Lockdown 2020 – Kids Quiz – 28th April 2020

Ballet again this morning. We’re getting better at this little routine of ballet in the morning. I managed to get Bella dressed for ballet with very little fight. She joined in nicely with all the routines

After ballet we had a bit of a TV time. I had signed Bella up for a quiz to help raise money for a children’s charity. It had been promoted on the Babyballet page and it looked like something fun and different for us to do. It was going live at 2pm so we were killing some time before it started.

I was dozing on and off on the sofa. We’d ended up watching some more Hotel Transylvania and once that finished Bella saw the trailer for Space Jam. She made it clear she wanted to watch that so Liam put it on the TV for her. She got really into it. And to be honest so did I. We watched it all together.

Once the film had finished Bella and I cracked on with the quiz. I rigged the laptop up to the TV and Bella and I sat there answering questions.

I left her to answer all the questions by herself. They were aimed at 2 – 4 year olds so she should be able to do them all by herself. She did really well with most of them. She only got 2 out of 18 wrong. One of those questions was where do penguins live. The options were forest, desert, polar region or a pond. Bella answered a pond but we’ve never really looked at where polar animals live and we’ve only ever seen them at the zoo or aquarium.

When the quiz was over Bella received a certificate for her hard work. We took some photos of her with her certificate so we could send them to nursery.

Rachel had messaged me during the day to say that Oli would be dropping their car up to us later as they aren’t using it so it gets it out the way and Daly has another car to tinker with. So I knew I was expecting Oli at some point. While I left Bella watching Barbie on the TV I went into the kitchen do some washing up so I had bits for dinner. I had the window open as it was a bit hot. Liam came and joined me in the kitchen to make a cuppa and we suddenly heard from the window ‘Hello!’

I knew Oli was suppose to be up at some point so didn’t really think much of it but Liam jumped. Realising it was Oli I went to open the front door so Bella could come and say hello. Of course we stay two meters away from each other. I will only let Bella come to the door while people stand the other side of the drive.

It turned out Oli was out walking the dog and he said Rachel would bring the car up later. We had a chat on the doorstep about various things. Mainly how we were coming with the lockdown before saying goodbye to Oli and going back to cooking and cleaning.

I was doing a hotpot for dinner so once it was all prepped I popped it in the oven. I went and joined Bella back in the living room and we were watching Barbie still. Daly soon arrived home from work.

Today was our wedding anniversary but Daly had accidently got the dates mixed and had tried to give me my card and present on Sunday. Luckily I hadn’t opened it and just put them to one side to keep until today. When he came in he grabbed the card and present and presented them to me. He had also added a mini Thumper teddy to them. Bella spotting the teddy came bouncing over trying to take Thumper saying ‘Daddy, what did you buy me’ It was so cute and she was so upset when Daly told her it was for me.

Just after dinner Rachel turned up with all our shopping and said she’d be up with the car in a bit. They weren’t sure if the car was gonna start but Daly had offered to go and jump start it if needed.

Not long after Daly ended up with a call to go help them start the car. When Daly and Rachel arrived back at our Rachel had brought a bunch of flowers with her. She gave them to me and I asked her what they were for. She told them they were partially for letting us look after her car but mainly just to brighten my day. It was such a sweet thing. It was a true surprise. Love my sister.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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