Bella’s First Full Day at Nursery – 7th September 2020

Today is the day Bella returns to nursery. And not only is she returning after a six month break but it’s also her first full day at nursery. She was suppose to start full days back in April but sadly Covid put an end to that. It’s a bit of a jump going from half days twice a week to no sessions at all to now two full days a week but we’ll see how she goes.

We had bought her lunch box in the middle of the summer. I had wanted to get one for when we went to visit other people so she could have her lunch with her and no having to put it in my handbag. Rachel and I had chosen a Frozen 2 lunch box for her one evening while we were out doing a food shop together. She loves Frozen so I knew she’d be happy with it.

Bella and I woke up at 7.30 am and headed downstairs. Daly had crashed out on the sofa where he had been playing PlayStation so at least he was going to be pretty easy to wake up. I made Bella her breakfast – she had chosen chocolate cereal and I popped the TV on for her. While she was happily eating I was in the kitchen preparing her lunch. I swear that is the most stressful thing about Bella being at nursery. Trying to workout what to put in her lunch box. I had given Bella the choice of sandwiches and she had decided she wanted cucumber sandwiches for lunch. As well as her sandwiches I popped a yoghurt in her lunchbox and some raisins. I used popped in a packet of crisps. This was actually quite a lot for Bella’s lunch but I’d rather she has too much than two little. I also gave her some vimto in her water bottle – that I had had a mission trying to get hold of on Saturday. She nearly always has water or milk but I thought as a treat she could have some juice with her lunch.

Once her lunch was complete it was time to get her dressed followed by me. Luckily I had already prepared her outfit the night before to try and save some time. We woke Daly up and then I prepared the chalk board for Bella’s first day photos.

Bella and I headed outside into the front garden to take the photos while Daly got dressed. I took a few photos of her in front of the house and then set the board up with her lunch box in front of one of the car wheels.

We got in the car and headed off to nursery. Daly had come with us to drop Bella off on her first day. She was happy and excited to go back. Daly packed up near the nursery and Bella and I walked up to nursery. We’re only allowed one adult per child at drop off and pick up which is fair enough. Bella and I found the entrance and we lined up making sure we stood on the little foot prints making sure were socially distancing.

Soon it was our turn. Bella had to have her temperature taking at the gate by a member of staff to make sure she was well enough to go in and I had to say goodbye to her there. She seemed very happy to go in and headed off into the building. As I started to walk away she needed a little bit of encouragement to carry on into the building but then she was gone.

I did feel a little sad as I walked back round to the car but I didn’t cry. Thankfully working in nurseries in the past I know if there was any problems or she was really struggling to settle they’d call me. Daly and I headed back home and I started on the housework.

I did all the washing and putting away in the kitchen, cleaned down all the sides, swept the floor and put a load of laundry on. Once I’d finished in the kitchen I headed into the living room to find Daly dozing on the sofa. He needed to book my car in for it’s MOT and I didn’t want to seem like I was nagging but it needed doing before Wednesday.

While Daly was on the phone booking the MOT I was giving Bella’s playroom a tidy. It had become a bit of a mess again where Bella had tipped all of her fancy dress clothes out. I managed to put her playroom back to rights and Daly cracked on with his other job of the day – deweeding the garden. I’m not 100% satisfied with the playroom, there is still a lot of clothes shoved in the corridor section that I need to sort out but I’ve done the part I set out to do.

Once I’d finished all my jobs I headed upstairs to snuggle down in bed for a nap and to also catch up on Teen Wolf. I’ve really gotten into it. Liam and I were watching together but he’s about 10 episodes ahead of me. I managed to catch up on another 2 episodes before I switched to something else that I didn’t mind if I feel asleep while watching.

I lazied in bed for a couple of hours and then got up to head downstairs and grab some lunch before I had to go and pick Bella up. Daly was asleep on the sofa and Liam had gotten up and deflead the carpet. Bless, even though Misty has been deflead she seems to be covered in fleas and flea eggs so we’re trying to get rid of them all.

I chilled on the sofa for a bit and waited for it to become time to get Bella. Daly woke up and we prepared our selves to go. Once we’d picked Bella up we were heading over to the next town over so I could pick up our new duvet that I had ordered as one of ours on our bed had shrunk.

It was time to pick Bella up so we headed off. We’re only allowed one of us at the gate to collect Bella so while I went to the gate to collect her, Daly sat in the car and waited for us. It was a bit of a long wait for Bella to come out but I don’t mind. Obviously there are a lot of safety steps in place to keep all the children, staff and parents safe.

When Bella did come out she was very happy. Apparently she had had a wonderful and been enjoying herself in the garden – of course. Her key worker told me she had got a little upset mid morning and been asking for me but she was quickly distracted by some painting. That girl loves to paint. But apparently the best thing of Bella’s day was that she had crisps in her lunch box. She came out and said to me there was a surprise in her lunch box, there were crisps. Obviously I knew this but it was sweet to see how happy in made her.

We walked round to the car and jumped in. She was a bit hungry so I said we’d see what she had left over in her lunch box to eat. It turns out she hadn’t finished her sandwiches or eaten her raisins but to be honest I wasn’t sure if she was going to eat the raisins. But they seem to go down well as an after nursery snack. We headed off to go get our new duvet and while we were driving I was chatting with Bella about how her day went. I was very happy to hear she had made a friend and they had sat together at lunchtime. Bella was a bit quiet at nursery and seemed to only every now and then mention over children and her key worker inform me of a friend she’d made. Considering how worried we were about her last year I’m glad she’s grown in confidence.

We made it to Sainsbury’s and while I headed off to pick up our duvet Daly and Bella wandered round the shop picking up a bit of shopping. Soon we were done and we headed home. On the way home Bella crashed out. I was honestly surprised she had waited until we were half way home to sleep.

When we got home she woke up and we headed inside. Bella wanted us to play picnics, so I went and found a spare plate and cup for Bella to add to her picnic set so Daly could join us. It was nice for us to all sit down on the carpet on a picnic blanket and having a family picnic. Bella would share out the food and found it so funny that Daly was able to make the food he was pretending to eat disappear.

It felt really weird that evening not cooking dinner. All I had to do was cook some spaghetti to go with the bolognese that had been cooking in the slow cooker all day. It was nice to just had a chilled evening and not have to worry about making sure dinner was cooked in time.

After dinner we went on a big family trip out to the shops. Liam wanted to check his bank account. I wanted something nice to eat and Daly had wanted some bits as well and obviously we couldn’t leave Bella at home alone. So family outing to Morrisons. It was nearly bedtime so I just popped Bella into her unicorn onesie and wellies. I’m not a huge fan of people that take their kids to the supermarket before bed in their pyjamas but to be honest even I have gone shopping in a onesie so that doesn’t bother me too badly.

At Morrisons Liam headed off to the cash point before heading back to the car while we went into the shop. As Bella had had such a good first day at nursery we bought her a few treats. I wanted some doughnuts but I only like the ones they have in Sainsburys. Happily though Liam managed to persuade Daly to take me to Sainsburys to let me get some doughnuts. It wasn’t the best thing though. On our way in the car I was reading funny memes and by the time we got to Sainsburys I could barely talk I was laughing so much. I was still laughing the whole way round the store but I managed to get my doughnuts so successful trip.

I think I can safely say Bella had a great first day at nursery. I hope everyone else who had little ones starting school, nursery or returning had a great start to the year. Looking forward to the rest of the year.

Stay safe.

Night all and see you in the next blog.

Love CiCi x

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