Lockdown 2020 – 6th June to 12th June 2020

Saturday 6th June

We had a nice chilled out Saturday. Bella found her iPad and spent most of the day playing her various games and watching TV shows on the Nick Jr app. I don’t mind that too much as at least the grown ups are still aloud to watch our TV shows.

Liam had been doing a bit of cooking and had made us all some cheese and bacon puffs. He had made Bella her own puff without bacon. She seems to not be a huge fan of it but she does love her cheese.

I spent most of the day trying to make Bella a summer top. I had this cute ladybird fabric but not much of it so I decided to use it as a ruffle on the summer top I had made it. I swear ruffles look cute but are an absolute nightmare to sew.

To keep me entertained while I was sewing I found my own iPad and set up some Youtube videos for me to watch. I quite like watching and catching up on my various subscriptions while I do other things. It’s one way to multitask.

I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to finish the top for Bella but annoyingly her little growth spurt has meant she has quiet a long torso and the top has turned out a little too short for her so I’ve been trying to come up with a way to lengthen it. I’ve decided I’m going to add a strip of the ladybird fabric and then an extra panel of white to add the length I need.

That evening I did my powerhoop workout. I’m glad I’m able to workout again after two weeks of feeling sick and my stomach hurting. I feel like I’m able to continue with my progress.

Sunday 7th June

Our morning started with snuggles on the sofa watching Netflix. One day I’ll be able to function in the morning but on a Sunday let’s not push things.

I eventually got Bella dressed and she hunted out my weighted hoop. She especially enjoys playing with it now it’s more her size. She was spinning around the living room pretending to spin the hoop around her.

As well as spinning around the hoop she also tried out a few of the other exercises she had seen me do with the hoop, including bicep curls and squats. It’s true that children really learn behaviour from watching and copying.

Bella really wanted to do some drawing so I found her some drawing sheets. I had printed some off drawing sheets on the safari theme. They were for Bella to draw her own safari animals. Bella settled down on her table and began drawing.

She really enjoyed doing this and actually kept asking for more colouring sheets. It was easy enough to print off more sheets though. They are all saved on my laptop and I’ve managed to set up the printer on my phone as well so I can’t print things off from anywhere in the house with the ease of pressing a button on my phone.

Bella designed quite a few safari animals, well she drew her own versions. She drew a cheater, a zebra, a snake and a giraffe. She’s getting so much better at her drawing and she’s gotten to the point where you can actually tell what she has drawn.

After some drawing she found a few bath finger puppets that I had washed and wanted to put on a puppet show for us. She found her little wooden chair and set it up in front of Daly and I and made up a puppet show using her paw patrol finger puppets, and a few Bambi ones. She used the bars in the back of the chair as the stage.

We ended our day with Bella dressing up as Aurora. I had headed upstairs to do some bits and I have ended up taking this time to have a break a lay down on the bed but trying hard not to fall asleep.

Bella had come upstairs to found me and took to running up and down my bed and jumping up and down on it. Pretty cute when it’s a mini Sleeping Beauty is doing the bouncing.

Over the top of my dressing table mirror is all our Disney ears that I had bought for when we go to Disney – which has sadly been cancelled by us due to Covid. I know Disney is reopening soon but I don’t know how the experience is going to be for us and I know things are going to be different but I want Bella to have a proper Disney experience. Anyways I have about 5 or 6 sets of ears, or should I say we as two sets of the ears are Bella’s. Bella saw my Sleeping Beauty ears and wanted to wear them with her dress.

She looked very cute.

Monday 8th June

Back to ballet this morning. Daly is off so he got to experience Bella’s lesson this morning. As I think I mentioned she has themed lessons on a Monday so no ballet leotard today but she needed her ballet shoes. They are starting to get a little too small for her so we’re going to have to invest in some new ones for her but I guess there’s no point yet until she’s back in class. Knowing my luck she’ll go up another shoe size by then.

Bella tried really hard with her class this morning. I think she really loved the fact that daddy was watching her. I love days like this when ballet comes easily and I don’t feel I’m having to force her or constantly encourage her.

After ballet Bella wanted to play with playdough. I went and sat up at the dinning room table with her. She doesn’t really need any supervision as she very sensible with it but I know once she get’s bored with it she’ll just run off and leave the playdough across the table.

I wasn’t too happy with Bella. I had discovered that she had been drawing in her books. I thought she was more responsible than that and that I could trust her. Because of this discovery it meant that I turned the TV off. This didn’t go down well with her. We had a screaming tantrum but she needs to learn that she can’t draw in her books and damage things without consequences.

