I guess there’s no point yet until she’s back in class. Knowing my luck she’ll go up another shoe size by then.

Bella tried really hard with her class this morning. I think she really loved the fact that daddy was watching her. I love days like this when ballet comes easily and I don’t feel I’m having to force her or constantly encourage her.

After ballet Bella wanted to play with playdough. I went and sat up at the dinning room table with her. She doesn’t really need any supervision as she very sensible with it but I know once she get’s bored with it she’ll just run off and leave the playdough across the table.

I wasn’t too happy with Bella. I had discovered that she had been drawing in her books. I thought she was more responsible than that and that I could trust her. Because of this discovery it meant that I turned the TV off. This didn’t go down well with her. We had a screaming tantrum but she needs to learn that she can’t draw in her books and damage things without consequences.

Thankfully with both the boys at home I was able to go for an afternoon walk. I’m trying to up my step count to help me get fitter so I find fitting in an afternoon walk helps get my steps up. Especially if I also have an evening walk.

We have some really nice spots to walk near us where is feels you’re in the country. I mean you’re not, you’re walking round the edge of a housing estate but it doesn’t feel like it as there is nature on one side and houses on the other.

These little walks are helping me stay sane at the moment.

That evening I had my first home made frostino. They are my favourite summer drinks from Costa. Mum and I used to get them all the time. My favourite one is the strawberry and cream one. I have a friend who told me what ingredients I needed to make one and then I’d found a video on Youtube to tell me exactly how to make one. It’s so nice to have a little bit of my normal summer life at home. Of course an actual Frostino from Costa would be nice but this will do for the time being.

Tuesday 9th June

We tried ballet via Zoom this morning. That was a bit of an experience. I had to keep reminding Bella that her ballet teacher could see her. She tired to join in but she found it a little tricky to remember the camera was on the laptop and not on the TV.

After ballet my morning was spent doing my nails. I decided to go with a summer colourful theme this time around. I had bought a couple of different summery pastel colours off of Ebay to give a go. It took a while to paint my nails as I had to paint each nail at least twice for a good colour coverage and wait for them to dry. As they were only normal nail varnish not gel that took awhile.

Once I’d finished painting my nails Bella wanted to use my nail varnish pots as little people and play with them. She set them up in her little Toot Toot carriage and took them for a ride around the living room.

I was feeling a bit down today. I didn’t really know what to do with myself and my anxiety was pretty high. I couldn’t work out what to do to make myself feel better so I curled up on the sofa. I had cooked myself a chocolate cake and had downloaded a game mum and I used to play. It was a way for me to chill out and try to bring my anxiety down and my mood up.

It’s amazing how quickly you get back into playing a game even if you haven’t played it in years. It was one of the first ever games we ever had when we got our home pcs all those years ago. Back in the days when home PCs were just becoming a thing. It’s a game called Crusader. There are two games No Regret and No Remorse but I can’t remember which one comes first. To show how old these games are they need DOS mode to work which aren’t on PCs and Laptops anymore so I had to find a digital download of the games. Thankfully I managed to find them on a site called GOG.com. Handy if you’re looking for any old PC games.

Where I wasn’t feeling so great and because I was feeling low I decided to go for a walk. I was hoping the fresh air would help. I went on my usual little walk.

While I was on my walk I came across lots of wild flowers. I think on the new housing estate are trying to add all these areas of wildflowers and encouraging bees and butterflies. It’s really pretty to see as I’m out walking.

It didn’t work though. In fact I felt even worse when I got home. My head was killing me. When I got back home I snuggled up on the sofa with Daly to try and rest and hopefully make my head feel better.

Wednesday 10th June

My head is still killing me. I hate it when I’m like this. Especially where I’ve been told I can only take one of my migraine pills at a time. So we had the usual slow morning. Bella was happily watching True on Netflix on the TV while I curled up on the sofa dozing, hoping this migraine would do one soon.

Once I’d finally rested enough to function Bella wanted to do some painting. I set up the table so she could do her painting. I found out all her paints and her apron and we sat up to the table. Apparently Bella wanted to paint some dragons. To help Bella out I showed her one of mums old dragons.

She did a really good job. I mean we had the usual of Bella just covering a page with colour but she also did manage to paint some dragons with scales and a face and a tail. It was nice to see how focused she was.

After she’d finished painting, Bella helped me tidy up the table and take the paint pots and paint brushes out into the kitchen so I can wash them all up.

Bella wanted to carry on with this homeschooling and learning it seemed. She asked for some more activities to do. I thought I would give her a little challenge with some adding. I know she’s no where near being able to add yet. But she is good at counting and I want her to practice identifying the numbers.

I had printed off some number sentences to be used with a spotless ladybird. The idea was that using the two numbers in the number sentence you put that many spots on each side of the ladybird e.g. 4 + 2 you place four spots on one side and two spots on the other side. So I talked Bella through that bit as she struggles with identifying the numbers at the moment. Then I got her to count all the spots on the ladybird.

