Blogmas 2020 – Week 1: 1st December to 7th December 2020

I’ve set myself the challenge to stay up to date with Blogmas. I’ve been pretty bad at blogging this year – although who can blame me, there’s only so many times you can type I stayed in my pyjamas all day and watched Netflix. However with all the Christmas fun in the run up I think I should be able to at least write something everyday. Also because of all the trouble I’ve had with keeping on top of my blogs I’m not doing daily blogmas I’m sticking to weekly. I think I’ll be able to manage that a bit better. So here we go! Week One!

Tuesday 1st December 2020 – A letter for Father Christmas

It’s the first of December. Christmas is officially coming. We’ve already put our tree up (we did that at the beginning of November I think) Well Rachel put it up like tradition. Daly wasn’t happy about the tree going up so early but he’s at work most of the time so he can jog on. Lol I’m home all the time.

Bella and I had a snuggly morning on the sofa watching Nick Jr. Like normal. Well I say we had a snuggly time, I got up with Bella and we snuggled up on the sofa together under the duvet and I went to sleep. Bella doesn’t mind though she will either cuddle up under the duvet at the other end or sit on top of me.

After lunch we decided to open Bella’s advent calendars. She has 3 this year. We bought her a Frozen one with lots of accessories in it as I loved her advent calendar from last year. I’m not a huge fan of the chocolate ones. I think the toy ones are way better. However when we went shopping and looked at the advent calenders Bella told us she wanted a Kinder one and we had a bit of a tantrum when we wouldn’t buy it there and then. Because she had wanted a Kinder one as well as her accessory one we bought I went and got her one. Daly had ended up bringing another home for Bella that he had received from his Grandparents. So Bella has three calendars, two Kinder ones and a Frozen one.

We opened her chocolate ones first. Then moved on to the Frozen one. Now the Kinder one Bella can get into by herself but I have to pretty much open it for her. Today Bella received a snowflake hair clip in her Frozen calendar.

After lunch and advent calendars we watched Barbie in the Nutcracker. Bella really enjoys the Barbie films and it’s nice that she’s been watching this one as it’s a Christmas film. While the film is playing Bella loves dancing around the living room and practicing her ballet moves. I was busy finishing up a few jobs that I needed to get done. I’ve been trying to stay on top of all the house work to save myself so much hassle.

When I’d finished all the housework and Barbie in the Nutcracker Bella sat down to help me write my cards. I have already written all my family Christmas cards and wanted Bella to add her own touch to some of the family cards. We set up her little chair with a table, her crayons and I handed her the cards as we went.

It started with her drawing little pictures in the cards before she tried to copy my writing and add her own. She drew Daddy as Santa in one and Nana as a fairy in another.

We didn’t get many cards done. I mean Bella is only three and doesn’t have a very long attention span, so I think it’s going to take us a few days to get them all completed and sent off to everyone.

Bella had already written her Christmas list over the weekend. She cut out items she wanted out of the Smyths catalogue and then we glue them to her letter for Father Christmas. She worked very hard on her list and once she’d finished gluing all the pictures on she even tried to write her name at the end. I’m really impressed with how good she is getting at writing letters, especially the letter a. She’s very good at that one.

And once all her items were glued on to her list she decorated the envelope with stickers.

Before we put the letter in the envelope we took the traditional photo of Bella in front of the Christmas tree with her Christmas List. She was actually willing to play ball and didn’t argue at all. I think she’s quite excited to send her letter.

After dinner we wrapped up warm and headed down to the post box. We walked down to the post box. It wasn’t to closest one to us as I wanted to show Bella some of the houses decorated in Christmas lights. She really liked a night time walk and pointed out lots of Christmas lights. We eventually made it to the post box and it was time to post.

We had brought some of the family cards with us that were ready to post as well as Bella’s letter to Father Christmas. Turns out the post box we had gone to was also the right height for Bella to post them by herself. She posted the family cards and then it was time for Father Christmas’ letter.

On the walk home Bella and I discussed pets. Apparently Bella wants a cat, a dog and a horse. Of course she wanted a horse. It’s the traditional pet every little girl asks for. I sent Daly a video of Bella asking for all these animals. He replied with a no to the horse.

Wednesday 2nd December 2020 – Advent calendar problems

We had a pretty productive day today. First things first was a trip to the doctors for me. It was time for my B12 jab. I walked down to the doctors listening to my music. I love just walking and enjoying my music. I was a little early for my appointment but because of how quiet the doctors is now I was alone in the waiting room. I mean most appointments are by phone so there is hardly anyone there. I was called in pretty quickly and went round to see the nursery.

