A Trip to the Hospital – 16th February 2020

Now this is not a normal blog. Normally I tell you about my day but instead this is about my evening of the 15th into the morning of the 16th.

After I went to bed from finishing the number 3 I had a bit of a migraine. I decided to try and get some sleep but took my migraine painkillers as my head felt like it was going to explode. I took two cocodamol. Now I hadn’t taken any cocodamol in a while or if I had I’d only taken one. I always seemed like I had chest pains after taking them but I also get the chest pains randomly. The doctors think it’s acid reflux.

Anyways I took these two cocodamol and tried to settle down to sleep. About an hour after taking them I still hadn’t managed to fall asleep and I was starting to get some pain. It started like really bad hunger pains but I ignored them. I was trying to sleep and I didn’t think anything of it thinking it was hunger.

In the next hour the stomach pains turned into chest pains. It feels very similar to when I had gallstones but I had my gallbladder removed two years ago so we know it isn’t that. As the doctors had told me it was acid reflux I took some Gaviscon hoping that would help. When that didn’t ease it I made myself a hot water bottle as I’d also been told that would help.

The hot water bottle helped for five minutes and then the pain came back even worse. That was the point I decided to call NHS111. By this time I had dragged myself into the bath room as I’ve found the cold floor normally grounds me. This time, however, it wasn’t working. The pain was so bad I could barely breathe. At that point Liam came out of his bedroom to find me on the bathroom floor. He quickly got on the phone to Daly while I was answering the questions on the phone.

Because it was chest pains they automatically send out an ambulance it seems. I had messaged Daly telling him to come home now. I was in so much pain and I really just wanted to pass out but no luck.

Soon the ambulance turned up and Liam let them in, it was about 1.30am by this point. They came upstairs and found me on the bathroom floor. Liam and I filled them in and then they needed to assess me. I knew it was coming as this isn’t the first time the ambulance has been called out to me.

I went and laid down on our bed so I could be assessed. They checked all my obs, took all my information and then did an ECG. Turns out there was nothing wrong with my heart but they wanted to take me to hospital because of the pain and the location. I sorted myself out and then made my way downstairs.

Daly had turned up so I had a quick hug and then I climbed into the back of the ambulance.

The whole way to the hospital I kept having waves of pain. I’ve found curling up seems to ease the pain or at least make it easier to manage. I’ve also found the breathing they teach you when your in labour helps. It’s something to focus on. The trip to the hospital wasn’t great but I made it there in one piece.

Daly met us at A and E and we walked in. The paramedics checked me in while I curled up on Daly in the waiting room. We kept watching the little TV they have that says how long the waiting times were trying to work out how long we’d probably be there. The paramedics checked me in and then said goodbye. Time for the long wait.

Eventually I was called into be assessed and the usual checks were made, temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen. I then had to have another ECG. Once again they confirmed there was nothing wrong with my heart and they decided to send me down to the out of hours doctor.

We walked through and settled down in another waiting room. I was shattered as I hadn’t got any sleep yet. I curled up across a few chairs in the waiting room and tried to sleep. I think I dozed a little but no really sleep.

I ended up being called into see the doctor and they have no idea what is causing my chest pain. They were happy my ECGs were clear as it means my heart is ok. I asked if it could be the cocodamol triggering the pains. The doctor didn’t suspect it but he said it could be a cause. The only thing I came away with was instead of taking two cocodamol, I should take one cocodamol and two ibuprofen instead.  

I wasn’t impressed as the doctor seemed more focused on my rosacea than my chest pains so I was grateful when we left and he wasn’t judging my skin.

As we left the hospital Daly was moaning he was hungry. I pointed out that I thought McDonalds breakfast started at 5am so we could go and do that. He liked that idea so we got in the car and I directed Daly to the nearest McDonalds.

We pulled up and ordered. I love the hash browns so of course I ordered one of them. I also ordered a egg and sausage mcmuffin just so Daly wouldn’t moan that I hadn’t eaten anything. Daly ordered his bacon roll. Once we got our order we parked up in the car park and ate.

After McDonalds we headed back home and into bed. That’s how the rest of my day went. I got home curled up in bed and didn’t reappear until 6pm that day.

Not a fun day, not how I planned to spend that day.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Crafting Bella’s number 3 – 15th February 2020

Again we didn’t do much today.

