Lockdown 2020 – Finally left the house – 23rd April 2020

I had planned on taking Bella on a walk today. We haven’t been out of the house in weeks and I had decided to face my anxiety and head into the orchards behind our house. However this morning we were a bit slow doing anything. Instead Bella did some drawing when we got up and had some creative time. This was quite handy though because it gave me time to work up to going out.

By lunch time though we were up, dressed and ready to hit the country. We are so lucky that we literally back onto farmers fields. It means we can go for a nice walk, Bella can have a bit of a run and we shouldn’t really come across anyone. Bella held my hand while we walked round the street through to the little footpath that goes into the fields.

As soon as we set foot into the footpath between the fields I told Bella she didn’t need to hold my hand and could have a run about. She was a bit reluctant to let me go but she soon realised it was safe and she was allowed to run around. Off she went. Now when we enter the field there’s a sort of cross roads. You can go one way towards the park, one way up and over the hill or the final way into the orchards. I have taken Bella partially up the hill before but the orchards are a much nicer walk so we headed that way.

Bella went running of ahead of me. I had printed out a minibeast hunt checklist and a spring hunt checklist for Bella to do while we were out. She was carrying it and every now and then she’d stop to tell me what she had found going ‘Check!’

The orchards looked so pretty. Especially the cherry trees with their pink blossom. We continued on into the orchards with Bella and I chatting about the trees and what we could hear. Bella was really enjoying the freedom.

We didn’t see anyone on our walk until we were nearly home. There had been a few people enter the orchards as we were leaving. And then again we came across another family as we were leaving the field. I wasn’t very impressed as we were standing at the gate out of the field waiting to cross the main road to head back down the footpath to our house this family just walked straight at me. I actually had to pull Bella into the road and steer a large ark around them to try and keep the 2 meter rule. Thank god there was nothing coming. I just found it so rude as they didn’t seem to care. It’s people like this that don’t care about everyone else is why lockdown is going to be going on for so long. We’re suppose to be looking out for one and other and being kind. But nope!

When we got home Bella got out her pirate ship again. She happily sat on the carpet playing with the ship and had found her carriage from her castle. She’s becoming very good at using her imagination during this isolation time. It makes me proud that I can just leave her playing and not worry about entertaining her permanently. We seem to be reaching a little balance of me playing with Bella and her entertaining herself.

Now normally Bella goes to bed at 8pm. And the nation is clapping for the NHS at 8pm on a Thursday night. Tonight was the first night Bella was up for the clap for the NHS. I had been in the kitchen with the window open and Bella had come and joined me. I sat her up on the counter top so she could look out the window and hear everyone clapping. She was quite amazed by what she could hear. When she first heard the clapping she asked me what that noise was. I explained it was everyone clapping for all the doctors and nurses looking after all the sick people.

We then headed out on to the drive when we heard someone outside banging pots and pans. It turned out it was the children next door. I had suspected it was them last week when I heard the noise but hadn’t checked. I was glad that Bella got to join in and hear everyone.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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