Lockdown 2020 – Sewing day while the kids play – 8th May 2020

I’ve finally decided I should probably try and attempt the romper I was making for Bella. I’d been putting it off where I was so invested in her dress, that was all I did for a week. I’d only gotten as far as sewing the front panel together. Which I had gotten wrong and ended up having to unstitch the whole thing so I could do it properly. Once that was done it, it was time to sew the back panel pieces together and then attach them to the straps.

While I was getting my sewing done, Bella was playing quietly with her shop till. She was typing in numbers and trying to use the microphone. She didn’t seem to grasp that she needed to press a button to make the microphone work. She was happily entertained an it meant I was able to get on with bits that I wanted to do.

It turns out we didn’t really do much today I was so focused on getting this romper done I just let Bella play. Friday’s are normally a slow day as I’m too tired to do anything.

I did stop to play picnics with Bella. She really loves setting it all out for us and sharing that time with me. She wasn’t able to find all the pieces from her picnic set today though, so it was slightly lacking but we had fun together.

Liam was doing some bits in the garden, he tends to disappear out there at least twice a day. Bella wanted to head outside so I got her dressed and sent her off to annoy him. She had eaten a kinder egg just before going outside and inside her egg had been a little motor bike. I had put it together and Bella had decided to take it into the garden with her.

She decided to play with her slide. She climbed up the steps and then sent the bike down the slide before she followed it.

She does love being outside but it was a bit chilly outside and Bella has gotten funny about the back door being open if it isn’t gorgeous sun outside. So when mummy went inside after taking the requested photos – Bella does enjoying demanding I take her photo, but wont play ball when I want to take her photo. I headed back to my sewing and Bella quickly followed.

I’m pretty proud with how far I got today with the romper. I decided to use a pattern with ruffles – I love to make things difficult for myself lol. It took me almost all day to add the ruffles but I eventually got them on and was also able to attach the front of the romper.

I wonder how far I will get with it tomorrow. I want it finished and now the ruffles are out of the way I don’t think it’s going to take me much longer.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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