Lockdown 2020 – Tantrums Glore – 17th April 2020

Today did not go well. I was very tired when I woke up so I started my day just getting up with Bella and getting her dressed. She first up was playing with her make up again. She was still unhappy because I wouldn’t let her use her nail varnish. She seemed to be setting up her little make boutique in the living room today.

Bella really wanted to go outside so of course I let her. It wasn’t too bad outside but it was a little bit chilly. Bella didn’t seem to bothered though. She was running around in the garden in her little summer dress and a pair of wellies. She of course played on the swing, like I keep saying she’s getting better at using the swing everyday.

Bella was asking me to take some photos of her while she was on the swing so I sat in the doorway and took some photos. I was actually using my phone to try and find Bella some sandals. She’s grown out of hers and obviously we can’t go to a shop and buy some. Well we could if it was a supermarket and I actually had the guts to go to the shop.

Bella changed what she was playing with and went to play in her house. She was saying she was cold so I told her to put her coat on and then she could continue to play outside. She did this.

As it started to get even colder I called her inside which she was not happy about at all. She ended up throwing a huge tantrum and then again when I told her she wasn’t having the TV on. I’m fed up of her constantly being glued to a screen. That was the end of the world. I told her she could have the TV back and possibly her iPad once she’d tided her room. She had absolutely trashed her room last night and I was not happy about it.

I sent her upstairs to tidy her room. Cue more screaming and crying. Daly had gone to pick up some shopping but called me while he was out. Upstairs Bella was stamping around and moaning about no TV.

She appeared at the top of the stairs a few times but I sent her back until she told me her room was tidied. I went upstairs to check it out. She had done a very child version of tidying. She had pushed everything to the sides of her room and also piled it all up on her bed. I told her she couldn’t sleep in her bed so therefore it wasn’t tidy. She carried on moaning about tidying her room. By the time Daly came home she declared her room tidy again so he went upstairs to check.

She had finally sorted it enough so she could sleep and there wasn’t toys all over the floor. She came back downstairs to join us. Daly, Liam and Bella continued with movie watching on the sofa together.

As I said a pretty chilled out week. With lots of film watching.

Satay safe. Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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