She did pretty well with this activity but did need a little help with counting up from about 5. I’m very impressed with how well her counting skills are coming along

Once we’d finished some maths Bella wanted to continue with some more focused learning. In the bug themed activities Bella saw the movement cards. She likes these cards. I put them into a pile and pull one out one at a time when she tells me next card.

We finished all the focused activities Bella wanted to put on her Belle dress. She looked so pretty. It’s a big puffy dress and she loves spinning around in it.

Daly and Bella had some daddy daughter time and it meant I was able to try and get some blogs done while I watched some films. I really wanted to rewatch all the Bring it on films and I thought while Daly was off it was the perfect chance. I set up my TV on the table next to Liam – Daly had had my TV set up there anyways to play PlayStation with Liam.

Was nice to have some me time and watch one of the films from my teens.

Thursday 11th June

Bella had found my Hello Kitty playing cards in her room this morning and decided they were coming downstairs with us. She laid them out in a circle like she always does with her cards. I’m not sure why she does it but it seems to be her way of playing cards. I will teach her to play snap at some point but not this morning.

She spotted Dalys box of millionaire shortbread bites, I didn’t have the energy to stop her so instead I just watched her munch away on her dad’s food. I wonder which one of us he’ll blame for eating them all later.

I heard the postman drop something through the door and went to find out what it was. It turned out it wasn’t any post for me, instead it was a package for Bella. I knew this package was coming so it was very exciting. I called Bella over to see what I had for her. I wanted to get some photos of her opening it.

When she opened the package she found a bubble wrapped package inside and was a little confused. However once she finally got inside the bubble wrap she was very excited.

It was her crown and sash from a pageant I had entered Bella in. She had placed second and so received a second place sash and a princess crown.

She proudly showed me what she had recieved in her package before asking to put them on. She was still in her pyjamas but she didn’t care and hey it doesn’t matter! A princess can where her sash and crown whenever she wants.

The pyjamas didn’t last long though. She quickly wanted to put her Belle dress back on so she truly looked like a princess. She posed for me so I could take a few pictures. She really likes the twinkling of the letters on her sash and put that with a puffy dress she was very happy.

She was so happy in fact she didn’t want to take her sash and crown off. She had hunted out the washing basket and was using it as a carriage. She climbed inside with her dress, sash and crown and decided she was going to sit and watch TV like this.

I wanted to take some photos of Bella as this was such a special occasion. I mean it’s not everyday my daughter places in a pageant and I actually can get her to dress up in a crown and sash. I set set up my at home studio with my soft box lights and my white backdrop. Bella wasn’t interested in being a girly girl right now though. Instead she wanted her drum kit out. She stacked the drums in the centre of the backdrop, I think she was trying to be helpful.

Bella wasn’t interested in dressing up in her sash to start with. She wanted me to take some photos of her playing her drum kit. So I set it up with the backdrop and lights and took the photos she wanted me to take.

Once those were done I was able to get Bella dressed and take her sash and crown photos. She still wanted a few of those with the drum kit which I was happy to take. I’ve learnt it is easier for Bella to cooperate if I give her some control over the photos we take. I managed to take some nice photos of her with her sash and crown and send them off to the pageant director and the woman who made the sashes.

After the photo shoot and I’d packed all my photography bits away Bella entertained herself while I edited the photos. She had hunted out both hoops and was using them to balance her skittles up against so they didn’t fall down.

She was having fun bowling while I finished up the photos and sent them off to the various people.

Friday 12th June

This morning started with a mini death eater in front of the TV. It’s so freaky to see because mum used to sit in the middle of the living room floor with one of the blankets over her head and her all wrapped up. Bella was settled down watching Peppa Pig. I wasn’t feeling like trying to find her a Disney film she wanted to watch or having to keep putting on various episodes of Paw Patrol so instead Nick Jr was put on and I just let the channel do it’s thing.

Bella wanted to make a house with the sofa cushions. Liam has taught her how to make one and in the past both Liam and I have helped her make houses but today I wanted her to do it by herself. She pulled the back cushions off the sofa. The main cushions were being washed. And along with the throw cushions Bella tried to make herself a house. She seemed to come up with a very good idea of building a pyramid shape with the big cushions and then using the throw cushions to make doors with.

Bella wasn’t too happy with her achievement though. The sofa back cushions aren’t very rigid so kept collapsing when Bella tried to get inside her house. This frustrated Bella greatly and she ended up throwing a mini tantrum stuck underneath the cushions when her house had collapsed for the 10th time.

I however had my own project to do. I’ve been trying to fix Bella’s blanket. All the ribbon has started to disintegrate where it is so old, I mean it’s 25 years old. So I was going to remove the original ribbon and replace it with some new ribbon. I had bought wire edged ribbon though so once I’d removed all the old ribbon my next job was to remove the wire from the new ribbon. Man that was a long and painful job. And it was made even harder by the fact I hadn’t ordered enough ribbon.

Oh well at least I managed to remove all the old ribbon and prepare the now ribbon to go on.

Stay Safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures next week holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Lockdown 2020 – 30th May to 5th June 2020

Let me know how you’re finding this version of blogging. I’m quite enjoying it.