Man did the jab hurt this time. I mean it killed. I must of forgotten how much it hurt or because the flu jab was the last jab I had and that didn’t hurt so much so maybe I thought it was going to feel like that again. Normally after my B12 I find I’m very tired. I tend to go back home and crash out on the sofa for hours so instead of heading to pick up some bits from the shops I went straight home.

However when I got home I felt pretty good and Bella wanted to do some painting so we sat up at the table and I got out some Christmas decorations for Bella to paint. She had a lovely time choosing her colours and painting the different decorations.

She was very good at her painting. She made an effort to paint different parts like painting a tree green and adding red baubles. Out of the ten decorations she had to paint Bella only wanted to paint five so I put the rest to one side so we can paint them another day.

It was a pretty chilled day after that. We watched a few films. I didn’t want to do too much in case I suddenly crashed.

That afternoon when we opened Bella’s advent calendar she found an olaf ring behind door number 2. Surprisingly Bella actually knows what the number 2 looks like and showed me all the 2s on her advent calendar.

I spent my early evening sorting out a few cupboards – we’ve got a new oven turning up so I thought it was a great time to do some sorting. Especially of the oven trays. Turns out I discovered a whole load of bits I didn’t even know we still had and managed to get rid of a few bits. When I moved on to the tupperware cupboard Bella came out to me with some chocolate from her other advent calendars. Turned out she’d been opening extra doors so now her calendars are being kept out of her reach so she doesn’t end up pulling out all the chocolate.

Thursday 3rd December 2020 – Christmas nesting

This morning we received a package. I knew we were expecting one but I wasn’t sure when it would arrive. It turned up today at 8.30am. Good thing Bella wakes me up early. Once I’d received the package Bella and I sat in the living room to open it. I knew who it was from – my aunt and uncle from Wiltshire. We opened it up and first read the letter that had been included. Inside were cards for Rachel and I as well as presents for each of us. There was also a present for Bella along with a book for her and a fairy door to make. I told her we could make the door later and so she curled up on the floor and read through the book. It was a Mr. Man book and Bella kept asking who all the characters were.

We had another chilled day. Daly is off work for two days now and it seems to add to our go slow day. So another day curled up on the sofa under a duvet – I can not get warm at the moment. We keep turning the heating right up and wearing layers of clothes under blankets and I hurt with how cold I am. The thing is normally the cold effects my narcolepsy and can trigger attacks but I’ve actually had no problems. I’m just cold.

In Bella’s advent calendar today was another ring. Today a pretty purple heart one.

That afternoon Daly and I made a quick run over to the next town to pick up Bella’s main Christmas present that we’d had delivered to her Godfathers. We didn’t know how it was going to come packaged so we didn’t want to risk Bella seeing what she was getting. Especially as it’s something she’s wanted for ages. It was so stupid how long it took us to get there and back though. Considering it’s only a 7 mile journey one way it took us nearly 45 minutes to get there and closer to an hour to get home, it was a joke.

Because of how long it took us to get home I had to make quick changes to dinner. I was going to make lasagne but I had no where near enough time. So it was a quick throw in the oven to cook – not that easy though, our oven is broken and we can not change the gas temperature in the oven section of the cooker. Not fun.

That evening Daly gave Bella a bath and then I put her to bed. We read the Nutcracker tonight. Bella seems to love this story so it was nice to read it to her.

Daly and Liam were having a gaming night tonight. Although I caught Daly playing with Bella’s toys at one point.

While the boys played I went upstairs to watch some Netflix and once again went through all the presents I had bought. I have a habit of doing that a lot. I suppose I could compare it to nesting when your pregnant – although my nesting never kicked in until Bella was actually born. I spent my whole time in the hospital packing and repacking our bags and rearranging things. And every year at Christmas I do the same thing with presents. I rearrange how I’ve sorted and packed them. I constantly check and recheck my shopping lists and make sure I’ve got everything. I need to stop though because I just feel like I want to carry on shopping. Not good, I end up over spending big time at Christmas constantly thinking I haven’t bought people enough.

Friday 4th December 2020 – We had snow!

Daly woke me up stupidly early this morning. He woke me up about 4.30am just to show me it was snowing. He had a mini freak out about how he was going to get to work if it settled – not likely where we live, it rarely does. After his freak out and he finally decided to come to bed I ended up staying awake. I mean I was wide awake. Now because of the risk of snow I decided it might help to prep Bella. We haven’t had snow since her first birthday but I like to make sure she at least has a snow suit and I thought some snow boots could be a good idea because we’d still be walking to nursery even in the snow. I managed to find her some snow boots (a little big but they should last and I find bigger is better because of toasty socks) and I also found her a snow suit. Well I say snow suit its a coat and then snow trousers/dungarees so I thought they’d be great for her.