Bella and Liam had fun together though. I needed to go into town to see if I could pick some things up for Bella’s birthday as well as some shopping. Liam was happy to watch Liam while I went into town and just before she left I heard her ask Liam if she could play with the Play Dough. Now Liam loves activities like that so he happily obliged.

I took a nice walk into town and I was so excited when I found some metallic paint for Bella’s number 3. I had finally finished the paper mache last night and it was now dry enough and had enough layers to paint. I had been looking for some metallic aqua paint and surprisingly I found some in Poundland. Once I’d picked up the aqua paint although it was called metallic peacock, I headed further into town to find some gold glittery paint. I came across some in the Works.

As I was in Sainburys I got a Snapchat message from Joe of Bella playing Play Dough so I guessed they were round ours. I messaged Jess back and said I’d be home in about 10 minutes. I quickly picked up what I needed from Sainsburys and walked home.

When I got home everyone was playing Play Dough with Bella. Daly had woken up so while the boys chatted, Jess and I sat with Bella. I wanted to get this number 3 painted as soon as possible so I set it up on the table and started painting. Jess offered to help me and I actually took her up on her offer.

Jess and I sat there painting and managed to complete the whole thing. Once we’d finished Bella had finished with her Play Dough and Jess and Joe were heading off. I was grateful we had gotten the 3 painted. And when it’s dry I can paint the scales on.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty chill. Watching boring Saturday TV.

Later that evening, after Bella was in bed, I discovered the number 3 was dry so I decided to give the scales a go. I popped on a film and settled down to paint. I tried the gold glitter paint I had bought from the Works earlier but it wasn’t great. It was more like glitter glue and it didn’t want to make any marks that represented a scale. I knew I had some extra gold paint upstairs from when I used to coach cheerleading (I used it for signs). I ran upstairs and grabbed that. I mixed the two paints together and that worked much better.

So I sat on the floor painting the scales on the number 3 while I watched the film San Andreas. Turns out itv plays some good films over the weekend.

I managed to finish the number 3 just before midnight and left it to dry while I went up to bed.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

A Downer Valentines Day – 14th February 2020

Today wasn’t very exciting. I’ve been ill for most of it.

This morning Bella came in to wake me up which was probably a good thing. I wasn’t feeling so great so didn’t really want to get up. But Bella decided she was going to climb all over me and the bed until I got up.

We got up and went downstairs to get dressed and have some breakfast. I was off to the church this morning to take some photos for the vicar. The bishop was visiting so they wanted some photos of the visit. I wasn’t really feeling it but I didn’t want to let the vicar down.

We got sorted and I made sure I had all of Bella’s stuff to take her to Grandma’s afterwards. I packed my camera and lens and made sure I had spare batteries just in case. I also had my flashgun with me but didn’t want to use it unless I had to as I was taking photos during the bishops talk. Don’t need flashes going off during that.

We went into town and had a nightmare parking. All the little town car parks were full so I bit the bullet and tried out the new multi-storey in town. It turns out it’s not a too bad car park. The spaces were plenty big and it was really quiet as everyone seems to refuse to use it. I unloaded the car and we headed off down to the church.

Bella wasn’t too impressed I made her walk but there was no point getting the pram out of the car for such a short journey with chairs at the end. We made it into the church and straight away Bella made friends with the bishop. She was lovely chatting to Bella about her Minnie Mouse top.

We went and found a seat in the coffee area and settled down to listen to the bishop. While the bishop was talking I grabbed my camera and set about taking photos. Bella stayed sat at the table while I took photos. Occasionally she called for me but she was pretty well behaved.

Towards the end of the bishops talk the vicar presented the bishop with a cheque for her charity. I found a good spot to take a photo of the presentation but had to wait a little to take the photo. While I was waiting I crouched down so people behind me could see what was going on. Bella came and joined me and ended up making friends with a little dog. Normally she’s weary of animals but today she was happily stoking the dog and encouraging him to snuggle up on her lap.

Eventually I was able to take the photos and then I had a chat with a few members of the congregation. We soon said our goodbyes and headed off to Grandma’s.

I dropped Bella off with Dawn but soon made my leave as I wasn’t feeling 100% My head was killing me and I was starting to feel dizzy.

