Lockdown 2020 – Happy Easter Everyone – 12th April 2020

Today is Easter. I had mentioned, in reply to Grant about our chocolate nests, we would try and send some over. This wouldn’t be too much of a stretch because Daly works round the corner from his parents and was switching to nights today. Well I thought it would be a nice idea to also send some decorated egg biscuits to them. We hadn’t decorated the biscuits yet as yesterday had been such a down day. So once we got dressed that was our main project for ourselves.

I raided the cupboards and pulled out all the different types of sprinkles and decorations we had. I then made up different coloured icing. I set all these up in different bowls along the counter top. I lined up five biscuits along a cooling rack and then let Bella get on with it. Bella had great fun icing all the eggs different colours, she had pink, blue and yellow icing. Once she iced them all she went along the line adding decorations. Bella decorated all the biscuits and once she’d decorated the first five she moved on to the next five biscuits.

This continued until all the biscuits were decorated. I had thought about leaving some plain but Bella wanted them all decorated. She’d used stars, silver balls, sprinkles and jelly beans.

Bella was a bit annoyed she had to wait for the biscuits to dry before she could try one. I planned on holding Bella’s Easter egg hunt once Daly was awake but not long after we finished decorating biscuits my chest started to hurt. I was a bit frustrated as I’ve been doing everything the doctor said but still these pains are just as bad. I tried to ease the pain with medicine and just trying to relax on the sofa.

As my chest was killing me I gave Bella her iPad. Bad parenting but her dad was asleep and I was in pain. I really didn’t need Bella running around and causing trouble.

I didn’t stop with my plans for the day, even though we’d changed the plan from the Easter egg hunt. I decided that we were going to make an Easter card for Grandma and Grandad. I thought it was a nice touch to go with her treats for them. I hunted out Bella’s Easter stencils so she could paint her card. She chose a bunny for her card. I held the stencil while she painted it.

While we popped it to one side to dry Bella wanted to use the other stencils to make some more cards. Next up was the chick and then she made the egg. Thankfully during this time my chest eased although it had wiped me out like normal.

Soon the bunny was dry and she could decorate it with sequins. She didn’t want to decorate it too much but it still looked cute. She even gave it an eye and some whiskers.

Bella chose some biscuits for Grandma and Grandad and I popped them all into a box with the Easter nests and with her card. I asked Daly if he could drop them round to his parents on his way to work.

I’m a bit gutted we weren’t able to do the Easter egg hunt but she wont know it didn’t happen on Easter Sunday (well until she reads this when she’s older) Daly and I decided we were do it tomorrow when I was feeling better.

Hope everyone had a good Easter.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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