Lockdown 20202 – A Pirate’s Life for Me – 9th May 2020

This morning started a little crazy. I have no idea what had gotten into Bella. I don’t know if it was because Daly was off or what. I honestly have no idea.

Bella first decided she was going to completely trash the living room. She pulled apart the sofa and was then jumping from cushion to cushion and even running head first into them. She just put her head down and ran at them. I’m not sure why but she certainly thought it was fun. Sometimes she makes me wonder what is going through her little mind.

Once she had finally stopped trying to send herself to A and E she started playing with the giant box I had received from Amazon yesterday. She was laying inside it like a mechanic lies under a car when their doing work. She had got hold of her little tool kit and told me she was fixing her box.

I had popped Nick Jr on as I didn’t feel like watching any grown up TV and it didn’t seem like I was going to get a sensible answer out of Bella as to what she wanted to watch. Peppa Pig was on, not great but at least it wasn’t one of the episodes I’ve banned. Peppa and her friends were pretending to be pirates. They were burying a box of goodies, and Pedro Pony’s glasses, and then made a treasure map. Seeing this Bella wanted to dress up in her pirate costume.

We pulled her costume down and we got her dressed. She was walking around the living room shouting ‘Arg!’ We even found out her pirate hat but it kept falling off her head. It’s a little bit too big for her.

We pulled her costume down and we got her dressed. She was walking around the living room shouting ‘Arg!’ We even found out her pirate hat but it kept falling off her head. It’s a little bit too big for her.

I noticed once she was all dressed up as a pirate she was climbing into the box and using as a ship. I suddenly had an idea. If Bella wanted to use it as a ship then I would help her turn it into a pirate ship. I quickly fired up the laptop and logged on to Twinkl. I quickly found some display images for a pirate display and decided we could adapt them.

I printed out a collection of port holes, a pirate flag and a wheel to glue on to our box. Bella helped cut out the port holes while I focused on the tricky wheel and made the pirate flag.

I tidied up the port holes once Bella had finished cutting them out and then it was time to glue them on to the box.

Off Bella went. The only help I gave her was to direct her which way up the port hole should be.

Bella stuck on all the port holes and then the wheel on to the inside of the box. Her ship was nearly ready.

We taped the pirate flag to the back of the ship and she was good to go.

Bella jumped into her ship and I hunted out some props for her. I found her pirate sword, an eye patch and a gun from an old cowboy costume. She set sail across the 7 seas.

Her flag did fall off at one point and Daly stuck it back on for her. Bella enjoyed spending her time playing in her ship. In fact Bella spent most of the day in her ship.

To continue with her pirate themed day I printed of a map gluing and sticking sheet. Bella happily sat in her ship and cut out the different sections she needed for her map.

While Bella was cutting out I set about hanging up her butterflies that she had made earlier in the week. I thought it would be nice to hang it in our living room window. Although we only have these little filter paper butterflies at the moment I’m hoping to create a few more butterflies that can be hung up or added to my mini display.

I’d hung a string across the window and then tried to come up with a way for hanging up these little butterflies. Once I’d eventually hung them up I was pretty proud of my efforts.

Bella had cut out all the different squares for her map and was ready to glue them on. I gave her some glue and just left her to it.

She seemed to really enjoy her pirate day. She had great fun making her pirate ship and treasure map.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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