Thankfully with both the boys at home I was able to go for an afternoon walk. I’m trying to up my step count to help me get fitter so I find fitting in an afternoon walk helps get my steps up. Especially if I also have an evening walk.

We have some really nice spots to walk near us where is feels you’re in the country. I mean you’re not, you’re walking round the edge of a housing estate but it doesn’t feel like it as there is nature on one side and houses on the other.

These little walks are helping me stay sane at the moment.

That evening I had my first home made frostino. They are my favourite summer drinks from Costa. Mum and I used to get them all the time. My favourite one is the strawberry and cream one. I have a friend who told me what ingredients I needed to make one and then I’d found a video on Youtube to tell me exactly how to make one. It’s so nice to have a little bit of my normal summer life at home. Of course an actual Frostino from Costa would be nice but this will do for the time being.

Tuesday 9th June

We tried ballet via Zoom this morning. That was a bit of an experience. I had to keep reminding Bella that her ballet teacher could see her. She tired to join in but she found it a little tricky to remember the camera was on the laptop and not on the TV.

After ballet my morning was spent doing my nails. I decided to go with a summer colourful theme this time around. I had bought a couple of different summery pastel colours off of Ebay to give a go. It took a while to paint my nails as I had to paint each nail at least twice for a good colour coverage and wait for them to dry. As they were only normal nail varnish not gel that took awhile.

Once I’d finished painting my nails Bella wanted to use my nail varnish pots as little people and play with them. She set them up in her little Toot Toot carriage and took them for a ride around the living room.

I was feeling a bit down today. I didn’t really know what to do with myself and my anxiety was pretty high. I couldn’t work out what to do to make myself feel better so I curled up on the sofa. I had cooked myself a chocolate cake and had downloaded a game mum and I used to play. It was a way for me to chill out and try to bring my anxiety down and my mood up.

It’s amazing how quickly you get back into playing a game even if you haven’t played it in years. It was one of the first ever games we ever had when we got our home pcs all those years ago. Back in the days when home PCs were just becoming a thing. It’s a game called Crusader. There are two games No Regret and No Remorse but I can’t remember which one comes first. To show how old these games are they need DOS mode to work which aren’t on PCs and Laptops anymore so I had to find a digital download of the games. Thankfully I managed to find them on a site called GOG.com. Handy if you’re looking for any old PC games.

Where I wasn’t feeling so great and because I was feeling low I decided to go for a walk. I was hoping the fresh air would help. I went on my usual little walk.

While I was on my walk I came across lots of wild flowers. I think on the new housing estate are trying to add all these areas of wildflowers and encouraging bees and butterflies. It’s really pretty to see as I’m out walking.

It didn’t work though. In fact I felt even worse when I got home. My head was killing me. When I got back home I snuggled up on the sofa with Daly to try and rest and hopefully make my head feel better.

Wednesday 10th June

My head is still killing me. I hate it when I’m like this. Especially where I’ve been told I can only take one of my migraine pills at a time. So we had the usual slow morning. Bella was happily watching True on Netflix on the TV while I curled up on the sofa dozing, hoping this migraine would do one soon.

Once I’d finally rested enough to function Bella wanted to do some painting. I set up the table so she could do her painting. I found out all her paints and her apron and we sat up to the table. Apparently Bella wanted to paint some dragons. To help Bella out I showed her one of mums old dragons.

She did a really good job. I mean we had the usual of Bella just covering a page with colour but she also did manage to paint some dragons with scales and a face and a tail. It was nice to see how focused she was.

After she’d finished painting, Bella helped me tidy up the table and take the paint pots and paint brushes out into the kitchen so I can wash them all up.

Bella wanted to carry on with this homeschooling and learning it seemed. She asked for some more activities to do. I thought I would give her a little challenge with some adding. I know she’s no where near being able to add yet. But she is good at counting and I want her to practice identifying the numbers.

I had printed off some number sentences to be used with a spotless ladybird. The idea was that using the two numbers in the number sentence you put that many spots on each side of the ladybird e.g. 4 + 2 you place four spots on one side and two spots on the other side. So I talked Bella through that bit as she struggles with identifying the numbers at the moment. Then I got her to count all the spots on the ladybird.

She did pretty well with this activity but did need a little help with counting up from about 5. I’m very impressed with how well her counting skills are coming along

Once we’d finished some maths Bella wanted to continue with some more focused learning. In the bug themed activities Bella saw the movement cards. She likes these cards. I put them into a pile and pull one out one at a time when she tells me next card.

We finished all the focused activities Bella wanted to put on her Belle dress. She looked so pretty. It’s a big puffy dress and she loves spinning around in it.

