Lockdown 2020 – 23rd May to 29th May 2020

This is the first of the weekly blogs so lets see how it goes. A little random I’m starting the blogs from a Saturday but that might change further down the line.

Saturday 23rd May

This morning Bella wanted to do some gluing. We always have pizzas for dinner on a Saturday so I managed to find a make your own pizza cutting and sticking sheet on Twinkl. I printed it out for Bella and she set up her little craft table. She had her glue and scissors. She cut out the pizza first and then cut out all the toppings for the pizzas.

Bella glued the toppings on her pizza, she made a pepperoni one but then she wanted to make some more. She wanted to make each one of us a pizza so I printed off three more pizzas and toppings for Bella to cut out and glue.

She had great fun making her pizzas but made a bit of a mess luckily she was happy to tidy up and did a great job of cleaning up the living room.

As Bella had done such an amazing job of tidying up we decided to spend the rest of our day cuddled up and watching Disney films. Bella found her unicorn seat and settled down to watch Big Hero 6 while munching on cookies

That afternoon Cathy dropped a few art projects round for Bella she had found. Of course as soon as Bella saw them she wanted to paint them. They were a couple of wooden figures to paint. I didn’t want Bella to paint both straight away so instead I asked Bella to choose which one she wanted to paint. Bella chose the giraffe model to paint. We set up her table in the living room and she started her painting.

Bella really liked this project, she loves little sit down art projects like this. It’s a shame we don’t do things like this often but my house would be filled of all these things Bella had made or painted and there would be no space for us.

That evening before bed I realised Bella hadn’t coloured her Babyballet certificate for her certificate session tomorrow. They were presenting digital versions of the certificates the children had coloured at home. I printed hers off for her and sat her up to the table so she could colour it in.

Sunday 24th May

Today is certificate day. Bella started her morning playing with the cat though. She was trying to get the cat to blow her whistle she had received in her bug finding bag. But of course the cat was having none of it.

Bella then wanted to read me a story. We snuggled up on the sofa and Bella found her My Little Pony book. It’s a bit like a Where’s Wally book and you have to find various things on each page. She doesn’t treat it like a Where’s Wally book though, instead she sat with me and actually read it like a story book, making up stories for the pony’s on each of the pages.

It was soon certificate time so Bella got dressed up in her ballet leotard to watch the certificate presentation. Sadly although Bella had coloured in her certificate I had sent it to her teacher too late for it to be presented. Instead I spoke to her teacher and she said she would do her a private video sending her her virtual certificate.

The rest of the day was a bit of a boring day but we did find this really cool moth outside on the drive. It was massive and so pretty. I managed to get a cool photo of it thankfully.

Monday 25th May

My morning was spent mainly sorting out all the washing, and boy there was a lot of it. The whole living room was covered in piles of clothes and I seriously doubt anyone is going to take their clothes upstairs. Bella however headed out into the garden. Obviously housework is not interesting her today.

Instead she headed off outside to play. It was a gorgeous day outside and Bella wanted to head into the pool again. As it was so nice I also laid a blanket out for Bella and put a few of her toys outside for her to play with.

Once I’d finished sorting out the washing I went outside to join Bella. I set up the garden table with the umbrella and some chairs and took my laptop outside to watch some videos and type up some blogs.

We both enjoyed lunch outside. That afternoon Bella wanted to do some painting so we made some paper plate bugs. Bella painted a ladybird and a bumblebee.

She had to wait for them to dry so she could add the stripes, spots and eyes. So while she was waiting she headed back into the pool and I’d brought her a little friend to play with. I had found the inflatable killer whale in her bedroom so gave it to her to enjoy in the pool. Even though I told her it was a killer whale she was adamant it was a shark. She had great fun splashing around in the pool with her ‘shark’

After too much fun in the pool Bella wanted to get out and go inside to watch a film. She decided she wanted to watch Thunderbirds, which was fine by me I love Thunderbirds.

We had a nice afternoon chilling out indoors watching Thunderbirds before heading back outside. Outside Bella added the spots and stripes to her bugs and even glued on the eyes.

