Lockdown Eases 2020 – 13th June to 19th June 2020

Lockdown begun to ease in the UK on the 15th June.

Saturday 13th June

This morning started with powerhoop and True for Bella. She is a funny little one. She definitely copies me. She must be used to watching me hoop in front of the TV and wanted to give it a go. Of course that was how our morning was. I mean do you expect anything else from our mornings.

I’m still going strong with my healthy eating and had a salad for lunch. It seems to be my favourite thing to have for lunch. Today I added some salad potatoes and boiled eggs so it took a bit longer to prepare than normal. I need to learn the right amount of potatoes though as I seem to add far too many and it just ends up tasting of salad potaotes.

After lunch Liam watched Bella for me so I could go out for my walk. It was beautiful and sunny when I left the house but just as I left the housing estate to head back home it came over all dark and gloomy.

I actually made it home just as the heavens opened. Thank god I got home then rather than being half way across town.

When I got home Daly was getting ready to go to work and saying his goodbyes to Bella. She didn’t want him to go to work. She’s been struggling with Daly heading off to work with this whole lockdown thing. She is so used to me and Liam rarely leaving the house that she finds it really weird when Daly is heading off.

Sunday 14th June

Bella and I fell out a little bit this morning. I mean our morning started like normal but she found Daly’s belt and was using it as a belt on herself. That was fine. She wasn’t hurting anyone but then she decided to swing the belt around with the metal end being the end flying around the place. Obviously this is dangerous. I’d rather she didn’t send the belt through the TV or hurt herself with it. Turns out those two things I didn’t have to worry about, instead while I was telling her to stop swinging it around before she hurt or broke something she smacked me with the buckle and it hurt! She was not in my good books.

After we’d dealt with that little incident we headed upstairs to get dressed for the day. I picked out a pretty summer dress for Bella to wear. When I bought it I actually bought it for the denim jacket that came with it rather than the dress itself. As it wasn’t too warm today I thought Bella could wear it as a set. It was very cute as a set.

It was lovely and warm outside. I headed out to set my mini office up on the table in the garden. I had my laptop for my blogging and my iPad as well so I could also catch up on my blogs. I’ve noticed I do pretty much the same thing all the time. Man my life seems so boring when I just do this all the the time. I spent my afternoon in the garden trying to catch up with everything.

While I was outside Liam came and joined me and pointed out that there was a crack going straight across the patio. I had seen it a few days ago but not thought much of that. Liam however loves to wind me up and told me that because it was a straight line it was the beginning of a sink hole. I’m sure it’s not but we’ll see if the house or garden suddenly disappear into the ground.

It was soon time for me to head into the kitchen so I could get started on our roast dinner. But that also meant catching up on all the washing up. It seems to build up and then I have a huge blitz of the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon. I’m one of those people who doesn’t like leaving the kitchen while I’m cooking and there’s not much to do between putting the meat and roast potatoes in the oven and dishing up so that’s when I clean.

I did all the washing up an cleaned down the sides ready to make them a mess when I serve dinner up. I now have a lovely clean kitchen all ready to make a mess of again lol.

My day ended with my daily dose of powerhoop

Monday 15th June

May morning started early today. I had to head down to the hospital for my B12 jab. I was actually up and out before Bella woke up. Liam was going to watch Bella if she woke up for me. I wasn’t looking forward to the doctors. I hate getting my B12 jab. It hurts so bad. Also it was the first time I’d been to the doctors since lockdown really.

When I got to the doctors they did the usual of asking if I’d had any Covid symptoms or anyone I lived with did and then they asked me to wear a mask. Fair enough. The weighting room had been completely overhauled and there were only 9 chairs all spread out. I was called into to have my jab and then it was time to walk home.

I didn’t end up doing much else today. Even though the B12 jab is suppose to help you feel more awake and all that jazz I find I’m absolutely exhausted for about two days after the jab and just sleep. And that’s exactly what I did when I got home. Liam watched Bella for me and I went upstairs and slept. Thank god for Liam.

That evening I was feeling a little more alive so decided I’d start my new workout routine. I’ve heard everyone raving about Chloe Ting and her workouts so I thought I’d give them ago. But to ease myself in I did my hooping first before dinner. As a bit of a warm up. I’m determined to finish the six week program and see how many inches I can lose off me.

Just before dinner I started craving Coco Pops. I posted on Facebook that I wanted some and much to my surprise Rachel turned up on my door step after dinner with a box of Coco Pops for me. Man I do love my sister sometimes. I mean at times she does my head in but she does look after me in my old age.