I made my way home and ended up crashing out on the sofa. I actually ended up sleeping right up until Bella was brought back home by Dawn and Grant. I obviously needed that sleep however my head didn’t feel any better.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

Bye Bye Thursday’s Babyballet – 13th February 2020

Once again we started our morning with the Lego. At least it’s an easy way to get Bella out of bed. She sat in the living room trying to persuade me to build the tree house for her. She had ballet so I told her that I might build her the tree house while Bella was at nursery later.

We had our breakfast and got dressed for ballet. Today is Bella’s last session in her class as she’s moving up after half term because of her turning 3. Bella wanted Belle to come with her to ballet so I allowed it. I had planned on making her leave Belle in the car when we got to ballet but Bella was having none of that. She proudly walked into ballet with her Belle.

We found our spot on the mats and Bella settled down with Belle. Bella joined in very nicely with her final ballet lesson.

Well she needed a little encouragement to get started. She didn’t want to leave Belle, especially as there was a little girl very interested in her. We first practiced our good toes and naughty toes. Bella did very well not needing any help to point her toes. Then we sang Incy Wincy and Bella made me make Belle do it. She sang really nicely and joined in with the actions.

Next up was playing hide away. Bella happily left Belle with me and joined in. She’s getting very good at hiding behind her knees and then popping out into a star shape.

The next two activities Belle joined us for. First was ‘if you’re happy and you know it’ Bella joined in very nicely. She clapped her hands, nodded her head, pointed her toes and shouted ‘we are!’ I was very impressed with her toe points.

After ‘if your happy and you know it’ it was time for playing Sugar Plum fairies. Bella loves skipping around with her wand. To make it extra special today the bubbles came out again. Bella and her friends had great fun running around popping the bubbles with their wands.

As it was Bella’s birthday Miss Paige had a special treat for her. She brought out the parachute. Bella loves the parachute. Miss Paige wanted Bella to sit in the middle and then everyone was going to shake the parachute around her and sing happy birthday. Bella didn’t want to sit on the parachute though, Miss Paige and I both tried to encourage her but she was having none of it. Instead Bella just shook the parachute with the rest of the girls while we sang. She couldn’t quite believe it was for her. It was so cute seeing her so excited.

As always after the shaking of the parachute, the girls were aloud to play around under the parachute.

We finished up with Twinkl. But instead of our usual goodbye we had a Babyballet boogie. Everyone danced around with their Twinkls and Teds.

At the end of class Bella went up to Miss Paige to receive her class sticker and also came away with a little birthday present. We decided to wait until later to open her present. So we said our goodbyes to all Bella’s friends and thank you to Miss Paige.

When we got home we got ready for Bella’s last nursery session as a two year old. Bella got dressed and had some lunch and then we set off to nursery. Of course Belle had to come with us but this time she was going to stay in the car while Bella was at nursery.

Daly picked Bella up from nursery and she managed to persuade him to build the tree house for her. Not that it lasted long. Bella ended up destroying the house pretty quickly afterwards.

She also had a go at wrapping presents as she had found some left over wrapping paper from her birthday presents that I had wrapped. She wrapped up her Belle doll and then gave it to me to unwrap.

It’s a shame that it was Bella’s last Babyballet session with Miss Paige but on to the big girl ballet class next term.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

Shopping Day at Lakeside – 12th February 2020

We are off to Lakeside today with Rachel. She has some birthday money she wants to spend and Bella had a few Christmas vouchers she could spend. I also wanted to go to the party shop they have to look for some bits for Bella’s birthday.

Bella had come into wake me up this morning and discovered a Lego set that had been mums down the side of my bed. We had been planning on trying to sell it on but Bella had found it this morning and pulled it out. She wanted to build the treehouse but I was not ready to start construction having just woken up. Instead I convinced Bella to take it downstairs and maybe we’d try building it after some breakfast.

Once we were downstairs we started our morning in Bella’s cardboard fort that Liam had built. I managed to get Bella dressed before she disappeared in the fort which was an achievement. Luckily it distracted her from the Lego so I could wake up and have some breakfast myself.

We had arranged with Rachel to head off to Lakeside about 10.30am. However when Rachel turned up Bella persuaded her to attempt to build the tree house. Rachel had far more patience than I would have trying to build with Bella hovering over her and trying to put the door on the house every five seconds.

Her patience didn’t last long and in the end Rachel gave up and decided we should make a move towards Lakeside.

