Lockdown 2020 – A Family Walk – 26th April 2020

When Bella got up this morning she pulled out all the bug hunting kit again. Obviously it was a big of a hit. Daly was going out to pick up a watch battery and decided to take Bella with him. It meant I had a morning of TV and chilling. It was weird Bella not being at home and I was a bit worried. It was the first time Bella had left the house for over a month. I mean obviously she had gone for a walk with me a few days earlier but that was in a field with no one around. This however there was a chance Bella was possibly going to come in contact with someone else. Just scares me to think she could come in contact with the corona virus. It just scares me.

Once Daly and Bella returned home we had some lunch and then I suggested going for walk in the orchards again. I had to go and get dressed and Bella wanted to put some trousers on but once we were dressed we headed out. Bella was excited that Daly was coming for a walk with us, she also asked if Liam was coming with us but he was staying at home to play on the PlayStation.

Bella had her minibeast checklist and I also let her bring her whistle. We told her to blow it if she was lost and couldn’t see mummy and daddy any more. We headed through the footpath behind the house through to the orchards.

When we got through to the fields, Bella wanted to race Daly to the orchards. She started running off and then stopped when she realised Daly wasn’t racing her. Daly clicked on and off they raced.

We took a nice walk through the orchards coming across a few dog walkers. We said hello but kept our distance of course.

When we got to the other side of the orchard, Bella wanted her photo taken at the gate. It seems to be a tradition. Everytime we walk through the orchards we get a photo at the gate. It’s just become a habit.

After we took the photos we walked round the orchard and Daly carried Bella on her shoulders. We walked around the orchard and looked out for minibeasts. We kept seeing butterflies but Bella kept missing them. While se was sat on Daly’s shoulders she told him to run, so off they went, running across the field.

While we walked back towards home Daly pointed out a butterfly that flew across their path. Daly spoke to Bella about butterflies and where they came from. It was really sweet to hear Daly and Bella chatting and her learning from him. I ended up falling behind them which meant Daly and Bella got to the end of the footpath first. I could hear Daly blasting out some music. He and Bella were having a good boogie to Metro Station.

We made our way back home and when we got in I cracked out the sun loungers and went to lounge in the garden. It was so sunny and hot. I went and got changed into some shorts and a loose top and went to relax in the sun. Above me was the cherry tree and it looked so pretty with the cherry blossom which is started to go pink.

Bella and I had a nice chilled afternoon in the garden enjoying the sun until I had to head inside to cook dinner. Every Sunday is roast dinner day but it means I’m in the kitchen for a good two hours. Oh well I enjoy my time in the kitchen. I tend to be productive, either cleaning, doing the washing up, cooking, blogging, it seems to be my productive time.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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