After a quick chat with Rachel I took my chances with Chloe Ting. It turns out it wasn’t too bad. I managed to complete the work out without dying. I thought I might but I actually enjoyed it. I made sure I stretched out afterwards and had an ice cold bath so I didn’t feel tight in the morning. Hopefully I can keep up with the full two week programme and see some changes.

Tuesday 16th June

I had a few jobs to do this morning so when I got up I set about doing them. The biggest job on my list of things to do was to cancel our holiday. I was not feeling comfortable taking Bella over to France with everything going on and I didn’t feel the Disney experience we were going to get was the Disney experience we wanted. Hopefully in time we will be able to head over there and Bella can enjoy Disney the way it is suppose to be enjoyed.

After the anxious phone call and making sure everything was cancelled I cracked into my ice cream. Sometimes you just need to have some chocolate ice cream to make you feel better. While I was eating my feelings Bella was writing out shopping list. Thankfully I’ve gotten into the habit of writing the list taking a photo of it to send to Rachel and then just letting Bella have the white board so she can write her own list.

I had ordered a new scales for the bathroom as I had ordered some new batteries for the one we had but it seems it has completely died and no new batteries were going to bring them back. I had managed to find a fancy bluetooth one on Amazon for not too bad a price and it had arrived this morning. I had great fun playing around with it and setting it all up.

Bella had great fun playing with the sofa cushions making a little house again and pretending to be a superhero. She has got quite a good imagination. I’m so proud of her and how creative she can be.

That afternoon when it came time for Daly to go to work Bella didn’t want him to go. Or she at least wanted to go to work with him. But sadly she can’t. She had to stay home with me. She may not have wanted to but she accepted her fate and happily played with her drum kit. She set it all up in the living room and was bashing away.

I had been chatting to Leanne via messenger and we’d been discussing eyeshadows. I want to know how to do a smokey eye but because I don’t wear make up that often I don’t have any eye shadow pallets. So I spent a lot of my afternoon on Feelunique trying to find an eye shadow pallet. I looked at lots of different ones and in the end I settled on the Jaclyn Hill one from Morphe. I’m not a huge fan of her but I know the pallet has had lots of good reviews so I thought I’d give it a try.

That evening I did a little bit of shopping online for some sports clothes. I used to have lots when I cheered but I haven’t cheered in 5 years so I’d got rid of most of my workout clothes. I had a look on Sports Direct’s website to see what I could find. I definitely needed some new trainers. I had to Google running trainers for flat feet though as normal trainers kill my feet. I had found a pair I liked in Sports Direct and then set about finding some shorts and sports bras. I found a few bits I liked and ordered them.

I had had to wash my workout clothes from yesterday to wear for today but I had to wait for them to dry before I could workout, hence why I was shopping for some more bits.

I’ve discovered my hair is far too long for when I’m working out. It makes me so hot and putting it up in a ponytail, it either falls out or I find it pulls really badly on my scalp. I have such a sensitive scalp I can’t wear my hair in many styles without pain. I have found french plaits are the best hairstyle for me. I find it doesn’t pull as much on my scalp but I have to loop the braids up into buns so I don’t have any hair on my neck. So this is my new favourite hair style.

Wednesday 17th June

This morning was miserable. It was chucking it down this morning. Only downside – I had put my washing out on the line to dry and managed to forget about it. So it ended up getting soaked in the rain. I should have probably paid attention but oh well, it’s only a little bit of water. Not going to hurt the clothes.

As it was wet and miserable Bella couldn’t go out in the garden. That didn’t seem to both her. We cuddled up on the floor and Bella read me one of her books. She has a mini set of Gruffalo books which she decided to read to me.

Bella wanted to carry on with the book so we then moved onto the sofa for snuggles. While we were reading I received a package I had been waiting for. Bella was very excited to see what I had received. Once I’d opened my package she wanted a mini selfie shoot.

I was doing my workout in the middle of the day today. I had a Zoom call with the family this evening once Bella had gone to bed so wouldn’t have time to work out then. I seemed to find it a little easier to work out in the middle of the day but that could be because I’m more awake and haven’t eaten as much lol.

That evening I had a nice Zoom call with my aunties and uncles. It was nice to chat and catch up. I haven’t really spoken to anyone during this lockdown period. It was good to see that everyone was ok.