Saturday 30th May

A nice chilled out Saturday for us. We haven’t really been up to much today. It’s been one of those lazy days. Bella had been playing with a range of toys that she had found in her playroom. She seems to have found a lot of her old baby toys and has been finding them really interesting.

Daly however spent his day doing his favourite past time – washing the car. The man is obsessed with cleaning the cars.

I’m liking how we’re spending our Saturday evenings. It’s the same way I used to spend my Saturdays with mum. We have our pizza picnic style on the living room floor and sit and watch itv as a family. We seem to like playing Catchphrase together and we’ve really gotten in to Ninja Warrior. It’s insane how invested we get into random people we’ve never met or seen.

Sunday 31st May

Randomly Sunday started with Bella and Liam fighting. I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s so funny Bella will walk up to Liam with her fists up and go ‘fight’ I don’t know where she’s got it from but she loves play fighting with him. I love the bond the two of them have. It’s nice to see she has such a relationship with her Godfather.

Once they’d finally stopped fighting we settled down to chill in the living room. We’re a bit fed up of the TV being on constantly so instead we had our Google Home playing Disney songs.

While we were chilling there was a knock at the door. It turned out my new shoes had been delivered. So happy. They were pretty nude sandals from Lipsy. I used to be a proper Lipsy girl in my uni days. I lived in Lipsy dresses but I haven’t been a huge fan of their clothes in past years. I did get very excited when I found these shoes on the Next website for only £13, absolute bargain.

I’m pretty proud of how my diet and working out is going. I’m four weeks in now and can certainly see some improvements. Lockdown has given me the chance to focus on some self improvement. I mean I’m not going out anywhere or seeing anyone so working out is something I can spend my time doing. Who knows maybe I’ll come out of this lockdown a whole new person lol.

I had decided to try and make some summer tops for Bella. I’ve been finding some really cute outfit patterns on Etsy to use. We’ve been struggling with clothes for Bella as she’s hit a growth spurt during the lockdown and there are no clothe shops opened. We’re having to make the most of what we have and what I can make.

I cut out all the pieces to make Bella a few summer tops. I was using a range of different fabrics we had lying around. I was using a few old duvet covers we had that I didn’t want to use anymore. I mean we have a ridiculous amount of duvet covers and towels.

Bella spent the the rest of the afternoon spending time with Daly. He was sat at the dinner table with Liam and the pair of them were playing on the PlayStation. Bella sat on the table in front of Daly watching what he was doing. She does love to join in while were playing.

Monday 1st June

This morning we started with Babyballet. Bella didn’t want to put her ballet leotard on and I didn’t push it today as on Mondays there are themed lessons. Today Bella decided she needed a book for ballet.

Ballet has become a little bit of a battle recently. She was doing so well when we first started online lessons but now she’s back doing ballet after half term she doesn’t seem as invested. A little frustrating but we will see how it goes.

After ballet Bella wanted to head back into the pool. She is spending a lot of time in her swimsuit at the moment. I don’t mind though, it means she is able to run in and out of the house as she pleases and can jump in the pool anytime she likes. So that was how the day went with Bella running in and out of the house and in and out of the pool

When Bella would come inside she was playing with her small world toys. She has a whole box full of animals and little people and she has a range of different buildings and toys to play with. Today’s choice toys seemed to be the little Sylvanian bus that was mine and a Fifi and the Flowertops house we were given by Jess. She loves using all her different characters in the houses and coming up with her own little story lines.

In the afternoon I headed into the garden to get my Powerhoop on. I haven’t been sticking to a strict routine which is probably not helping my weight loss journey. Oh well, I take the view as long as I’m working out and doing something I’m going to help my fitness level and weight loss. But the process might be slower than I want.

Bella came and joined me in the garden. She was using my old weighted hoop to try and hoop with me. I haven’t bought her her own hoop yet. Mine is huge for her but she still likes playing with it.

Tuesday 2nd June

Today was a pretty chilled day. Our morning started with some CBeebies watching. We haven’t seen CBeebies in ages. The only time it tends to be on is when Liam gets up with Bella.

She seemed to be having quite a good morning watching CBeebies though, I asked her if she wanted to come with me to the farm shop as I needed some bits for dinner but she wasn’t interested. Instead she wanted to stay at home with Liam. I’m not too fussed when she doesn’t want to come places with me as long as Liam doesn’t mind keeping an ear out for her. It means I’m able to go for a walk and listen to my music. I don’t get to do that very often since Bella came along. Even when she’s in the pram I wont do it.

I made my way over to the farm shop and bought the bits I needed and then walked home. Bella was still happily watching TV when I got home but once she realised I was home she wanted to do some cutting and sticking. I’d only recently been thinking to myself that I should probably focus on giving Bella some directed activities again as we seemed to have slacked off in recent weeks. Not good.

I had printed off a lot of activities from Twinkl for Bella to use so we found one of them out for Bella to do.

It was a safari themed pattern matching sheet. First she needed to cut out all the animals to continue the patterns. She’s certainly getting good at cutting. I think it’s one of her favourite activities to do.

