Halloween at Kent Life – 28th October 2020

So excited. We discovered Halloween at Kent Life last year. Kent Life is a great farm/attraction near Maidstone in Kent and we love it. I want membership because Bella loves going so much. Anyways last year we came down to Kent Life on a whim during the school holiday and they go full out for Halloween. We were a little unprepared though. This year, however we were ready for it. Bella had chosen her halloween costume – wanting to be a pumpkin this year. I also booked the tickets as soon as I saw them go on sale. I knew it was probably going to be popular as it was packed this year and with all the Covid rules in place I knew they would be restricting numbers on site. And boy am I glad I did. A week before the day we were going I discovered that almost every day during half term was fully booked. It was a good thing I booked our tickets in September. Also a good thing the second lockdown hadn’t been announced yet.

The morning started pretty well although I felt completely unorganised. Rachel turned up just after 10 so she helped me get organised. I packed up some spare clothes for Bella, some snacks and made sure I had the tickets. Rachel had to keep reassuring me that I had everything I needed. Bella was dressed in her pumpkin costume. The main reason we had bought her a Halloween costume this year. We packed up the car with the pram and coats as I figured it was going to be cold.

It had taken 3 attempts to print off the tickets last night. Everytime I’d printed one off and walked away from the printer Bella would grab them and drew all over it. Eventually I managed to print off the tickets without Bella drawing on it. I had also printed off a map for all the trick or treating venues around the farm and the list of events for the day.

We headed off to the farm and my anxiety was still really high and I still felt unprepared but we had to go with it. There was nothing I could do about it now.

We were hoping it wasn’t as busy as last year. I mean I figured there would be less people due to Covid and the limited tickets so we were hoping we wouldn’t end up parked in a field. It wasn’t too busy, but there were still enough people which meant we weren’t in the top car park. Instead we parked under the trees by the river. Something I’d never noticed before and we’ve been there a few times.

We got out, loaded up the pram and headed up to the entrance. We made sure we had our masks as they were required in the enclosed areas of the farm. As we walked up Rachel decided to make friends with all the donkeys. Bella was a bit weary about going over to the fence but she eventually joined her.

After being checked in at the gate we decided to hit cuddle corner first. We were on the hunt for ghosts with letters on them. We had to find 10 out of 11 last year which was a mission. When we had come in the summer we had to find sheep and failed big time so this time we were determined to find them all. There weren’t any in cuddle corner and the farm yard but we tried lol.

In cuddle corner we saw chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits and a tortoise. Bella wasn’t too interested in the tortoise but she liked the rabbit and pointed out the guinea pigs to Rachel as she has some at home.

Then we headed into the farmyard. As soon as we stepped outside Bella wanted to feed the goats. We had bought two packets of animal feed at the gate so we were prepared. However the goats had been over fed so there were signs everywhere telling us we weren’t allowed to feed them. Bella was upset but she enjoyed looking at all the animals.

After saw the goats. Bella and Rachel headed down to the pig stys to she the pig – who was asleep like normal.

We then headed over to the otherside of the farmyard. There were the ponies and the sheep. Rachel picked Bella up to see the sheep. Bella also wanted to feed the ponies but your not able to feed them. Bella was upset but she stroked them instead with Rachel.

After washing our hands we left the farm yard, retrieved the pram and started off up the hill to find the owls and meerkats. Before we headed to the owls we went and looked at the little huts the hop pickers used to live in. Rachel pulled out the stilts they used to use as it tradition to give them a go. I’ve got photos of mum having a go with them the first time we ever came to Kent Life. We also found a range of halloween decorations decorating these huts, it was really great to see.

We walked up through the owls and birds of prey and at the end we found the meerkats. It was so funny they had been given some plastic body parts for them to play with and join in the halloween theme. Bella really liked the meerkats. They were always one of mum’s favourite animals to look at.

