Blogmas Week 2 – 8th December to 2020

It’s week two, here we go!

*I didn’t realise this blog was actually complete I just hadn’t added the photos and then everything went down hill so please enjoy*

Tuesday 8th December 2020 – Nightmare trip to town

I did not want to wake up this morning. I mean at all. I am exhausted at the moment. I’m struggling to stay awake or find the energy to do things but I can’t let that stop me. Bella woke up like usual very early but I could not find the energy to get out of bed. Luckily I knew Liam was downstairs and I ended up dozing back off until 10am. I was still tired when I woke up but I guessed I should try and drag myself downstairs.

Bella was happily watching Netflix when I made it downstairs and we cuddled up on the sofa together so I could still doze on and off.

As the day went on I told Bella we needed to head into town. That was going to be interesting I haven’t gone shopping in town with Bella in months. She rode in the pram as we walked into town. As we made it to Sainsbury’s I came over really dizzy so decided it might be a good idea to pop into the shop and get something to bring my sugar level up. We wandered down to the snack and the drink aisle. We grabbed a few snacks and then we picked up two Hydro Fruitshoots. I actually quite like them and thought it would be a bit better for me than a coke.

Between the drink aisle and the checkouts Bella was driving me made, she kept trying to walk away, was constantly walking in front of the pram and making me have to swerve to miss her.

When we got to the checkout the annoyance continued. Every item I scanned. Bella played with. She was picking stuff up and leaning on the scales. Which meant every item was followed with one of those irritating ‘unexpected item in bagging area’ or ‘please place item in bagging area’ It was driving me crazy. And the annoyances didn’t stop, when it came time to pay I hunted through my bag for my bank card but nope! I’d switched handbags this morning and obviously left my bank card in my original handbag. Thankfully I had enough change in my purse to cover the shopping and what we’d came into town for.

We quickly walked up to Wilkos to pick up the fuse wire we needed. Thankfully I managed to find some in the dark depths of Wilkos. We quickly paid and then walked home.

I was exhausted by the time I got home. The time I really wish Bella would walk and she refuses. It sucks living on top of a hill. Once I made it up our drive, Bella knocked on the door so Liam could answer and I folded up the pram so I could throw it back in the back of the car. Liam helped me carry all the shopping in – not that it was much. B

Bella wanted to play with Playdough. She had asked me on the way home and I was happy for her to sit up to the table and play if Liam was happy for that while he played on the Playstation. He was going to fix the fuse anyway so she was able to sit at the table and not get in Liam’s way.

It was great once Liam had fixed the lights. We now have lights upstairs again. Yay!

I’m trying something different for dinner today. I saw on Facebook a recipe for lasanga pockets and wanted to give it a go. So I made my normal spag bol and then used fresh pasta sheets to make the pockets adding white sauce and cheese along the way. While I was making the lasanga pockets I also made a lasanga for Daly to have at work.

So for dinner we had lasagna pockets, chips and peas. And it was pretty good. A few little tweaks needed for the lasanga pockets and we’re thinking it might be worth trying to make my own pasta sheets. Let’s see how that goes next time.

Wednesday 9th December – A long day!

I had to get up very early today and I wasn’t too happy about it but I suppose it was at least for a good reason. My new cooker is being delivered today. Woohoo! Double oven for Christmas. Now we had been messaged to say that the first gas man of the day was going to be here any time before 7am and 10am. So I woke up at 6.30am and decided to make some use of that time. I finished up tidying the kitchen and then set about doing some other chores as I didn’t want to fall asleep on the sofa.

The man actually came at about 8.30am. Not too bad except he wanted to be able to get to the gas meter so I had to wake Liam up to help me move all the stuff in the garage out of the way. The biggest problem trying to down size during a pandemic is having plenty of black bags full of charity shop stuff, I mean half our garage at the moment. But because of the pandemic charity shops are either not excepting stuff, they keep going on lockdown, or they are only excepting a limited amount of stuff and I have half a garage that needs to go. I don’t want to just throw all this stuff away as it’s such a waste. Anyway Liam and I shifted all the stuff so the gas man could get to the meter.

After our old cooker had been disconnected it was time for our new cooker to be delivered. The new cooker turned up just after 12pm. They brought in the new cooker, unpackaged it all and even took away the old cooker.

I soon received a phone call asking if the cooker had been delivered. When I informed our second gas man the cooker had been delivered he told me he’d be round in about half an hour to fit our new cooker in. In that short time Liam, the god send he is, cleaned out where our old cooker had been sat. He did an epic job as well.

About an hour after the cooker was delivered the second gas man came to fit the cooker for us. It took a while but eventually it was fitted and he showed me how to use it. It turns out it is pretty easy to use. It’s similar to the cooker we have when we go away and stay in the caravan.

Now even though the cooker was fully fitted and functioning by 3pm we still had McDonalds for dinner. I hadn’t been feeling too great in the afternoon and Bella and I had ended up chilling out in my bedroom watching films. Liam had ended up having a nap as well so none of us seemed really in the mood to interact.

I eventually placed the order with McDonalds and Just Eat. Bella and I enjoyed our McDonalds downstairs. And after his nap Liam came down and joined us as well.

Thursday 10th December – Mum’s Birthday

Today is mums birthday which means my mood is pretty low. We had a fairly low key day.

We had a Christmas film day. Bella wanted to dress up in her Mrs Claus dress and enjoyed dancing round the living room. I introduced her to Disney’s new Christmas film, Noelle. It’s actually pretty good and Bella seemed to enjoy it.