I am not a good passenger but I let Rachel do her thing while driving. I get really jumpy and anxious as a passenger in a car as I’m not in control. I’m having to rely on someone else and that just does not fly with me but I tried hard not to panic and press my imaginary brake even though Rachel is a good driver. I mean I could be in a car with the best driver and I’d still be freaking out. I just suck as a passenger.

I piped up towards the end of the journey to give Rachel some help with the directions. I hate how SAT NAVs don’t properly warn you of things. Like it may tell you to come off a road but then waits to tell you which lane you need and by then you’ve normally positioned yourself wrongly and have seconds to switch lanes. It’s stupid.

We made it into Lakeside and parked up. We parked at Primark but instead of stopping in Primark first, we always shop there last, we walked straight through and hit the rest of shopping centre first.

The first shop we came across was the entertainer. Of course we went in and had a look. I mean Bella’s birthday is coming up also I was also using this trip to pick her up some presents.

We went to the back of the store as I know she likes bits for her babies. Instead she found the Elsa castle she had asked for for Christmas and settled down on the floor to play with it. I have to admit it’s a real cool castle. I really liked it. It has lights and play music but the price I’m not a fan of. Bit pricey for me although the price I suppose fits the item. I just can’t bring myself to spend fifty quid on a toy.

Next to the Frozen toys was a box of foam swords. Bella loves them. She always plays with them. I’m quite surprised we haven’t bought her one. She decided she wanted to start a fight so Bella and I had a little sword fight before I managed to get her out of the shop. We didn’t end up getting her anything for her birthday though.

We continued our shopping and came across the Disney store. Bella had received a voucher for the Disney store for Christmas so we had a good look around. Bella looked at everything. The dolls, the soft toys, the costumes hunting for the perfect thing to buy with her money. There was lots of costumes but sadly the dress she wanted they didn’t have in her size. She really wanted the Belle dress but the smallest size they had was 5-6 years which is just a little too big for her.

Luckily she seemed to be a bigger fan of the soft toy dollies. She found a Beast doll but was disappointed she couldn’t find a Belle one. We eventually found a Belle doll and Bella settled down on the floor and made Belle and the a Beast kiss each other and dance. She decided she wanted to get the Belle doll with her voucher and with the extra money on it she bought an Aurora barbie doll to add to her collection. She already has an Ariel doll Leanne got her for Christmas and a Cinderella doll Paige had bought her. We paid for her toys and then left the shop with Bella proudly carrying her Belle doll.

Bella soon started to complain she was hungry so we headed towards McDonalds for lunch.

Rachel ordered while Bella and I found a table and did some colouring.

Soon our food turned up and we tucked in.

Once we’d finished our lunch we headed back to the shops. We popped into Claire’s and I had a look at their birthday bits. Being an ex carnival queen I love sashes and if I can get Bella in a sash, even better. I found a rainbow sash but Bella didn’t like it, she did however like the pink birthday sash with glitter on them. We had a look at the birthday crowns and Bella chose a rainbow one. When we went up to the till they informed us it was buy three items get three items for free so I let Bella go round the store and chose four more items that she could have as birthday presents.

We finished up with the stores in Lakeside and then headed to Primark on our way back to the car. I wasn’t too thrilled with Primark. Bella didn’t find anything she liked to spend her Christmas money on, Rachel didn’t really find anything she liked and I didn’t find much of anything. I couldn’t even find any pyjamas I liked. It was a rubbish trip.

Now the party shop at Lakeside has gone so we headed into the industrial estate. I wanted to have a look in the Range at their party items and see if they had anything mermaid themed items. I really do go a bit over board when it comes to Bella’s birthday. I mean we’re only having a family tea party at home but I’ve gone all out again. I think my girl deserves it.

We drove over to the industrial estate and decided to stop for a Costa before we did a bit more shopping. Bella had her usual gingerbread while I had my latte and Rachel had a peach iced coffee thingy. It turns out it was actually quite nice. I needed to sit down and have a break. My narcolepsy seems to have been really bad today. I was struggling to stay awake while we were shopping in Primark, that’s probably another reason why I wasn’t able to find anything that took my fancy. I just wanted to sleep rather than shop.

We finished in Costa and Bella and Rachel had a race to the range. Bella ran the whole way hanging onto Belle as she ran. They made it into the store while I spent five minutes outside fighting with a trolley before I made it in.

Sadly the Range was a damp squid. Their party range was rubbish and I ended up leaving empty handed.

