Lockdown 2020 – The day ended in tears – 1st May 2020

Pinch punch first of the month.  Before ballet Bella found the brick out again and was building a zoo again. I was happy with that as it kept her occupied while I got things set up for ballet. She wasn’t happy when I told her she needed to tidy it away so she could do ballet.

She was willing to dress completely in her ballet outfit today. She even wanted to wear her ballet cardigan which never happens. I do find she’s been settling nicely into these online ballet lessons. Today her ballet teacher was the teacher she used to have. I thought that would cheer Bella up but it didn’t. She was grumpy.

Even though she was grumpy she did join in with her class. She tried very hard. Even though she wasn’t happy she did so well. I was really impressed with her.

After ballet we watched Trolls World Tour again. Bella really likes that film. It’s brilliant. Bella stays focused the whole film which is good. It gives me an opportunity to get some jobs done.

After the film we received some post. But it was for Bella rather than anyone else. Inside was her certificate for being a finalist in the Faversham Carnival Club’s Easter bonnet competition. As well as her certificate she also received a pack of hair bands. They were really cute. I’m glad she won something. She worked so hard on her hat.

That afternoon we got the bricks out again and Bella wanted to make her zoo again. I thought it might be a good creative idea to make some trees for her zoo using all the empty toilet rolls we have. Bella tends to hoard them in her room for some weird reason. I had a good hunt under her bed and managed to find 5 empty toilet roll.

We took them downstairs and I cut a few slits into the top to make spikey leaves when we fold them down. We sat up to the table and Bella painted the bottom of the trees brown first, before we placed them to one side to dry. We’re going to add the green to the other end tomorrow.

The rest of the afternoon was chilled out. Until disaster struck. Bella had decided she wanted some crisps but instead of asking an adult to go and get her a packet she took things into her own hands. She climbed up onto the kitchen bin. And we’re guessing she lost her balance and tried to steady herself but grabbed the potato box on the side and the bin went out from under her. We guess she pulled the box down on top of her as the bin went out. Liam and I shot up as soon as we heard the bang. We thought the lid of the bin had given way and we were expecting to find her inside the bin. Nope the bin was on its side across the kitchen floor, the potato box and potatoes were all over the floor and Bella was laying where the bin lives under the broom and mop.

I picked her up and took her in the living room to look her over while Liam sorted the kitchen for me. She must had hit her nose because she had a very short nose bleed but it stopped within five minutes. Because of the risk of a head injury I kept an eye on her and checked her head for any cuts and bums. I couldn’t find any and she calmed down pretty quick. We knew she was ok when she realised the TV was off and asked where the remote was. Thankfully I’ve also been trained for paediatric first aid so I know what to look for. Obviously with the current situation with corona virus I didn’t really want to take her to the hospital if I could help it. We snuggled on the sofa and chilled for a little bit so Bella could feel better.

Before I went to cook the dinner I checked Bella over again. She was tired but she’d been tired all day. Also sleep helps the body heal. I’ve been taught to look for the difference between asleep and unconscious so I wasn’t too worried about her going to sleep.

While I was cooking I kept coming in and checking on Bella. I kept checking to see she was just asleep and not unconscious.

When it was dinner time I woke her up and all hell broke loose. Being asleep meant the pain had set in and Bella was crying her nose her bad. I gave her some calpol to help with the pain and tried to comfort her. I checked her head over again and by now a make had come up on her forehead where she’d been hit. I then checked her pupil reactions and checked they were even. It doesn’t help she’s always grumpy when she wakes up.

She calmed down at the table when I told her she could sit on my lap and eat her dinner. That went quite well. She happily sat on my lap munching away. And soon she was back to her normal self.

After dinner I rang Daly to let him know what was going on and that I’d be putting Bella in bed with me so I could keep an eye on her during the night. I didn’t think we’d have to take her to hospital but Daly was prepared if that happened. You never know with head injuries though so it’s better to be prepared and keep an eye out for any symptoms getting worse. Obviously I’m not a medical professional and I’m not giving advice on what to do if your in the same situation I am just recording what I did.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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