Lockdown 2020 – 30th May to 5th June 2020

Let me know how you’re finding this version of blogging. I’m quite enjoying it.

Saturday 30th May

A nice chilled out Saturday for us. We haven’t really been up to much today. It’s been one of those lazy days. Bella had been playing with a range of toys that she had found in her playroom. She seems to have found a lot of her old baby toys and has been finding them really interesting.

Daly however spent his day doing his favourite past time – washing the car. The man is obsessed with cleaning the cars.

I’m liking how we’re spending our Saturday evenings. It’s the same way I used to spend my Saturdays with mum. We have our pizza picnic style on the living room floor and sit and watch itv as a family. We seem to like playing Catchphrase together and we’ve really gotten in to Ninja Warrior. It’s insane how invested we get into random people we’ve never met or seen.

Sunday 31st May

Randomly Sunday started with Bella and Liam fighting. I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s so funny Bella will walk up to Liam with her fists up and go ‘fight’ I don’t know where she’s got it from but she loves play fighting with him. I love the bond the two of them have. It’s nice to see she has such a relationship with her Godfather.

Once they’d finally stopped fighting we settled down to chill in the living room. We’re a bit fed up of the TV being on constantly so instead we had our Google Home playing Disney songs.

While we were chilling there was a knock at the door. It turned out my new shoes had been delivered. So happy. They were pretty nude sandals from Lipsy. I used to be a proper Lipsy girl in my uni days. I lived in Lipsy dresses but I haven’t been a huge fan of their clothes in past years. I did get very excited when I found these shoes on the Next website for only £13, absolute bargain.

I’m pretty proud of how my diet and working out is going. I’m four weeks in now and can certainly see some improvements. Lockdown has given me the chance to focus on some self improvement. I mean I’m not going out anywhere or seeing anyone so working out is something I can spend my time doing. Who knows maybe I’ll come out of this lockdown a whole new person lol.

I had decided to try and make some summer tops for Bella. I’ve been finding some really cute outfit patterns on Etsy to use. We’ve been struggling with clothes for Bella as she’s hit a growth spurt during the lockdown and there are no clothe shops opened. We’re having to make the most of what we have and what I can make.

I cut out all the pieces to make Bella a few summer tops. I was using a range of different fabrics we had lying around. I was using a few old duvet covers we had that I didn’t want to use anymore. I mean we have a ridiculous amount of duvet covers and towels.

Bella spent the the rest of the afternoon spending time with Daly. He was sat at the dinner table with Liam and the pair of them were playing on the PlayStation. Bella sat on the table in front of Daly watching what he was doing. She does love to join in while were playing.

Monday 1st June

This morning we started with Babyballet. Bella didn’t want to put her ballet leotard on and I didn’t push it today as on Mondays there are themed lessons. Today Bella decided she needed a book for ballet.

Ballet has become a little bit of a battle recently. She was doing so well when we first started online lessons but now she’s back doing ballet after half term she doesn’t seem as invested. A little frustrating but we will see how it goes.

After ballet Bella wanted to head back into the pool. She is spending a lot of time in her swimsuit at the moment. I don’t mind though, it means she is able to run in and out of the house as she pleases and can jump in the pool anytime she likes. So that was how the day went with Bella running in and out of the house and in and out of the pool

When Bella would come inside she was playing with her small world toys. She has a whole box full of animals and little people and she has a range of different buildings and toys to play with. Today’s choice toys seemed to be the little Sylvanian bus that was mine and a Fifi and the Flowertops house we were given by Jess. She loves using all her different characters in the houses and coming up with her own little story lines.

In the afternoon I headed into the garden to get my Powerhoop on. I haven’t been sticking to a strict routine which is probably not helping my weight loss journey. Oh well, I take the view as long as I’m working out and doing something I’m going to help my fitness level and weight loss. But the process might be slower than I want.

Bella came and joined me in the garden. She was using my old weighted hoop to try and hoop with me. I haven’t bought her her own hoop yet. Mine is huge for her but she still likes playing with it.

Tuesday 2nd June

Today was a pretty chilled day. Our morning started with some CBeebies watching. We haven’t seen CBeebies in ages. The only time it tends to be on is when Liam gets up with Bella.

She seemed to be having quite a good morning watching CBeebies though, I asked her if she wanted to come with me to the farm shop as I needed some bits for dinner but she wasn’t interested. Instead she wanted to stay at home with Liam. I’m not too fussed when she doesn’t want to come places with me as long as Liam doesn’t mind keeping an ear out for her. It means I’m able to go for a walk and listen to my music. I don’t get to do that very often since Bella came along. Even when she’s in the pram I wont do it.

I made my way over to the farm shop and bought the bits I needed and then walked home. Bella was still happily watching TV when I got home but once she realised I was home she wanted to do some cutting and sticking. I’d only recently been thinking to myself that I should probably focus on giving Bella some directed activities again as we seemed to have slacked off in recent weeks. Not good.

I had printed off a lot of activities from Twinkl for Bella to use so we found one of them out for Bella to do.

It was a safari themed pattern matching sheet. First she needed to cut out all the animals to continue the patterns. She’s certainly getting good at cutting. I think it’s one of her favourite activities to do.

Once she had cut out all the animals we laid them out along the carpet and then I got her to tell me the patterns so she could work out the next animal. She struggled a little bit with this but tried hard and with guidance was able to complete all the patterns.

Bella wanted to get her drum kit out and give me a little show before dinner. We set the kit up and then Bella rocked out.