Once we’d seen the meerkats, we walked up the hill to see if we could find any ghosts with letters on and also so Bella could actually feed some goats. As we came to the top of the hill we found a ghost next to the blacksmiths. We also found the group of inflatable pumpkins. We had taken a photo with the pumpkins last year so we had to get one this year with our very own pumpkin.

We carried on round to the goats and this time Bella needed no encouragement to feed them. I still hate feeding them but Bella and Rachel had fun. Bella liked the little brown/orange goats.

We were getting a bit hungry but the queue for the little cafe was so long and obviously as places are limited on eating inside or even not opening up at all and there weren’t any table available. Instead we headed back to the main part of the grounds to carry on looking for the ghosts in the hope that would kill some time before we could actually go and have some lunch.

We were really struggling with finding the ghosts, I mean we tried everywhere. We even tried around the hen coops. We even came across areas we’d never explored before. We found turkeys – which Bella really liked and a cute little well that was hidden. It would be perfect for a cute autumn photoshoot.

We still weren’t able to find many ghosts but we thought we’d have a look in their creepy critter corner. It was upstairs in one of the farm buildings. I was a little confused where I was going, Rachel had to point out the arrows to me on the floor. We made our way through to the animals and saw lots of different creatures, including frogs, snakes, rats, spiders and even a skunk.

We headed back outside and thought we should see if we could get some lunch. We queued up outside the tearoom waiting for our turn to go in and order. Bella was playing with the leaves on the floor while we were waiting. Eventually we moved down the line and it was our turn to enter to order. We bought Bella a little kids lunch box as I wasn’t quite sure what else I could get her. Rachel ordered her lunch and I decided on a baked potato with cheese and beans to warm me up. We got our food and went and sat outside on a bench. The weather was a bit cold and gloomy but it wasn’t wet – yet.

While we were eating I was looking at the horizon in the distance and could see miserable grey clouds coming our way with the misty look that make it obvious that it’s raining. It had been raining on and off all day but I was hoping we’d be able to eat our lunch in peace. It turns out not quite.

Although we were sat under a tree that didn’t provide the greatest amount of shelter. Bella luckily had her pram so dived in there with the hood up to continue her lunch while Rachel decided to use the rain cover as a hat. I knew I had forgotten something. I should have brought an umbrella.

We finished our lunch and it looked like the weather was easing so we headed up the hill towards where the majority tricking or treating was taking place. We still had a bit of animal food with us and we were about 30 minutes early to trick or treat so Rachel and Bella fed the goats to use up the rest of the food. Just as they finished the heavens opened and it was a downpour. Luckily we were up near the little church and thankfully it was open so we ducked inside. Seems a few families had the same idea as us but we all stuck to ourselves in our little family groups.

Soon 2 o’clock hit and it was time to trick or treat. We went and lined up for the first house. The queues were pretty long but everyone social distanced. Rachel was going up with Bella to the doors while I took photos. Bella was a little weary of knocking on the doors but with Rachel’s help she managed it.

We visited the three houses at the top of the hill and received her treats then we headed back down the hill to the last house.

At the last house, the member of staff hiding inside was (we think) the same member of staff who was in the farm area last year for the trick or treating. He is brilliant. He is so scary, properly plays the part trying to scare the kids but he seems to always have an eye on whoever is next in the queue for his door to see how there going to react and changes his performance correctly. He opened the door scaring the kids in front of us but they seemed all for the act. But he had obviously seen Bella’s reaction behind them and when it was her turn to knock instead of opening the door shouting whose knocking, what do you want? He opened the door gently, crouched down to her level and talked nicely to her, making her feeling comfortable. Last year he lifted his mask up to show her he wasn’t a scary skeleton but obviously this year he couldn’t. He alone is the reason to trick or treat at Kent Life. Completely worth it.

After the trick or treating it was time to head home. Well we actually popped to do a little bit of shopping before heading home. We had a great day and it was lovely to do something a bit normal after all the lockdown and restrictions.

I’m sorry this is going up nearly a month late but here it is.

Love CiCi x

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