Lockdown 2020 – Before bedtime cookie cooking – 22nd May 2020

My morning started with trying to clean up Bella’s handwriting boards. Thank god for Elbow Grease. That stuff works wonders. I mean it is my go to cleaning product. I use it on everything and the great thing is I know it is able to clean off very dried on white board pens. I had sorted out all the sheets and laid them all over the kitchen counter. I covered them in Elbow Grease and then left them for a little while.

It turned out while they were soaking up all that good cleaning product Jess and Joe turned up for a socially distanced visit. We had deliberately placed a few deck chairs in the front of the garage for such visits. I pulled out the deck chairs and then we sat out on the drive – adhering to the 2 meter rule and having a nice catch up. It’s so nice to be able to have a conversation with some one who doesn’t live in your house.

We had a nice morning catching up and enjoying adult conversations. Once Joe and Jess left Bella wanted to continue playing outside but my very strange child decided she wanted to go into the garden with her coat on. I mean the weather is lovely and no need for a coat but you can not win an argument with a 3 year old. So out she went into the back garden with her coat on.

We pottered around the garden for a little bit. While Bella was playing I ended up doing a little bit of photography. Mum’s roses had flowered and were looking beautiful in the garden so I wanted to capture some photos. I’ve been recently experimenting with using the camera on my s10 to see what I could do with it. I mean it’s suppose to be a really good camera, I just haven’t played around with it properly.

Bella had taken her cleaning trolley out into the garden and was pushing it around everywhere. She likes to go round with her little broom and sweep everything. She was sweeping the spiders off the slide.

I headed back indoors as I am not an outdoor person and it wasn’t long before Bella joined me back inside. I’m guessing the sunshine had made her tired as it wasn’t too long before she was curled up on the floor under a blanket and feel asleep. I when I say curled I mean she fully wrapped herself up in the blanket and clocked out.

That evening I decided to give Toad in the Hole a bash. I’ve been trying to cook lots of different things during this lockdown. It turns out Toad in the Hole is extremely easy to make and was very yummy. Although the boys made comments, saying that as I was able to make the batter to go round the sausages would they be able to have yorkshire puddings with their roast dinner on Sundays. One days those boys will learn to keep their mouths shut. They can’t just say Thank you for dinner and eat it quietly.

After dinner I was craving some cookies so had found an easy recipe to follow and called Bella to help me out in the kitchen.

Bella helped me measure out all the ingredients and break up the chocolate to put inside the cookies. She really enjoyed helping me make cookies. It was nice to have some cooking time with Bella. I’ve been meaning to do cooking with her for a while but we just kept putting it off.

Bella helped me make her white chocolate chip cookies and then once they were finished and in the oven cooking I made myself some milk chocolate cookies.

Bella’s cookies seemed to come out so nicely whereas mine were not so great. Oh well they tasted good lol.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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