I got up at half 7 and set about my usual nursery morning routine. Making Bella’s lunch, having a coffee and finding her clothes. I made sure she had some nice warm trousers so she didn’t get cold at nursery. I woke Bella up at 8 and we got ready to go. Bella wanted daddy to walk to nursery with us this morning and he had said if it was raining he would drive us to work so she went upstairs to wake him. I’m guessing the excitement of snow didn’t get him out of bed.

Bella and I walked to nursery with her all wrapped up – it was freezing. The snow had nearly completely left. I said it wouldn’t last long so maybe panic buying at 5am wasn’t needed but it might come in handy. On the way to nursery we have to cross the road using a pelican crossing. I have been teaching Bella how blind people cross the roads using these type of crossing. I showed her the little metal button type thing under the crossing button box and showed her that when it starts spinning it’s telling you the green man has popped up and it’s safe to cross.

She finds this so interesting she now does this everytime we go to nursery.

While Bella was at nursery Daly and I did the weekly food shop and I have to say Food Warehouse was an absolutely failure. I didn’t manage to get hardly any of the frozen foods I needed so an emergency text to Rachel was shot to pick up the main bits I was missing. She is a god send!

That afternoon I curled up in bed to do a bit of reading in the hopes I’d doze off. Daly went to pick up Bella and when she came home she came and joined me upstairs in bed. I popped a film on for her and she left me to sleep. She is such a good girl when mummy needs her sleep.

Once we’d finally all woken up Bella wanted to open her advent calendar. Today, behind door number 4 was a hair clip.

Turns out after dinner Bella forgot who I was. Bella was not interested in me at all. Daly got her ready for bed. They had a little play about on the sofa and then Bella wanted Daly to take her to bed. So he took her up and they went through her usual bedtime routine. As it’s Friday she’s aloud her TV.

And when the DVD player didn’t play the DVD it was daddy that Bella called not me. Feeling a bit rejected but I’m glad Bella was enjoying time with her dad.

Saturday 5th December 2020 – We’re all sleepy today

I woke up to a surprise this morning. Bella was in bed with us. And not only that she was cuddled up with Daly. Normally she gets into bed with us, pushes daddy away and says ‘no, my mummy!’ But nope.

I didn’t even realise she’d gotten into bed with us. She’d woken up in the night and spent some time with Daly while he was playing on the PlayStation and then he’d brought us to bed with us. However as soon as she woke up she was mummy’s girl again.

We headed downstairs to curl up on the sofa. I was still very tired so dozed one end of the sofa while Bella watched Nick Jr and played with her toys. As the day went on Bella wanted to watch a Christmas film so we headed over to Now TV to see what film she fancied watching. Turns out she really wanted to watch the Grinch so I popped it on.

Liam was still asleep on the sofa and Daly was asleep in bed. I snuggled back down on the sofa to watch the film and Bella came and joined me. She cuddled down under the duvet with me and it turned out she must have been pretty tired. Both of us ended up falling asleep during the film.

Eventually Daly woke up and so did I and Liam. Bella however was still asleep on the sofa. She woke up before Daly headed off to work.

We opened up her advent calendar and today was another hair clip. This time very much the blue and purple frozen colours.

The rest of the day was pretty chilled. Saturday means normal TV either ITV or BBC. So Bella pulled out her little watering can house and played with her little characters. Liam cooked us dinner and we enjoyed pizza over Catchphrase.

After dinner and Bella had gone to bed I settled down to get some blogging done. I’m determined to keep up with blogmas. I can do it! It’s something to aim for before the end of 2020.

Sunday 6th December 2020 – A quick trip into town

This morning I woke up before everyone, although when I went into Bella her TV was on and her DVD was playing but she was asleep. I headed downstairs and curled up on the sofa watching TV. When Bella woke up she was a bit panicked because she couldn’t find me but I called up to her and she soon appeared with all her toys.

I suggested watching a Christmas film together and snuggling down. She wanted to watch the Grinch again so we popped in on and cuddled up under the blanket.

After a while Bella wanted to go back upstairs to play and watch her DVD so I set her all up. I had been weighing up going into town. I’ve switched back to decaf tea and we have some here but not much. So I needed to pick some up. I was weighing up if I go into town tomorrow after dropping Bella at nursery or split it in to two journeys and walk into town today and just walk to nursery tomorrow. In the end two trips sounded more managable than one so I sorted myself to head into town. Liam was going to keep an ear out for Bella and Daly was in bed if there was any major crisis.