Once she had cut out all the animals we laid them out along the carpet and then I got her to tell me the patterns so she could work out the next animal. She struggled a little bit with this but tried hard and with guidance was able to complete all the patterns.

Bella wanted to get her drum kit out and give me a little show before dinner. We set the kit up and then Bella rocked out.

She had a blast.

Wednesday 3rd June

I do love Liam being my tea maid. Can’t beat starting the morning with a cup of tea. It’s the perfect opportunity for me to try to wake up while Bella is already raring to get on with the day. I snuggled up on the sofa with my cuppa while Bella enjoyed some kids TV. It does take me a while to wake up.

Bella decided today was a day of fancy dress. Her day started with her dressed as a witch and casting spells on everyone. Her favourite spell seems to be turning people into frogs. I mean I suppose it’s one of the most traditional spells.

She also found her broom out and was running round the house pretending she was riding a broom stick. The only problem is she still sits on the broom backwards. No matter how many times I tell her she can not remember the brush end of the broom goes behind her. Oh well, she doesn’t care. She’s having fun.

I noticed we had ran out of carrots for dinner and a few other bits so I asked Bella if she wanted to join me to the farm shop today. And today she did. But only as Cinderella. I said that was fine. I’ve become a bit more confident washing her fancy dress costumes so I’m not too concerned if she wears them out anymore.

We put on her shoes and headed off to the farm shop. As we made our way up the hill towards the alley through to the link road we met Rachel and Oli. Which was very unexpected. We haven’t been able to have our usual Wednesday get togethers so it was nice to see them. Bella was very excited as she’s been missing Aunty Rachel.

They were apparently going for a walk through the orchards but when I told them we were heading to the farm shop they came along with us so Rachel could get some fresh fruit.

Like usual Bella walked along the bank picking the flowers and had to check if everyone liked butter.

We all got our bits from the farm shop and walked back home. Rachel was helping herself to her fruit on the way and of course Bella wanted to get in on the act. She happily munched on a strawberry as we walked home.

When we got to the alley we said goodbye to Oli and Rachel as they were still going to go on their walk through the orchards.

Once home I popped Cinderella on the TV for Bella to watch and she got out her castle to play with. She had a great afternoon playing and being Cinderella.

Bella wasn’t impressed that she had to take her Cinderella dress off for dinner but she knows the rules. No fancy dress costumes at the dinner table because I don’t want her dinner being spilt on them.

After dinner Bella went into the back garden with Liam. She loves to help Liam look after the garden and he was emptying out her paddling pool for me so we could clean it out. She keeps putting sand and dirt in it and the water was getting a little bit too yucky.

Thursday 4th June

Once again Bella had her creative juices flowing. She found some paper and her pencils and scissors, set up a table with her chair and set to work. It was nice and quiet while Bella crafted. I’m not sure what she was really making. She seemed to just be practicing her cutting skills again. As long as she’s cutting paper and tidies up after herself it’s ok.

Our morning was a pretty quiet one. Bella happily crafted and I entertained myself up until lunch.

I don’t know why I struggle so much in the mornings. I find it really hard to wake up. I mean it’s gotten slightly better since I started eating healthy and working out but it’s still not great. I pretty much drag myself out of bed and end up just lying on the sofa hoping I’ll find some get up and go at some point during the day.

I had my favourite lunch at lunch time. I really like having a bacon salad. I think I put a little bit too much cheese in it for it to be completely healthy but I still feel I’m making an effort and I’m not so bloated from eating bread.

Bella wanted to play dress up again this afternoon but today it was Elsa and Anna. First we put on her Elsa dress and she even asked me to put Elsa plait in her hair. We of course put frozen on and Bella was dancing around singing ‘Let it go!’ Bella wanted to go full out with her costume today and even found out her little high heeled shows and Elsa’s crown to wear.

After a little while she was bored of being Elsa. She wanted to be Anna. We dressed her up in Anna’s costume and then she asked for her giant Olaf to join us. Bella actually spent the rest of the film laying ontop of Olaf.

That evening Bella joined me again for my power hooping. Now where she had been having trouble hooping with my hoop, it is far to big, I took out a few of the links and now it’s the perfect height for her. We completed our workout together and then it was time for bed.

Bella didn’t go straight to bed though. She had found a spirograph that mum had got and given to her and decided bedtime was the perfect time to start playing with it. As it was bed time I just left her to experiment with all the different pieces and shapes but one day I’ll teach her how to use it.

Friday 5th June

This morning Bella was complaining she was cold. To be honest I was as well. I had been chilling out in my unicorn onesie and so Bella wanted to wear her onesie as well. She was strutting around the house in her onesie wearing high heels and her crown. It was so funny to watch.

The really funny thing was her little heels didn’t have much grip on the laminate flooring and so she kept slipping over. She didn’t hurt herself but she did play up to it. Because I found it funny and was laughing at her she kept pretending to struggle to walk and fall over. It was so cute.