Thursday 18th June

Bella and I started our morning having some ice poles. She had wanted one and she has very much got into the habit of sharing so because Bella wanted an ice pole mummy got an ice pole. We chilled out on the sofa watching TV. While we were chilling out and waiting for Daly to get up I received a phone call from Joe and Jess needing some help. So I set off to help them out. It was a bit weird as it was the first time I’d driven in four months but because I hadn’t had time to think about it I didn’t have time to freak out about it.

I help Joe and Jess with their problem that morning and then headed back home to go shopping with Daly. Now that I was freaking out about. I haven’t gone inside a shop in months. It was such a huge thing for me to go back out into the real world.

Shopping was not fun. I had a panic attack the whole way round the shop and was hanging on to the shopping trolley for dear life. I felt so dizzy and spaced, I honestly thought I was going to pass out. Now Rachel understands that at the moment I literally need someone to hold my hand while I do things like this, especially for the first time. Daly however will continue like normal and kept walking off from me. I spent our whole shopping trip screaming after him that if I passed out and collapsed on the floor it was his fault for walking away from me. It was nice to be able to do my own shopping though. I’m a bit funny about my food and like specific brands and things like ‘light’ versions and fat free that most other people wouldn’t think about.

After getting all our normal food from Morrisons we headed round to Food Warehouse to get all our frozen bits. This wasn’t as bad as Morrisons as there was far less people.

When we got home I took Bella for a little walk over to the farm shop to get some fruit and fresh bits. At least there I feel confident. And Bella does enjoy these walks and having races along the pavement. The farm sadly didn’t have what I wanted but I picked up some cherries for Bella to try – I don’t like them. She also managed to persuade me to buy her a little bag of sweets. I really am a softy sometimes.

We walked back home with our goodies. When we got back Bella wanted to help Daly wash the car so I popped her in her swimsuit and sent her out to help with a sponge. In my opinion she did a pretty good job of helping Daly.

That evening Daly had some jobs to do so heading off out and I realised that tonight would be the only chance Bella would have to make her fathers day cards. We restarted Bella going to her grandparents on a Friday to give her some form of normality and me a break. She hasn’t seen them for over 3 months.

Bella wanted to paint some hearts to go on her cards so I cut out two paper hearts and then she told me which colours she wanted to paint on to them. Her first heart, for Grandad, she just wanted to paint all pink but her heart for Daly she used all the colours she had.

I’ve noticed recently Bella is pretty good at drawing over dots to make patterns. To add a little decoration to her card I drew some swirls with dots for her to trace over.

She did so well with that I thought lets go full out. I wrote Daddy and Grandad in dots on the bottom of the cards and wanted to see if she could trace over them. And she did so well. Now I know Bella is too young to focus on writing yet but she wanted to do it and she did a great job.

The only problem I had afterwards was hiding the hearts from Daly so they could dry. Bella likes to use a lot of paint. Once the outside of the card was all complete I did Bella a sheet to put inside the card where Bella could write her name and add kisses. Although according to Bella they aren’t kisses they were gingerbread men. I’m not sure where that has come from but I wasn’t going to argue.

Friday 19th June

Our morning started getting Bella ready to go to her Grandparents. She was so excited and to be honest so was I. I love my daughter but we are so alike sometimes we need a little time away from each other. It’s true when they say having a daughter is just constantly arguing with a miniature version of yourself. She was spending the night and then we were going to pick her up tomorrow from a family BBQ we were having for Grant’s birthday.

We went as a family to drop her off and I was a bit worried how Bella was going to be. Being just the four of us for the last 3 months seems to have heightened the attachment anxiety she already had. Everyday she tells me how she misses daddy while he’s at work and if I go out for a walk, even if she’s been told I’m going she seems to have a melt down. Hopefully she’d be ok though.

We dropped her and then Daly and I set off to go look at a car. Daly had seen a Mazda 6 he wanted to look at so that’s where we were going. I wasn’t too fussed. I mean I have my car so I’m good. Although I never drive it at the moment. It seems Daly always has my car and I have to schedule with him when I can actually use it. It’s rather annoying.

We looked at this Mazda 6 and then headed to McDonalds to get some lunch. That killed my diet slightly though. I had a nugget meal and an extra double cheese burger. Bang went my daily calorie intake. I take the view though if I eat too many calories it just means I need to make sure I work them off. I felt bad for Liam though. He’d been dying for a McDonalds but we’d have it while we were out without him. We’ll have to make it up to him.

When we got home it was a nice chilled afternoon. I was feeling tired so went upstairs and snuggled down in bed to watch some YouTube. It’s moments like that I enjoy. I don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on anyone or feeding anyone I can just relax.

Stay Safe

Night all and let’s see what adventures next week holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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