Lockdown 2020 – A trip to Dover – 14th May 2020

We’re actually venturing out today. But before we did that we needed to get up and start our day.

Bella wanted to do some drawing this morning. I remembered we had made the recycled crayons yesterday and had left them on the side to cool. We found them and popped the little crayon lego bricks out. She was pretty impressed by them but instead of drawing and colouring with them she just put them back into the mould.

Daly had headed out to pick up some bits before we headed off later so while he was busy we just chilled in our pjs.

Daly soon came back surprising me with a Costa as they have reopened the Costa in town. YAY! He had remembered my order and brought me home a medium latte and 4 brown sugars. Now the sugars had come in a mini Costa cup. I thought it would be a cute idea to pour a little bit of my latte into the mini cup so Bella could be just like mummy and have her own latte. She does actually like coffee but she’s not a huge fan of tea.

I poured a little bit into the mini cup and gave it to her. She was so happy to have her own mini Costa and even let me film her first sip. I’m sad, I’ll hold my hands up to that.

I was in the kitchen cooking Bella some lunch. Daly had said about buying something to eat on our way home later or while we were out but I didn’t think that was very likely with lockdown. I mean it’s only be eased a tiny bit so you can now drive somewhere to get exercise. Although Daly was heading off to get our lights put back on our car, we were going with him to go for a walk and a change of scenery.

I finished cooking Bella’s lunch and sat her up at the table. I had done her some pasta with sausage as that always seems to go down well with her. That way I knew she had eaten and had eaten something proper.

Turns out I’d made a tiny bit too much so I had the left over pasta with some sauce and covered it in cheese. It wasn’t much but it was lunch. I sat with Bella at the table and we both enjoyed our pasta with our Costas. She really is a mini me.

After lunch I packed us a picnic, well snacky bits for us grown ups and some sandwiches and some fruit for Bella alongside all the snacks. I got Bella ready and grabbed some bits for me to do while Daly was busy with the car and grabbed Bella’s iPad.

We loaded up the car and off we went. We had to make a little stop at Cathy’s first to pick up some Easter presents from them as we obviously hadn’t seen them over Easter.

Omg! It was the hardest thing ever going to their house. Bella went up to the door to knock like normal but I had to hold Bella back from running into the house when the door was opened. I ended up on their path sitting with Bella curled up on my lap crying her eyes out. Its so tough on her, she knows that she can’t give people cuddles or kisses but when she is so used to just running into places and doing those things its crushing to see her so upset. That truly shows the stress it’s had on her, but we need to keep her safe and everyone else safe. Stupid virus.

After the tears and Bella and I having our talk about why she couldn’t go in the house and couldn’t hug people because we didn’t want to make anyone sick or get sick ourselves she calmed down and happily played in the garden while we chatted to Cathy, Zach and Nathan from the other end of their garden path.

Bella was happy running up and down and soon the boys came out with her Easter presents. She had two little animal chairs, one a unicorn (of course) and the other an elephant, and she also received a unicorn mascot head. We’ve seen them in the past in toy shops and I’ve gotten Rachel to put them on but not something I would have thought of for Bella but of course it was a unicorn.

Bella was very happy with her presents and Daly went and popped them in the back of the car. I said Zach was hinting at something by buying her two chairs. I’m sure Bella would love a little brother or sister. She keeps telling me she has a little sister but god knows who it is.

We stayed and chatted for a little longer with Bella running around. Cathy brought out a box of crackers for Bella to have but Daly had told her she had to wait. So instead Cathy brought out a small packet of mini cheddars for Bella to have there and then. Bella happily sat in front of the gate munching her cheddars before we said our goodbyes and headed off to Dover.

We arrived in Dover to find our friends (and garage owners) Drew and Smurf, outside clearing some weeds from outside their garage. Daly, Bella and I got out of the car and walked down to meet them. We stood the other side of the road while their finished up and then they came over to join us (socially distancing) We stood on the side of the road chatting and were soon joined by another pair of friends, Sam and Stephen. We all had a lovely socially distancing chat and we all said how nice it was to have adult conversations as we’re all losing our minds just chatting to those we live with.

Once we’d all caught up and Stephen and Sam had to head off and Daly, Drew and Smurf headed into the garage to work on our car. I was taking Bella for a walk around Western Heights. I had done a little bit of research into the area and it looked like a great place to let Bella run around and burn some energy off and explore.

Off we headed, first heading down the hill. We had a lovely time exploring. There were many different trails all around the hillside. I kept asking Bella which way she wanted to go and I just followed her.

We ended up down the bottom of the hill and I found a map. This map didn’t help me at all though, and we were well and truly lost lol. I really had no idea where we were or where we were going but I took the view that we’d continue to make it up and see where we got to. I took the view if we got lost that badly I’d phone Daly and make him come find me.

By the map were some steps heading up the hill so we headed that way rather than going via the roads. As we walked up the hill Bella found some stones and stopped to tell me all about them and to show me how she could bang them together to make music.

We continued up and across the hill. We found flowers dotted around and I showed Bella how to use a buttercup to tell if someone likes butter. It was great showing Bella all the different bits in nature and sharing with her things I did when I was a kid.

We eventually made it to the top of the hill and came across a fort buried under the bushes. We walked round the top of the fort and Bella and I chatted about it. We came across the odd dog walker but the heights were pretty quiet.

As we made our way past the fort we could see another fort in the distance. Bella spotted it and told me that it was a castle. She headed off in that direction running and I had to run after her to stop her running straight off the side of the hill to get to the castle.

We made our way round all the hills and we soon came out at a road with a big metal fence. We followed the road round and ended up coming out in the car park where Daly had turned around to head down to the garage. Finally I knew where I was.

We walked down to find Daly at the garage. They were still working on the car so Bella and I jumped into the boot of the car. Bella tested out her new little seats and really enjoyed them. She also tried on the unicorn head before settling down to play on her iPad.

Once we’d finished we started to head back home. On our way home I received a message letting me know I had gotten through to the third and final round of a pageant I had entered. Considering how much I had doubted myself I was extremely surprised that I’d made it through another round.

The final round is a bit of an interesting one so I’m going to have to do some thinking about how I approach it.

When we got home we decided to order Dominos as I was in no mood to cook and Daly had said he was going to treat us to take away. I ordered it on the app and then once it turned up we set up our little pizza party in the living room. I had also ordered some dominos cookies. I had been craving the gooey chocolate chips so I thought why not.

A nice change today being able to get out and be somewhere different.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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