The last store we headed into was B and M. Again I was on the hunt for mermaid bits for Bella’s birthday but I never found any. I was very disappointed. One of my main goals for this shopping trip was to find some mermaid bits for Bella and I found none!

At least we had a fairly good time shopping even if we didn’t find anything for Bella. Luckily I managed to pick up a few birthday presents.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Boring, bitty day – 11th February 2020

Daly was off today so I dragged him along with my plans for the day. We had asked if Liam was happy to watch Bella for the day so we could get some jobs done.

We started our day pretty slowly though. Yesterday we had put together Bella’s football goal so while we started our day and tried to wake up Bella played a bit of football. She really likes this gift from Zach and it’s lovely that her and Daly have something they can share. Daly had showed her how to use it last night so this morning she was happily playing on her own while Daly was dozing on and off on the sofa.

I needed to go and get my nails fixed as I’d managed to chip a couple of the gel off my nails. Daly had said he needed to go out so we decided we’d go together. We sorted ourselves to go out and Liam was happy to watch Bella for us.

I headed off with Daly and he dropped me in town so I could get my nails done and he went and met up with friends. He didn’t have to leave me long though. I was in and out of the nail salon within minutes.

Daly came back and picked me off and then we headed back home.

When we got home we were faced with a carboard fort. Liam and Bella had been busy today. They were having fun. Bella was happy hiding in her fort. I was very lucky she invited me to join her in it. I took my blanket and some pillows with me and made a nice comfy nest for myself.

Later that evening Joe and Jess came round to visit us for a chat. I put Bella to bed and then Joe helped me paper mache my number 3 as I had received my glue gun back yesterday and was able to stick it all together. Joe and I happily sat on the floor with the glue and paper mache. It’s very rare that I help people so to let Joe help was a huge deal. Although I did go back and go over all the parts he had done. I’m just a perfectionist.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Birthday Prep – 9th February 2020

I had a little bit of a crafty day today. I want to make a giant number 3 for Bella’s birthday. I had asked Rachel to pick me up some empty boxes from work so I could make one. I had thought about buying one but I didn’t see the point in spending at minimum 20 pounds for a carboard number. So instead I’m going to make one.

Today didn’t start quite as planned through. Bella woke me up crying as her eyes have been a bit poorly recently. It scares her that they’ve been crusting over but luckily it only seems to be happening while she is asleep. Once I clean them off in the morning, her eyes seem fine for the rest of the day. Now cleaning off her eyes was a little bit of a struggle as my head was spinning when I woke up. I was so dizzy. But I cleaned Bella’s eyes and then managed to drag myself downstairs on to the sofa while Bella played.

Bella’s playing didn’t last long though. After about an hour or two of being awake and playing, Bella crashed out on the sofa. That’s one way you can tell she is ill when she seems fine in herself. She very rarely sleeps during the day so when she crashes out and sleeps for a few hours, she’s ill. Bella crashed out on the sofa and my head had stopped spinning long enough for me to get my creative bone working.

Rachel had managed to find me one large sheet of card so I used that for my main piece of card. I drew a large number 3 on the card, cut it out and then used it as a template to draw another number three for the other side.

Sadly that’s as far as I could get though. I needed my glue gun to attach some cups to the threes to give the 3D number 3 some stability. So without my glue gun all I could do is work out how many cups I would need to create that stability. I also cut large strips of card to use as the edges of the number three for when I could put it altogether.

Bella soon woke up and she wanted to do some colouring and cutting. I gave her some spare card and found her colours so she could decorate it. Once she’d finished drawing, she wanted to do some cutting. I had bought some child scissors a few years back randomly so I found them for Bella and then with supervision I let her try to cut up her card. She found that a little hard though so she asked me to cut the card for her.

After we’d finished all the cutting and crafting Bella wanted to dress up as Ariel. She had fun dancing and playing dressed in her Ariel dress. We even watched yesterdays Masked Singer again. Bella definitely loves that show.

We were currently being bombarded by Storm Ciara so it was nice that we were staying cosy inside. We had a film afternoon checking out the films itv2 had to offer. With no internet we have no Netflix or Disney Live so we’re making the best of the digital channels we have and it seems itv seems to be the best for movies.

While Bella chilled and watched films I set about ironing the Little Mermaid backdrop ready for Bella’s birthday photoshoot. I made a little bit of a mistake while ironing the backdrop. In the past I’ve been able to just apply to iron straight onto the backdrop but today – nope. Thankfully I made the mistake right in the corner so you can’t tell I tried to burn it. I grabbed a tea towel and used that as a buffer between the backdrop and iron and that seemed to help. No more mistakes after that and the backdrop is pretty much crease free.