Now during lockdown we’ve been looking for various things to keep Bella occupied. At the being of lockdown I reactivated my Twinkl account so I could get hold of resources to use with her. I also had reactivated my Kinedu account to give me some ideas of activities to do. Now because I had reactivated my Kinedu account I received an email telling me about another app I could download for Bella. It’s an app called Marco Polo. I was being offered a months free trial. As I liked the other apps I use we thought we’d give it ago.

Turns out Marco Polo is a great app. Bella loved it. I couldn’t install it on the iPad mini so instead I had to install it on to my iPad for her. And I could not get Bella off the app. It’s brilliant. She straight away started exploring and watching videos on various topics and completing games.

The rest of our day was pretty chilled out. We finished our day off with Bella and I having a story time in bed.

Stay Safe

Night all and let’s see what adventures next week holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Lockdown 2020 – 23rd May to 29th May 2020

This is the first of the weekly blogs so lets see how it goes. A little random I’m starting the blogs from a Saturday but that might change further down the line.

Saturday 23rd May

This morning Bella wanted to do some gluing. We always have pizzas for dinner on a Saturday so I managed to find a make your own pizza cutting and sticking sheet on Twinkl. I printed it out for Bella and she set up her little craft table. She had her glue and scissors. She cut out the pizza first and then cut out all the toppings for the pizzas.

Bella glued the toppings on her pizza, she made a pepperoni one but then she wanted to make some more. She wanted to make each one of us a pizza so I printed off three more pizzas and toppings for Bella to cut out and glue.

She had great fun making her pizzas but made a bit of a mess luckily she was happy to tidy up and did a great job of cleaning up the living room.

As Bella had done such an amazing job of tidying up we decided to spend the rest of our day cuddled up and watching Disney films. Bella found her unicorn seat and settled down to watch Big Hero 6 while munching on cookies

That afternoon Cathy dropped a few art projects round for Bella she had found. Of course as soon as Bella saw them she wanted to paint them. They were a couple of wooden figures to paint. I didn’t want Bella to paint both straight away so instead I asked Bella to choose which one she wanted to paint. Bella chose the giraffe model to paint. We set up her table in the living room and she started her painting.

Bella really liked this project, she loves little sit down art projects like this. It’s a shame we don’t do things like this often but my house would be filled of all these things Bella had made or painted and there would be no space for us.

That evening before bed I realised Bella hadn’t coloured her Babyballet certificate for her certificate session tomorrow. They were presenting digital versions of the certificates the children had coloured at home. I printed hers off for her and sat her up to the table so she could colour it in.

Sunday 24th May

Today is certificate day. Bella started her morning playing with the cat though. She was trying to get the cat to blow her whistle she had received in her bug finding bag. But of course the cat was having none of it.

Bella then wanted to read me a story. We snuggled up on the sofa and Bella found her My Little Pony book. It’s a bit like a Where’s Wally book and you have to find various things on each page. She doesn’t treat it like a Where’s Wally book though, instead she sat with me and actually read it like a story book, making up stories for the pony’s on each of the pages.

It was soon certificate time so Bella got dressed up in her ballet leotard to watch the certificate presentation. Sadly although Bella had coloured in her certificate I had sent it to her teacher too late for it to be presented. Instead I spoke to her teacher and she said she would do her a private video sending her her virtual certificate.

The rest of the day was a bit of a boring day but we did find this really cool moth outside on the drive. It was massive and so pretty. I managed to get a cool photo of it thankfully.

Monday 25th May

My morning was spent mainly sorting out all the washing, and boy there was a lot of it. The whole living room was covered in piles of clothes and I seriously doubt anyone is going to take their clothes upstairs. Bella however headed out into the garden. Obviously housework is not interesting her today.

Instead she headed off outside to play. It was a gorgeous day outside and Bella wanted to head into the pool again. As it was so nice I also laid a blanket out for Bella and put a few of her toys outside for her to play with.

Once I’d finished sorting out the washing I went outside to join Bella. I set up the garden table with the umbrella and some chairs and took my laptop outside to watch some videos and type up some blogs.

We both enjoyed lunch outside. That afternoon Bella wanted to do some painting so we made some paper plate bugs. Bella painted a ladybird and a bumblebee.

She had to wait for them to dry so she could add the stripes, spots and eyes. So while she was waiting she headed back into the pool and I’d brought her a little friend to play with. I had found the inflatable killer whale in her bedroom so gave it to her to enjoy in the pool. Even though I told her it was a killer whale she was adamant it was a shark. She had great fun splashing around in the pool with her ‘shark’

After too much fun in the pool Bella wanted to get out and go inside to watch a film. She decided she wanted to watch Thunderbirds, which was fine by me I love Thunderbirds.

We had a nice afternoon chilling out indoors watching Thunderbirds before heading back outside. Outside Bella added the spots and stripes to her bugs and even glued on the eyes.

That evening I worked out in the garden while watching a live feed on facebook for the results of a pageant Bella had entered. It was actually a really nice way to spend the evening.

Sadly Bella didn’t manage to place but she did win a side award of cutest poser. The lady running the pageant was offering the opportunity to order sashes and medals for side awards. I thought it was a lovely idea as it means Bella can have something to remember this pageant experience by. So I’m definitely ordering her a sash for her.