She had a blast.

Wednesday 3rd June

I do love Liam being my tea maid. Can’t beat starting the morning with a cup of tea. It’s the perfect opportunity for me to try to wake up while Bella is already raring to get on with the day. I snuggled up on the sofa with my cuppa while Bella enjoyed some kids TV. It does take me a while to wake up.

Bella decided today was a day of fancy dress. Her day started with her dressed as a witch and casting spells on everyone. Her favourite spell seems to be turning people into frogs. I mean I suppose it’s one of the most traditional spells.

She also found her broom out and was running round the house pretending she was riding a broom stick. The only problem is she still sits on the broom backwards. No matter how many times I tell her she can not remember the brush end of the broom goes behind her. Oh well, she doesn’t care. She’s having fun.

I noticed we had ran out of carrots for dinner and a few other bits so I asked Bella if she wanted to join me to the farm shop today. And today she did. But only as Cinderella. I said that was fine. I’ve become a bit more confident washing her fancy dress costumes so I’m not too concerned if she wears them out anymore.

We put on her shoes and headed off to the farm shop. As we made our way up the hill towards the alley through to the link road we met Rachel and Oli. Which was very unexpected. We haven’t been able to have our usual Wednesday get togethers so it was nice to see them. Bella was very excited as she’s been missing Aunty Rachel.

They were apparently going for a walk through the orchards but when I told them we were heading to the farm shop they came along with us so Rachel could get some fresh fruit.

Like usual Bella walked along the bank picking the flowers and had to check if everyone liked butter.

We all got our bits from the farm shop and walked back home. Rachel was helping herself to her fruit on the way and of course Bella wanted to get in on the act. She happily munched on a strawberry as we walked home.

When we got to the alley we said goodbye to Oli and Rachel as they were still going to go on their walk through the orchards.

Once home I popped Cinderella on the TV for Bella to watch and she got out her castle to play with. She had a great afternoon playing and being Cinderella.

Bella wasn’t impressed that she had to take her Cinderella dress off for dinner but she knows the rules. No fancy dress costumes at the dinner table because I don’t want her dinner being spilt on them.

After dinner Bella went into the back garden with Liam. She loves to help Liam look after the garden and he was emptying out her paddling pool for me so we could clean it out. She keeps putting sand and dirt in it and the water was getting a little bit too yucky.

Thursday 4th June

Once again Bella had her creative juices flowing. She found some paper and her pencils and scissors, set up a table with her chair and set to work. It was nice and quiet while Bella crafted. I’m not sure what she was really making. She seemed to just be practicing her cutting skills again. As long as she’s cutting paper and tidies up after herself it’s ok.

Our morning was a pretty quiet one. Bella happily crafted and I entertained myself up until lunch.

I don’t know why I struggle so much in the mornings. I find it really hard to wake up. I mean it’s gotten slightly better since I started eating healthy and working out but it’s still not great. I pretty much drag myself out of bed and end up just lying on the sofa hoping I’ll find some get up and go at some point during the day.

I had my favourite lunch at lunch time. I really like having a bacon salad. I think I put a little bit too much cheese in it for it to be completely healthy but I still feel I’m making an effort and I’m not so bloated from eating bread.

Bella wanted to play dress up again this afternoon but today it was Elsa and Anna. First we put on her Elsa dress and she even asked me to put Elsa plait in her hair. We of course put frozen on and Bella was dancing around singing ‘Let it go!’ Bella wanted to go full out with her costume today and even found out her little high heeled shows and Elsa’s crown to wear.

After a little while she was bored of being Elsa. She wanted to be Anna. We dressed her up in Anna’s costume and then she asked for her giant Olaf to join us. Bella actually spent the rest of the film laying ontop of Olaf.

That evening Bella joined me again for my power hooping. Now where she had been having trouble hooping with my hoop, it is far to big, I took out a few of the links and now it’s the perfect height for her. We completed our workout together and then it was time for bed.

Bella didn’t go straight to bed though. She had found a spirograph that mum had got and given to her and decided bedtime was the perfect time to start playing with it. As it was bed time I just left her to experiment with all the different pieces and shapes but one day I’ll teach her how to use it.

Friday 5th June

This morning Bella was complaining she was cold. To be honest I was as well. I had been chilling out in my unicorn onesie and so Bella wanted to wear her onesie as well. She was strutting around the house in her onesie wearing high heels and her crown. It was so funny to watch.

The really funny thing was her little heels didn’t have much grip on the laminate flooring and so she kept slipping over. She didn’t hurt herself but she did play up to it. Because I found it funny and was laughing at her she kept pretending to struggle to walk and fall over. It was so cute.

Now during lockdown we’ve been looking for various things to keep Bella occupied. At the being of lockdown I reactivated my Twinkl account so I could get hold of resources to use with her. I also had reactivated my Kinedu account to give me some ideas of activities to do. Now because I had reactivated my Kinedu account I received an email telling me about another app I could download for Bella. It’s an app called Marco Polo. I was being offered a months free trial. As I liked the other apps I use we thought we’d give it ago.

Turns out Marco Polo is a great app. Bella loved it. I couldn’t install it on the iPad mini so instead I had to install it on to my iPad for her. And I could not get Bella off the app. It’s brilliant. She straight away started exploring and watching videos on various topics and completing games.

The rest of our day was pretty chilled out. We finished our day off with Bella and I having a story time in bed.

Stay Safe

Night all and let’s see what adventures next week holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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