We had a normal Sunday dinner, a roast and then once Bella was in bed I cosied up on the sofa with a cup of tea and enjoyed some rubbish TV.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Costa Coffee Date – 8th February 2020

We’re off to meet Leanne today! We’ve been trying to arrange this since her birthday on new years eve and we’ve eventually made it after several failed attempts. We were meeting for lunch in town for a good old Costa.

Bella had woken up a bit poorly this morning. She’s been under the weather for a few days but this morning she seemed to have almost completely lost her voice. Normally she’ll be upset and will be crying for me to fix her voice but today she didn’t seemed too bothered.

We got up and slowly got ready to walk into town to meet Leanne. I made sure I had her present which I’d been holding onto for a while. I had found it out from where I had hidden it as I was scared I was going to forget it. I packed it in the pram ready for when we left. We were walking into town to meet Leanne as there was a chance we wouldn’t be back before Daly had to leave for work.

Thankfully it was a dry walk into town. We were meeting Leanne at Costa but as I had left home she messaged me to say she was going to get dropped off at Sainsbury’s and then walk up to Costa. Now Sainsbury’s is on route for me to get to Costa so I messaged her when I got there to see where she was. It turns out she hadn’t left yet so we waited for Leanne there. I was feeling a bit sick so while we waited I popped into the store quickly to pick up a bottle of water.

Leanne eventually turned up and we walked through town together to Costa. We made it into Costa and ordered our drinks and something to eat before going to sit down. Bella wasn’t too happy when we got to Costa as her usual tables were being used. Normally she will go and settle down at a table while I collect our drinks. We ended up sat in a little quiet corner where we could still look out across the rest of Costa. We like to people watch.

We chatted and caught up over our lattes and tea cakes. Bella happily munched away on her gingerbread man while the grown ups were boring.

When we’d finished with our lattes it was time for Leanne to open her presents. I had created her a little winter survival gift – I’ll go more into depth of in another blog. She unwrapped all her presents and I think I can safely say her favourite present was the box of Twinnings tea bags. I know she loves her tea and I can’t buy her a mug every Christmas and birthday. I mean we’ve been best friends since we were 12 so that would be over 30 mugs during our friendship. That’s a lot of mugs. So I thought a box of tea bags was a clever present.

Now after our lunch and presents we did a little bit of shopping. Leanne was looking for an outfit for a party before she headed off to a beauty appointment. We headed into New Look to have a look first. It seems Bella was in her element. That girl loves shopping. She spent some time playing with her reflection in a mirror before browsing the clothes racks. She even played a little bit of hide and seek with Leanne in the store.

Bella was bouncing off the walls again running around the store. I messaged her Godfather Zach who works in the same shopping centre that New Look is in. I asked him if he wanted her as she was running circles around us.

We headed into Peacocks next and while we were shopping Zach appeared behind us. Bella was again running up and down the store and the three of us couldn’t catch her. I asked Zach again if he wanted her. I said she could spend the day chilling out in his office. But he turned it down. He didn’t seem to want Bella with all her energy.

Eventually we got her out of the shop and back into the pram so we could go home. We walked with Leanne to her beauty appointment and said our goodbyes. We’ve arranged to meet up again just after my birthday so we will be seeing Leanne again in a month.

On the walk home I popped into Sainsbury’s to pick up a few bits of shopping. Having the pram is so helpful to pick up things. It means I’m actually able to carry quite a few things home without too much effort.

We had a pretty chilled out afternoon and evening. We’ve really gotten into the Masked Singer so in the evening we all sit down together and enjoy our pizza while trying to guess who is behind the mask. Bella loves shouting ‘Take it off!’ when it comes to unmasking them.

We had a lovely afternoon catching up with Leanne. I do love our girly lunches.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures happen tomorrow.

Love CiCi x

Topsy Turvy day – 7th February 2020

Today was a bit of a topsy turvy day. Normally Bella goes to her grandparents on a Friday but that didn’t happen today as they were both working. That kinda put my plans on hold but we coped.

