Lockdown 2020 – Migraines suck – 5th May 2020

I didn’t really want to get up this morning. I heard Bella get up closely followed by Liam. It turns out when I came downstairs Liam had come down to find Bella sitting on the sofa with the TV on. She is good at that. She’s discovered how to turn on the TV but she hasn’t worked out to turn on the sound bar yet. Liam popped CBeebies on for Bella and the pair of them were chilling out when I came down.

Liam had made me a cup of tea and was waiting for Daly to wake up so he could go to work. He works in the middle of a wood so shouldn’t be any risk of him catching corona virus unless a tree has it. I made Bella some toast and we chilled out on the sofa while Daly and Liam headed out.

It was ballet this morning so once we’d eaten we got ready. I rigged the laptop up to the TV and we found the resources we needed for class. Today Bella needed some scarfs (we’ve been using fat quatres) and a noisy instrument. We hunted them out and class began.

Bella once again was very focused and joined in well. She made me join in with her a little bit but I was soon able to just sit back and relax.

After ballet Bella got dressed and I let her watch some Nick Jr. Homeschooling wasn’t going as planned today but oh well, we have on and off days.

Bella was happily watching Peppa Pig while I prepared dinner. I was making us a lasagne and things like that I like to prepare in the morning and then put them in the fridge to cook later. It means I feel less pressure when it’s dinner time.

I came into the living room to find Bella sat in the washing basket using it as a boat. I was pretty impressed with that imagination. She’s never done that before.

I had also been doing various bits of house work as the day went on – cleaning the kitchen, doing the washing up and washing clothes and putting them on the line. It felt good to get jobs done. I actually felt pretty motivated today but I had a niggly feeling in my head.

Once I’d finished the house work and Liam was home from work I was starting to feel really crap. I was dozing on the sofa but that wasn’t working so I headed upstairs so I could crash out. I knew Daly had finished the car and Liam was home. I knew if Daly had a headache or was tired he’d just disappear off so I thought why can’t I.  

I went upstairs and crashed out in bed with the migraine of the day. They seem to becoming almost daily at the moment. It’s so annoying.

I fell asleep and woke up just before I had to put the dinner on. Daly and Bella had tidied up the living room and all was calm downstairs. I was able to put the dinner in the oven and then chill on the sofa. Bella wanted to play with her house so she brought it out into the living room and she wanted to bring out her box of little figures. Because the living room had been tidied I told her instead of the whole box she needed to choose a few and bring them into the living room. She finally put the box back and calm was restored.

I’m not happy I keep getting these headaches, hopefully they’ll ease up soon.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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