Tuesday 26th May

Another morning started in the pool. I suppose it’s a good investment. We had a big inflatable pool last summer but within one use it ended up being popped and wasn’t able to be used anymore. I remember Bella’s first summer I bought her a big inflatable mermaid pool but after it was taken down and placed in the garage it ended up with a massive slash in it and we couldn’t use it anymore. I just don’t have any luck with inflatables but thankfully Cathy bought Bella a pool with one of those ridged edges that the water holds up.

After a little bit in the pool and Bella having a splashing good time she wanted to head inside and we settled down to watch Disney +. Bella wanted to watch Big Hero 6 as apparently that’s her favourite film. I’m not going to complain though, I love a good movie day. Perfect in the heat as well because we have all the curtains closed and the lights of and just snuggle down to watch.

That afternoon, after we’d had lunch Bella and I took a little walk to the farm shop. I love that we have it so close to us and I actually have to confidence to go their considering how bad my anxiety is everywhere else with this pandemic going on. We got our shoes on and headed off on our little walk.

On the way Bella likes to race down the link road. It’s perfect because the pavement is so wide and hardly anyone walks down it. So we would set up our little race, I’d say ready, set, go and then off she’d run. I however am not the running type. Even though I want to take up jogging – crazy.

We made our way round to the farm shop and Bella enjoyed walking along the grass looking at all the different flowers. She found daisies and buttercups but couldn’t quite remember the name for buttercups. She remembered how they worked though and called me over to see if I liked butter.

We got to the farm shop, picked all our fruit and veg, paid and headed back home along the same route. Once again Bella wanted to race home, that in between moans of she was tired and wanted to go home.

When we got back home we set back up in the garden with the garden table and while I enjoyed a drink Bella wanted to paint her other project that Cathy had bought her. This time it was a daisy. Bella sat and painted her daisy very carefully even adding little design features such as stripes.

She is one artistic little girl.

Wednesday 27th May

This morning we built a sofa cushion house. Ok I built a sofa cushion house for Bella to play in. We pulled the main cushions off the sofa to make some walls and then I laid a massive blanket over the top to create the roof. Bella was very happy with my house and so we played in there with her dolls and toys for a little bit.

Later that day Joe and Jess came round for a socially distanced walk around the orchards. Again it was nice to have some adult conversation and get out for a little bit. Bella loved running around the orchard and being able to see someone else other than her household.

The weather was gorgeous too so a perfect day for a little walk. When we made it back home we said our goodbyes and then Bella and I enjoyed a fruity snack or strawberries, raspberries and blackberries and I also enjoyed my first homemade frostino and I can safely say it was like having my own Costa in my house. Perfect when I can’t visit them like I used to. I miss my Friday Costa trips.

Thursday 28th May

Today was a very chilled day in the sense of we didn’t really do anything. Bella spent most of the day playing with her toys. She had found a lego set that she wanted us to build but I try to encourage her to try to build them on her own. It’s so cute how she lays on the floor and tries to follow the little instruction book. She may not be able to do it but I tell her as long as she tries that’s all that counts.

That afternoon she played with her popcorn playdough factory that Rachel had bought her. I actually joined her for this play session. We had great fun squishing the playdough and making little buckets of popcorn. Also Bella needed my help to get all the stuck playdough out of the machine after each bucket was filled.

So like I said not a very busy day but nice and chilled.

Friday 29th May

Was another very chilled out day. We didn’t really do anything apart from watch films all day. Sorry that’s not very exciting but it’s how Fridays tend to be. Very little is done and very few photos taken.

Stay Safe

Night all and let’s see what adventures next week holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Lockdown 2020 – Before bedtime cookie cooking – 22nd May 2020

My morning started with trying to clean up Bella’s handwriting boards. Thank god for Elbow Grease. That stuff works wonders. I mean it is my go to cleaning product. I use it on everything and the great thing is I know it is able to clean off very dried on white board pens. I had sorted out all the sheets and laid them all over the kitchen counter. I covered them in Elbow Grease and then left them for a little while.

It turned out while they were soaking up all that good cleaning product Jess and Joe turned up for a socially distanced visit. We had deliberately placed a few deck chairs in the front of the garage for such visits. I pulled out the deck chairs and then we sat out on the drive – adhering to the 2 meter rule and having a nice catch up. It’s so nice to be able to have a conversation with some one who doesn’t live in your house.

We had a nice morning catching up and enjoying adult conversations. Once Joe and Jess left Bella wanted to continue playing outside but my very strange child decided she wanted to go into the garden with her coat on. I mean the weather is lovely and no need for a coat but you can not win an argument with a 3 year old. So out she went into the back garden with her coat on.

We pottered around the garden for a little bit. While Bella was playing I ended up doing a little bit of photography. Mum’s roses had flowered and were looking beautiful in the garden so I wanted to capture some photos. I’ve been recently experimenting with using the camera on my s10 to see what I could do with it. I mean it’s suppose to be a really good camera, I just haven’t played around with it properly.

