I seemed to give up! Opps

Now I’m sure lockdown has gotten to a lot of people. Being stuck indoors, doing the same things day after day. I know it certainly has gotten to me. i guess you can tell that from the lack of blogs. Before lockdown I had a blogging schedule and was kinda able to stay on top of it – this is why I couldn’t take on Youtube to try and make a career, I would not be able to upload consistently I bet. But during lockdown my mood dropped, and I actually got bored of trying to sit infront of my laptop and write about our days, even if we’d been pretty productive. I’m actually kinda gutted because this is such a rare event and these blogs would be something great to lock back on in years to come and go oh, so that’s how I spent my time, that’s what Bella managed to achieve. I still plan on uploading all those blogs I missed but instead they will be a week blog rather than a daily blog – you never know that may be the way forward for me to make sure I am uploading every week.

So for the next few weeks I will be uploading weekly blogs, probably more for me than anyone else. There will be the odd themed blog or day trip blogs – I have a few that need to be posted. We will have to see how this plan goes.

I hope everyone is staying safe and looking after themselves. I seem to be doing better with my mental health but my narcolepsy seems to have gone in the opposite direction. I seem to be sleeping far too much but my mood has improved so that is a win I guess.

Stay safe

Love CiCi x

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