Lockdown 2020 – Chocolate – 21st April 2020

This morning Bella had ballet. So we got up and I got her dressed into her ballet outfit. She wasn’t too happy that she had ballet but at least it gives her some form of routine. While Bella was taking part in her ballet lesson I was on the sofa sewing the bodice of Bella’s dress I was making. I needed to iron it down before I continued so I found the iron and ironing board and set about ironing it so it had nice crisp edges.

After ballet was finished Bella had some down time watching TV while eating some Easter eggs. I told her she could eat the eggs from her Easter egg hunt. Their small hollow Easter eggs so not too much chocolate in them. I told her she was allowed to eat three eggs and I was very impressed she counted them out to eat.

She happily sat eating. I was a bit naughty because I let her eat chocolate in her ballet leotard. I shouldn’t have but she wasn’t too messy and she’s gotten into the habit of washing her hands when they get sticky.

Once she’d finished she ran off to wash her hands and face and then I got her dressed for the day. Her great grandparents had bought her a little Easter dress so we popped that on her today.

She decided she was going to use me as a climbing this morning. She was climbing all over me and she loves it when I bounce her up and down on my legs or back. I got a good workout while she hung onto my legs and I did some crunchies. I was exhausted afterwards.

That afternoon Liam took her out into the greenhouse to plant some seeds. He had wanted to do it for the past week but this was the first chance he had really had. He had grabbed the steps from the kitchen so Bella could get up to the side in the greenhouse. I left them to it except to pop out to grab a photo of her planting some seeds.

I continued with sewing Bella’s dress. I’ll be extremely proud of myself if I can make it look half decant hand stitching it all. I can’t use a sewing machine. Mum used to have one but she never really learnt how to use it so used to hand stitch everything so I seem to be taking after her.

When Bella came back in from outside she came and sat with me while I sewed her dress. She had found Daly’s headset on the back of the sofa so was playing around with it being silly. I mean she sees all of us with our headsets so she knows what they do.

I finished my sewing for the afternoon and headed into the kitchen to start dinner.

After dinner Rachel turned up with this weeks shopping. She also brought with her some Easter nest cupcakes she had made. I had seen them on her Facebook and nearly messaged her to bring some round as we’d given her some Easter nest cakes we had made. Bless her she turned up with the cupcakes in a nice little cupcake box. Before bed I let Bella enjoy one to the cupcakes but with me eating her eggs. She’s gotten very good at giving me her mini eggs off her cakes.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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