Daly and Bella had some daddy daughter time and it meant I was able to try and get some blogs done while I watched some films. I really wanted to rewatch all the Bring it on films and I thought while Daly was off it was the perfect chance. I set up my TV on the table next to Liam – Daly had had my TV set up there anyways to play PlayStation with Liam.

Was nice to have some me time and watch one of the films from my teens.

Thursday 11th June

Bella had found my Hello Kitty playing cards in her room this morning and decided they were coming downstairs with us. She laid them out in a circle like she always does with her cards. I’m not sure why she does it but it seems to be her way of playing cards. I will teach her to play snap at some point but not this morning.

She spotted Dalys box of millionaire shortbread bites, I didn’t have the energy to stop her so instead I just watched her munch away on her dad’s food. I wonder which one of us he’ll blame for eating them all later.

I heard the postman drop something through the door and went to find out what it was. It turned out it wasn’t any post for me, instead it was a package for Bella. I knew this package was coming so it was very exciting. I called Bella over to see what I had for her. I wanted to get some photos of her opening it.

When she opened the package she found a bubble wrapped package inside and was a little confused. However once she finally got inside the bubble wrap she was very excited.

It was her crown and sash from a pageant I had entered Bella in. She had placed second and so received a second place sash and a princess crown.

She proudly showed me what she had recieved in her package before asking to put them on. She was still in her pyjamas but she didn’t care and hey it doesn’t matter! A princess can where her sash and crown whenever she wants.

The pyjamas didn’t last long though. She quickly wanted to put her Belle dress back on so she truly looked like a princess. She posed for me so I could take a few pictures. She really likes the twinkling of the letters on her sash and put that with a puffy dress she was very happy.

She was so happy in fact she didn’t want to take her sash and crown off. She had hunted out the washing basket and was using it as a carriage. She climbed inside with her dress, sash and crown and decided she was going to sit and watch TV like this.

I wanted to take some photos of Bella as this was such a special occasion. I mean it’s not everyday my daughter places in a pageant and I actually can get her to dress up in a crown and sash. I set set up my at home studio with my soft box lights and my white backdrop. Bella wasn’t interested in being a girly girl right now though. Instead she wanted her drum kit out. She stacked the drums in the centre of the backdrop, I think she was trying to be helpful.

Bella wasn’t interested in dressing up in her sash to start with. She wanted me to take some photos of her playing her drum kit. So I set it up with the backdrop and lights and took the photos she wanted me to take.

Once those were done I was able to get Bella dressed and take her sash and crown photos. She still wanted a few of those with the drum kit which I was happy to take. I’ve learnt it is easier for Bella to cooperate if I give her some control over the photos we take. I managed to take some nice photos of her with her sash and crown and send them off to the pageant director and the woman who made the sashes.

After the photo shoot and I’d packed all my photography bits away Bella entertained herself while I edited the photos. She had hunted out both hoops and was using them to balance her skittles up against so they didn’t fall down.

She was having fun bowling while I finished up the photos and sent them off to the various people.

Friday 12th June

This morning started with a mini death eater in front of the TV. It’s so freaky to see because mum used to sit in the middle of the living room floor with one of the blankets over her head and her all wrapped up. Bella was settled down watching Peppa Pig. I wasn’t feeling like trying to find her a Disney film she wanted to watch or having to keep putting on various episodes of Paw Patrol so instead Nick Jr was put on and I just let the channel do it’s thing.

Bella wanted to make a house with the sofa cushions. Liam has taught her how to make one and in the past both Liam and I have helped her make houses but today I wanted her to do it by herself. She pulled the back cushions off the sofa. The main cushions were being washed. And along with the throw cushions Bella tried to make herself a house. She seemed to come up with a very good idea of building a pyramid shape with the big cushions and then using the throw cushions to make doors with.

Bella wasn’t too happy with her achievement though. The sofa back cushions aren’t very rigid so kept collapsing when Bella tried to get inside her house. This frustrated Bella greatly and she ended up throwing a mini tantrum stuck underneath the cushions when her house had collapsed for the 10th time.

I however had my own project to do. I’ve been trying to fix Bella’s blanket. All the ribbon has started to disintegrate where it is so old, I mean it’s 25 years old. So I was going to remove the original ribbon and replace it with some new ribbon. I had bought wire edged ribbon though so once I’d removed all the old ribbon my next job was to remove the wire from the new ribbon. Man that was a long and painful job. And it was made even harder by the fact I hadn’t ordered enough ribbon.

Oh well at least I managed to remove all the old ribbon and prepare the now ribbon to go on.

Stay Safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures next week holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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