Bella had taken her cleaning trolley out into the garden and was pushing it around everywhere. She likes to go round with her little broom and sweep everything. She was sweeping the spiders off the slide.

I headed back indoors as I am not an outdoor person and it wasn’t long before Bella joined me back inside. I’m guessing the sunshine had made her tired as it wasn’t too long before she was curled up on the floor under a blanket and feel asleep. I when I say curled I mean she fully wrapped herself up in the blanket and clocked out.

That evening I decided to give Toad in the Hole a bash. I’ve been trying to cook lots of different things during this lockdown. It turns out Toad in the Hole is extremely easy to make and was very yummy. Although the boys made comments, saying that as I was able to make the batter to go round the sausages would they be able to have yorkshire puddings with their roast dinner on Sundays. One days those boys will learn to keep their mouths shut. They can’t just say Thank you for dinner and eat it quietly.

After dinner I was craving some cookies so had found an easy recipe to follow and called Bella to help me out in the kitchen.

Bella helped me measure out all the ingredients and break up the chocolate to put inside the cookies. She really enjoyed helping me make cookies. It was nice to have some cooking time with Bella. I’ve been meaning to do cooking with her for a while but we just kept putting it off.

Bella helped me make her white chocolate chip cookies and then once they were finished and in the oven cooking I made myself some milk chocolate cookies.

Bella’s cookies seemed to come out so nicely whereas mine were not so great. Oh well they tasted good lol.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

I seemed to give up! Opps

Now I’m sure lockdown has gotten to a lot of people. Being stuck indoors, doing the same things day after day. I know it certainly has gotten to me. i guess you can tell that from the lack of blogs. Before lockdown I had a blogging schedule and was kinda able to stay on top of it – this is why I couldn’t take on Youtube to try and make a career, I would not be able to upload consistently I bet. But during lockdown my mood dropped, and I actually got bored of trying to sit infront of my laptop and write about our days, even if we’d been pretty productive. I’m actually kinda gutted because this is such a rare event and these blogs would be something great to lock back on in years to come and go oh, so that’s how I spent my time, that’s what Bella managed to achieve. I still plan on uploading all those blogs I missed but instead they will be a week blog rather than a daily blog – you never know that may be the way forward for me to make sure I am uploading every week.

So for the next few weeks I will be uploading weekly blogs, probably more for me than anyone else. There will be the odd themed blog or day trip blogs – I have a few that need to be posted. We will have to see how this plan goes.

I hope everyone is staying safe and looking after themselves. I seem to be doing better with my mental health but my narcolepsy seems to have gone in the opposite direction. I seem to be sleeping far too much but my mood has improved so that is a win I guess.

Stay safe

Love CiCi x

Lockdown 2020 – In the pool again – 21st May 2020

This morning it was too hot outside so instead of going outside into the pool we sheltered inside with all the curtains closed so the sunlight couldn’t come in. Its so depressing inside the house when it is so hot outside. All the curtains and windows are closed and its so dark because I don’t want the lights on as that adds to the heat.

So as it was so hot we had a movie morning in the dark. I had wanted to share Thunderbirds 2005 film with Bella and it seemed like a perfect chance. I know a lot of people didn’t like the Thunderbirds film when it came out but I have always loved Bill Paxton and the Thunderbirds so its a perfect film. Bella seemed to really liked it. We settled down in the living room and watched the film together.

When the film was over Bella wanted to go outside and go into the pool. We got ready and in Bella went. I got out one of the loungers again and settled down in the shade although I still felt like I was burning. It was a very hot day.

After a few hours in the sun and while I burnt, Bella eventually ventured back inside. She seemed to be fed up with the pool but at least it meant I could get out of the sun. I burn so easily.

While we were all inside I spotted a robin hanging out in the garden and on the swing. It does like to hang out in our garden. I see it quite regularly. I tried to snap a few photos on my phone but they weren’t the best. I’ll have to try with my camera at some point and see if I can get some good ones.

That afternoon Bella decided she wanted to do some drawing. She really enjoys drawing at the moment. Today she surprised me by drawing round her hand. I was quite impressed, I’d never seen her to that before and that requires good coordination. When she’d finished she definitely had a hand shape drawn on her paper.

Hopefully another sunny day tomorrow.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Lockdown 2020 – Another Pool Day – 20th May 2020

Rachel had bought Bella some treats when she did our shopping. She had seen some goodies that she’d thought she’d like. She had picked her up a Peppa Pig card set and a popcorn playdough factory. I surprised Bella with the Peppa Pig cards this morning. She was very excited and sorted them out to into a circle with a little path through the middle. She hasn’t got the idea of how to use the cards but she was having fun.

It was another gorgeous day outside. Bella wanted to head back outside into the pool so I found her her swimsuit and we headed outside. I had found her a few toys that she could play with in the pool. I found a few ocean animals that she could use.

That was our day pretty much. Bella was in and out of the pool all day so I spent most of my time switching from the sofa to the lounge chair in the garden depending where Bella was.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Lockdown 2020 – Fun in the Pool – 19th May 2020

Today was a nice chilled out day. Although it’s starting to get pretty hot outside.