That evening I worked out in the garden while watching a live feed on facebook for the results of a pageant Bella had entered. It was actually a really nice way to spend the evening.

Sadly Bella didn’t manage to place but she did win a side award of cutest poser. The lady running the pageant was offering the opportunity to order sashes and medals for side awards. I thought it was a lovely idea as it means Bella can have something to remember this pageant experience by. So I’m definitely ordering her a sash for her.

Tuesday 26th May

Another morning started in the pool. I suppose it’s a good investment. We had a big inflatable pool last summer but within one use it ended up being popped and wasn’t able to be used anymore. I remember Bella’s first summer I bought her a big inflatable mermaid pool but after it was taken down and placed in the garage it ended up with a massive slash in it and we couldn’t use it anymore. I just don’t have any luck with inflatables but thankfully Cathy bought Bella a pool with one of those ridged edges that the water holds up.

After a little bit in the pool and Bella having a splashing good time she wanted to head inside and we settled down to watch Disney +. Bella wanted to watch Big Hero 6 as apparently that’s her favourite film. I’m not going to complain though, I love a good movie day. Perfect in the heat as well because we have all the curtains closed and the lights of and just snuggle down to watch.

That afternoon, after we’d had lunch Bella and I took a little walk to the farm shop. I love that we have it so close to us and I actually have to confidence to go their considering how bad my anxiety is everywhere else with this pandemic going on. We got our shoes on and headed off on our little walk.

On the way Bella likes to race down the link road. It’s perfect because the pavement is so wide and hardly anyone walks down it. So we would set up our little race, I’d say ready, set, go and then off she’d run. I however am not the running type. Even though I want to take up jogging – crazy.

We made our way round to the farm shop and Bella enjoyed walking along the grass looking at all the different flowers. She found daisies and buttercups but couldn’t quite remember the name for buttercups. She remembered how they worked though and called me over to see if I liked butter.

We got to the farm shop, picked all our fruit and veg, paid and headed back home along the same route. Once again Bella wanted to race home, that in between moans of she was tired and wanted to go home.

When we got back home we set back up in the garden with the garden table and while I enjoyed a drink Bella wanted to paint her other project that Cathy had bought her. This time it was a daisy. Bella sat and painted her daisy very carefully even adding little design features such as stripes.

She is one artistic little girl.

Wednesday 27th May

This morning we built a sofa cushion house. Ok I built a sofa cushion house for Bella to play in. We pulled the main cushions off the sofa to make some walls and then I laid a massive blanket over the top to create the roof. Bella was very happy with my house and so we played in there with her dolls and toys for a little bit.

Later that day Joe and Jess came round for a socially distanced walk around the orchards. Again it was nice to have some adult conversation and get out for a little bit. Bella loved running around the orchard and being able to see someone else other than her household.

The weather was gorgeous too so a perfect day for a little walk. When we made it back home we said our goodbyes and then Bella and I enjoyed a fruity snack or strawberries, raspberries and blackberries and I also enjoyed my first homemade frostino and I can safely say it was like having my own Costa in my house. Perfect when I can’t visit them like I used to. I miss my Friday Costa trips.

Thursday 28th May

Today was a very chilled day in the sense of we didn’t really do anything. Bella spent most of the day playing with her toys. She had found a lego set that she wanted us to build but I try to encourage her to try to build them on her own. It’s so cute how she lays on the floor and tries to follow the little instruction book. She may not be able to do it but I tell her as long as she tries that’s all that counts.

That afternoon she played with her popcorn playdough factory that Rachel had bought her. I actually joined her for this play session. We had great fun squishing the playdough and making little buckets of popcorn. Also Bella needed my help to get all the stuck playdough out of the machine after each bucket was filled.

So like I said not a very busy day but nice and chilled.

Friday 29th May

Was another very chilled out day. We didn’t really do anything apart from watch films all day. Sorry that’s not very exciting but it’s how Fridays tend to be. Very little is done and very few photos taken.

Stay Safe

Night all and let’s see what adventures next week holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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