Our morning was mainly spent with Bella deciding her giant piano was the best toy ever. The problem was I was taking it to the charity shop. That had been my plan for today. All the stuff I had sorted out on Wednesday I loaded into the car and was planning on dropping it to the charity shop once I’d dropped Bella with her grandparents. Now I hadn’t managed to get the piano out of the house yet which meant Bella was still able to find it.

She had dragged it out from the hall way where it had been sat waiting to go in the car and laid it out across the living room floor. She was having great fun running up and down it making lots of noise. She even got her baby and was making her jump up and down on the keys across the piano. It was nice to see her having so much fun with the toy but knowing how often she has played with it since she’s had it I didn’t feel bad about shipping it off to the charity shop.

Now as I wasn’t able to do my normal routine we kinda made the day up as we went. After I’d got Bella dressed I pulled out my Little Mermaid photo backdrop so I could see how big it was and what it actually looked like. I had bought it ages ago and then just set it with the rest of my backdrops. It turns out my mermaid backdrop is pretty big. In fact it’s the largest backdrop I have. It’s in need of being ironed to get all the creases out of it but I’ll do that another day. We laid it out on the floor and because Bella saw it was an under the sea scene she decided she was going to lay on it and pretend to swim. She is so funny.

The rest of the day I had a bit of a hyper child. She was climbing all over the furniture and running around like a loon. She didn’t seem to stop. I can see why I need my day a week where she goes to her grandparents. There was no stopping her today. She kept climbing on to the back of the sofas and pretending she was a cat. I know we have a pet cat but I have no idea where that has come from.

We managed to make our way through the day without any injuries considering the amount of climbing Bella had done. This child has far too much energy at the end of the week.

Bit of a lack of actual activities or things to write about today but as I like to keep these blogs daily, here is today.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

Come for a Walk with Me – 6th February 2020

We got up nice and early this morning. Bella wasn’t too happy about getting up this morning for babyballet but I managed to coax her out of her room but letting her take her pirate ship downstairs. She happily ate her breakfast while playing with the ship. I wasn’t the happiest about it but if it meant my morning battle was going to be easier I’ll go with it.

We got up and dressed into Bella’s ballet outfit and headed off to ballet. This morning seemed to be a better morning at ballet than we have in the past. No real tantrums. She like always enjoyed singing Incy Wincy Spider before playing hide away behind her knees. She’s getting very good at hitting her positions.

About half way through the class the parachute came out. Bella was so excited like normal. She helped shake the parachute up and down, before Miss Paige let them all go underneath the parachute. After running around under it for a while, Miss Paige asked them to all lay down under the parachute and tried to kick the canopy with their toes. Bella did really well kicking her toes and reaching the canopy. So much better than she used to do.

After the parachute Miss Paige turned all the girls into Sugar Plum fairies. They skipped around the room with their wands. As a treat Miss Paige brought out the bubble gun and the girls ran around underneath popping the bubbles with their wands. Miss Paige had asked them to catch them but why do that when you can pop them. I was scared that Bella was going to end up hitting someone over the head with her wand but thankfully there were no injuries.

Next up Miss Paige wanted to try their galloping steps as a group in a circle. Bella was brilliant, she got up and joined the circle holding hands with a new little girl. It was nice to be able to sit and watch Bella take part in the activity. She tried really hard and even helped the girl next to her.

We finished the class with the shakers followed by hugs with Twinkl. Bella happily danced around with Twinkl and blew her kisses to finish the class.

After lunch at home, we got ready for nursery. I got Bella dressed and then we drove to nursery. She looked so cute in her little kitty cat coat as she balanced along the edge of the flower beds outside nursery.

After I’d dropped Bella off I decided to take a walk. The weather was lovely and it wasn’t too cold. I took a walk over to the park. I walked through the graveyard and took a few photos of the architecture and there circled round to head back towards home going through the housing estate behind ours.

As I walked through the estate I came across a large grass area with lots of daffodils. I stopped to try out some of the pro settings on my phone camera. I made a mental note of where I found the daffodils. I’d been looking for a field of daffodils last year to do a spring photoshoot with Bella. I now know where I’m going this year for a spring photoshoot.

I picked Bella up from nursery when she finished and we headed home for a nice relaxed afternoon. When we got home Bella found the Argos catalogue and led on the floor flicking through it. She seems to have got into the idea of looking through toy catalogues to find things she’d like for her birthday.

We had a pretty good day today. Bella enjoyed herself at ballet and I enjoyed the winter sun on my afternoon walk.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x