I took a walk into town and managed to pick up my tin trays for Christmas. I hadn’t actually planned on pick them up but as I saw them I thought I’d take my chance and buy them now. I did manage to pick up what I had gone into town for – some decaf tea bags. I made my way back home and Bella was still in her room playing.

When Bella reappeared from her room we had a few little jobs to do. I still had a few cards Bella needed to sign so I got her to sit down with me and write her cards while I added tags and bows to Leanne’s Christmas presents. I had ordered some tags off of Amazon as I didn’t feel the ones I had matched the wrapping paper I had.

The rest of the afternoon I had to coax my shadow away from me. I can not seem to get away from Bella at the moment. She is constantly on me or following me everywhere. So to try and find her something to do. At nursery she has been enjoying loose parts so I raided mums study to see what little bits I could find her to play with. I found her polystyrene shapes, buttons, bells, ribbons and leaves. I placed them all on a tray for her to play with while I headed to the kitchen to cook dinner.

Tonight, after dinner, I decided to bust out the wrapping. I have so much to do and I just feel I need to get the wrapping out of the way. I want to be able to enjoy Christmas and normally I love wrapping but this year I’ve been putting it off because I love wrapping so much but now I’m like it needs to be done and out of the way.

Monday 7th December 2020 – Finished my wrapping

I woke up at my usual 7.30am on a Monday morning. I got up a did my normal routine before waking Bella up for nursery. The only thing that has really changed from our normal nursery routine is because it’s cold Bella is wearing her hat at nursery meaning she needs a hair style that works with it. So we have to get ready earlier so I can french plait her hair. She looks so cute with french plaits.

It was a bit misty on our walk to nursery and cold but we were ok. Bella helped me post the last few Christmas cards on our way so at least that is one job I can tick off my list as being complete. Christmas cards are done. As we walked to nursery Bella argued with me continuously that she didn’t want to go – pretty much our normal argument but I know she loves it once she’s there so I know that she’s benefiting from going.

Once I’d got home from the nursery run I started with the Christmas wrapping again. I especially needed to get Bella’s presents wrapped. I managed to get Daly’s, Liam’s, Rachel’s, and Oli’s wrapped last night. I just needed to get everyone elses wrapped so that was my task for today. I managed to get all but the stockings done by lunch time.

Liam had offered to have a look at our kitchen light to see if it was a loose wire that was causing it not to work. Sadly it wasn’t, Liam had to take down the whole unit and we needed to get a new fixture as I was sitting there with wires dangling out of my ceiling. I tried to wake Daly up to get him to take me to go to Wickes so we could get a new light. We’d looked at a few in Wickes and Daly needed to wake up anyway to pick up Bella, however he was having none of it. Instead I went online and ordered the light using click and collect. So that afternoon we sat around waiting for a text from Wickes to say my light was ready to collect.

Eventually it was time to go to pick up Bella and just as we were about to leave I received the text. So we headed to nursery, picked up Bella and then headed to Wickes. I quickly ran in and collected our light and then headed back home to Liam with a light.

While Liam was hiding in the kitchen playing with a light and I carried on wrapping presents. Daly had to leave while Liam was wiring the light in and we had to turn the power off so we didn’t get electrocuted. It was getting dark so I had to go and hunt out some torches for us and Bella was playing on my phone as there isn’t much you can do in the pitch black.

Liam and I managed to fit the light thank god. However the fuse for the downstairs lights had blown so Liam switched the fuses over from the upstairs to the downstairs lights so at least I would have lights to cook by and in the living room. We hunted around for replacement fuse but after a quick Google we realised we needed some fuse wire as the fuses are ancient in this house. We then hunted for replacement fuse wire. Turns out we didn’t have any of that either. So I’m taking a trip into town tomorrow to pick some up.

Once we had stopped playing with lights and I’d found Christmas lights and plug in lights for the bedrooms upstairs it was time to cook dinner. I had planned on doing lasagna but didn’t have enough time so instead I cooked our favourite sausage pasta. It’s basically sausages, onions, chopped tomatoes and chilli powder with pasta.

While I was cooking I also decided to get a bit of meal prepping for Daly’s dinners out the way so also made a sausage casserole and mash that I can store for him. It seemed to go pretty well. I’m getting good as this meal prepping.

Bella went to bed nice and easily with her pretty fairy lights. It was a bit of a novelty for her. Especially as the lights in her room are multicoloured. The rest of the lights we have in the house are all one colour.

I hope everyone is having a good count down to Christmas and is staying safe.

Love CiCi x

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