Lockdown 2020 – The dress is finished – 25th April 2020

Most of my day was spent finishing Bella’s dress. I had managed to finish sewing it all together last night but I need to finish the ribbon ties for the back of the dress and then attach them. So that was my day.

I managed to finish it by lunch time. And it fits! I dressed Bella up in her dress and then took her outside for a mini photoshoot. She was a bit hit and miss. She always is when it comes to taking her photos. She definitely has photographers child syndrome.

It also turned out I hadn’t checked my settings on my camera. The last time I used my camera it had been dark so the settings had been set for a dark room. Using it outside on a sunny day meant everything was extremely over exposed. I eventually noticed and managed to reset my settings before none of the photos were any good.

I managed to get some really cute photos before Bella wanted to play. She wanted me to get some photos of her on the swing and then on her scooter.

Bella played outside most of the afternoon while I attempted to print out a romper pattern and then stick all the pieces of paper together so I could cut out the pattern pieces. Once I had all the paper pattern pieces, I was able to cut out all the fabric pieces. I was actually able to cut them all out of one of the pieces of fabric I had ordered off ebay and had fabric to spare. I didn’t start any sewing though, I thought I’d take some time off of sewing.

That evening before bed I let Bella open the two packages I received that morning. I knew they were for her learning in the coming weeks and I was going to let her open them tomorrow night but I saw no harm in opening them tonight. First we opened the big packet of minibeasts I had bought her. We spread them over the floor and we went through naming all the insects. There were a lot of butterflies.

The next package was a quite large box. We opened it up and inside there was a lot of goodies to help hunt and observe bugs. There was a butterfly net, a magnifying glass, compass, binoculars, several magnified pots to put the bugs in to look at them. We even found a few extra treats that were in the box, there was also some dinosaur stickers. That was a pleasant surprise.

Bella enjoyed exploring the goodies before bed. I told her we were going to use them for our learning in the week.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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