Bella wanted to bring down her duplo from her bedroom this morning. She had round up all her square duplos in a little basket she had and brought them down. She likes to line them up or put them all together to make towers. She quietly played on the floor while I was curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea. It takes me a while to wake up in the morning so a cup of tea definitely helps.

Because of the heat I wanted to set up the pool in the garden for Bella. It has been so beautiful recently that we definitely need the pool to cool down in. Sadly we don’t have the big inflatable pool anymore as it got burst last summer. Instead we’ve got a small mermaid pool which is ideal for keeping Bella cool. I set up the pool and filled it up for Bella.

Then we came across a problem, because it had had been so long since we had gone swimming (last October) I didn’t realise how tight Bella’s swimsuit had gotten. Oh well, it will do for the time being. It’s not too tight or small that she can’t wear them. I however got hold of Bella’s Grandma to see if she could get hold of a new swimsuit for her. They live pretty close to a Sainsburys and it has a pretty good clothing section. Bella does have a butterfly tankini somewhere but she’s hidden it in her room somewhere.

Anyways she got dressed in her swimsuit and headed out into the garden to play. While she was out splashing about I got one of our new lounger seats and sat with her in the garden. It was good fun.

Once she’d finished in the pool it was time to get our and get dry. I got Bella dressed and then she wanted to spend some time playing on her iPad. She’s been really enjoying a racing game on her iPad and I love the fact all the games I have for her are educational games.

That evening when it had finally cooled down Bella wanted to carry on playing in the garden. She found out her scooter and practiced scooting around the garden. She’s getting a lot better with her balance.

We had a nice day outside enjoying the weather. I’m just dreading if it gets any hotter.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Lockdown 2020 – Can’t believe I placed – 18th May 2020

Bella woke up early this morning. Not good when Daly is switching to nights and we’re all sleeping in the living room together. I managed to wake up when Bella did as I wasn’t feeling so great. And to prevent her jumping all over Daly and waking him up I quickly popped Nick Jr on for her. During this lockdown I’ve bitten the bullet and signed back up for the kids channels on Now TV.

Bella happily settled down to watching TV. While I got up and had a bath. I don’t like baths but they relax me when I’m not feeling well. It was 7am so Bella and I were the only two up and that child seems addicted to screens.

Once I finished my bath I snuggled down on the sofa and enjoyed some kids TV with Bella. Liam soon joined us and Bella was a bit fed up so decided to jump all over Daly. It wasn’t too bad. Daly doesn’t tend to sleep too late when he’s switching between days and nights.

Bella jumped all over him in bed and when he finally got up Bella had great fun playing peek a boo under the covers. She was having a ball. She does love it when the sofa bed is out in the living room.

I was waiting for the results from the pageant I had entered so was trying to distract myself from clock watching. The results were going live on facebook at 12ish. They were going to announce the top ten and along with some side awards such as most potential.

12pm soon turned and it was time to log on and tune in for the live. I kept refreshing the page and my notifications to see if the live was going to come up. Eventually the live came on and it was time for the results. I knew a few of the girls I was up against and also the age I was compared to them all, so I was thinking I wouldn’t do too well. But I tried really hard with the final round so I hoped that would build my scores up high enough.

The director first went through the side awards but I didn’t place in any of them, oh well there was still the top ten. Soon it was that time. The top ten started to be announced. First tenth, then ninth, eight and then seventh. I was announced as coming 7th place and I am so proud of myself. I think I was at least 8 years older than anyone else in the pageant if not even more so I’m not going to scoff at 7th place. To think it’s been 5 years since the last time I competed and never made it anywhere near placing so I’m extremely happy with myself. It’s shown me I can do it. Maybe I’ll end up taking this confidence boost and try my hand at pageants again.

After the awards were announced, we went outside. Joe and Jess had turned up for a socially distanced visit. We sat on deck chairs on the drive so we could sit and chat out in the fresh air. Bella loved the chance to talk to someone else other than Liam and I. She sat outside with us on the drive enjoying some of daddy’s crisps. Daly had bought a multipack of Wotsits for work and had left one of them at home which Bella found. And who am I to say no.

Liam spent the time washing the car as it’s something for him to do during this time at home. He’s an outside person and he can’t stand being in the house all the time so getting outside and washing the cars helps.

While we were outside chatting Bella disappeared inside. After a while I got a bit suspicious of what she was up to. We hadn’t heard anything from her for a while and that’s always worrying when it’s a toddler that’s gone quiet. I went inside and searched the whole house and couldn’t find her. She wasn’t responding to me calling and I couldn’t see her anywhere. I obviously started to freak out. I even checked the back garden but no sign. Just as I was about to freak out on Jess, Joe and Liam I discovered a little bundle curled up on all the bedding in front of the TV. She had blended in so well with all the blankets and fallen asleep so wasn’t answering. I managed to calm down and reassure myself she was ok and really there and headed back to chat.

Bit of an eventful afternoon but we survived it.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x