Lockdown 2020 – Sleep eases tantrums – 11th April 2020

We started our morning with Babyballet’s Easter class. Her classes have moved to online sessions for the time being. This morning we were able to tune into the Live session. Normally we are just getting up when their classes start. Bella started her class just in a nappy. She then allowed me to dress her. She wanted to wear her Cinderella dress for the rest of the class. She did very well with her bend and stretches. She didn’t really want to do her good toes and naughty toes even with me joining in.

She finished up her class and it filled me with hope that she still loves ballet and wants to continue. I always worry about her and her ballet. I mean she seems like a wild child and completely unfocused at times. It really worries me but then I know she has the brains to focus when she really wants to.

Bella was pretty annoyed with me when I told her she wasn’t allowed in the garden in her Cinderella dress. I know I can wash them but with all the water and sand in the garden I can imagine her dress getting filthy and that is a road I didn’t want to go down.

As the day was beautiful outside I ended up hanging more washing on the line. As I said the other day I’m convinced Daly made me wash every shirt he ever owned. Our washing line was full of shirts and all the white items that needed washing. I’m hoping I’m nearing the end of all the washing. I’m fed up of hanging things on the washing line.

Now came the master task of sorting out all the washing that I had been doing over the last few days. Rather than organising them every day I was storing them all up to put everything away in one go. And boy was there a lot of washing. Mostly Dalys lol.

While I was organising all the washing and getting really to take it upstairs I needed something to distract Bella. She kept walking through my piles and knocking them over. So yes distraction was needed. However a distraction it turns out was not what Bella needed. She was extremely grumpy. I figured she must be tired. I mean there’s only so many tears and tantrums I could take. I took her upstairs thinking she could do with a nap. She fought me a little bit but within two minutes of being in her bed she was asleep.

Mummy was right a nap was needed. I finished up the washing piles and took some upstairs but left Daly’s for him to take up. As Bella was asleep and I’d finished my housework for the day I went on the PlayStation. Time for a bit more GTA. I think I’m becoming a little bit addicted. I managed to enjoy about an hour and a half of uninterrupted PlayStation playing before Bella woke up.

I must have been right about Bella, she seemed in a much better mode once she woke up. A nap had been the right move. When she woke up we pulled out her Easter busy bag to play with. Inside was the bricks to match. She was a little confused with the eggs on one side and Easter items on the opposite so I put them all the same way round so she could at least match the right things together. While Bella was playing with her bricks I sat and enjoyed a cup of tea.

As the afternoon went on we watched an Easter classic in my household. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was on so Bella and I settled down to watch that. I used to end up watching this every Easter weekend but hadn’t seen it in ages. I was wondering what Bella was going to make of the child catcher. I remember he used to scare the life out of me when I was a kid but Bella didn’t seem too fussed.

A nice relaxed day at home was definitely needed.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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