While Bella was enjoying all the Christmas films I thought I should sort out some of Bella’s old Christmas outfits and sell them on face bay. I love getting Bella Christmas outfits but very rarely can I make it last from one Christmas to the other.

Bella spent a lot of the day playing with her babies. She likes to pull the cot and bath out and spends the day looking after her baby and putting it to bed. Occasionally asking me to look after her baby. She is such a good mummy.

Like a said a pretty chilled out day. We didn’t do anything else today.

Friday 11th December – Suffering badly with tiredness

This morning Daly didn’t go to sleep at all so instead he was waking up with me and going to drop us off at nursery. Normally we walk but not today, Daly had offered to drive us as he was awake.

We dropped Bella off at nursery and then headed home for a little bit, I was waiting for someone to come up to pick up some of the Christmas clothes I had sold. We needed to do a food shop but after the person had collected to clothes I went back upstairs to bed and crashed out for a bit. I’ve been so tired recently and need to try and have a nap once a day. I normally avoid them when Bella is at nursery because Daly can be a bit unaware of the time and I’m always scared we’re going to miss picking up Bella but today I was just too tired.

We decided we were going to pick up Bella and then go shopping. She enjoys shopping and I also thought she could pick out a present for her nursery teachers for Christmas. We picked up Bella and she jumped in the car with lots of things she had made. She had also been given a chocolate lolly by her key worker. I told her she could have her lolly once we got home.

We made it to the shop and to try and get things go a little quicker we split up to grab the items on the shopping list. Bella picked which parent she wanted to go with – turned out it was mostly daddy. I don’t seem to get a look in when Daly is off work but I can’t complain, at the beginning of the year Bella never wanted to spend time with him.

The love continued on into the evening. They ended up curled up together on the sofa and daddy even put Bella to bed. I love the relationship those two have grown over lockdown one and two.

Saturday 12th December – TV Day

Today was another lazy day. Daly was off work but we didn’t really do anything. He did however have to put up with my Saturday night TV. First up was Celebrity Catchphrase. This has become a bit of a household favourite, we all end up playing and guessing away. It’s good fun. I used to play Catchphrase and Family Fortunes with Leanne while I was at uni. Good fun way to spend our Saturday nights.

It’s always good fun when us three adults are all shouting at the TV together different answers. It’s especially funny when someone shouts a stupid or wrong answers.

We also watched The Chase and Supermarket Sweep. I used to love watching Supermarket sweep when I was younger and I have great fun playing The Chase and shouting answers at the TV.

A nice chilled out way to spend a Saturday.

Sunday 13th December – Card Making

I didn’t feel so great when I woke up this morning. I ended up curling up on the sofa in the living room and dozing most of the morning. Daly and Liam had offered to help me out for the day so I could rest. Which kinda worked except Daly woke up with a migraine so didn’t stay up for long he ended up crawling upstairs back into bed.

Bella and I stayed downstairs. I wasn’t feeling up to putting up with Nick Jr or Netflix playing the same thing all day so instead we watched CBeebies. I dozed on and off while Bella played and watched the tv.

I had received an email from Bella’s nursery saying they were closing a day early so I wanted to make sure Bella had a card and gift for her teachers. Luckily we had already picked up some chocolate for her teachers that Bella had chosen. So we needed to make a card.

We had already painted a few during the week but we needed to add some bits to it. So we curled up on the floor with some glitter, glue and glitter glue. First Bella some glue to make some glittery stars using the gold glitter, and then we added a glittery red nose on the reindeer. Once we’d finished with the glitter Bella wanted to use the glitter glue.

She gave the reindeer green hooves, blue antlers and then added some silver clouds in the sky. Once she’d finished we put the card to one side to dry.

While the card was drying Bella and I cuddled up on the sofa to watch CBeebies. I know on Sundays they tend to reshow their special shows and pantomimes so I wondered if they’d play any this weekend. It turns out their weren’t any of those sort of shows on but they were showing the cartoon of the fire dragon – think John Lewis Christmas advert. It was a cute show and it was nice to cuddle up with Bella and watch something Christmasy like that.

After dinner Bella and I sat down and I got her to write the inside of her Christmas card to her teachers. Well what she actually wrote was her name and I wrote the message that she wanted to send to her teachers. Once it was finished I made sure to put in on the side to remember it in the morning.

Monday 14th December – Still not feeling great

Today is her last day at nursery before they break up for Christmas. Man she’s growing up too fast. We got up and ready like normal and then walked to nursery. Like usual we had the argument that she didn’t want to go but then she started saying she missed her friends which meant I was able to easily persuade her to carry on walking to nursery. When we got to nursery we handed over Bella’s presents and in she went happily into nursery.

On the walk home I wasn’t feeling too great so went home to sleep. Daly was getting up early as one of the cars had an MOT. I however ended up crashing out on the bed as I felt so tired. Because Daly was getting up for the MOT I didn’t have to worry about making sure he was awake in time.

After the MOT and the car passed Daly came home for a little bit to chill before going and picking up Bella. Bless her when Bella came home she had a bell for the jingle on Christmas Eve and a yule log she had decorated. She really wanted to eat it but thankfully she let me take a photo of it first. She’s so speedy nower days I often end up missing out on taking photos. Have to be on the ball with Bella.

Once she’d finished her yule log Bella pulled out her Toot Toot castle and laid out on the floor playing with all her little characters including the princess and the knight. I have to say that is one of Bella’s favourite toys she ever got.

That’s the end of week 2 on to week 3.

Stay Safe

Love CiCi x

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