Lockdown 2020 – The PlayStation is taking over the living room – 9th April 2020

Today was a bit more like yesterday. PlayStation and playing in the garden.

I had a lot of washing to get out on the line as it was nice and sunny outside. I had so much washing that needed to be done and put out to dry. It seemed like I had all of the white shirts that Daly had ever owned. I’ve never seen so many shirts in one go. While I was hanging out all the washing Bella came out into the garden to join me. Once again she was trying to use her swing and was swinging back and forth. We have to keep reminding her that it’s called a swing and not a seesaw. She keeps telling me she’s on her seesaw.

Over lunch Bella came back inside like normal and I put Nick Jr on the TV for her. I swear we’ve seen the same flipping Nick Jr episodes about 20 times. I am not convinced they have many episodes and shows. It just seems to be the same thing on all the time. I mean their showing the new Mighty Pups episodes and I’m sure I’ve only seen about 3 episodes even though Nick Jr has been on all the time.

While Bella was enjoying her lunch and Paw Patrol I was back on the PlayStation. I’ve really got into playing GTA at the moment. With Daly playing as well and so I can keep an eye on Bella my PlayStation and TV are currently set up in the living room in the corner. I’ve been trying to do a few missions so I can make up my money. Of course everything revolves around money.

Daly eventually came and joined us and took over the living room TV. He was on GTA and Bella was happily playing in the room.

As the day progressed Bella wanted to go back to doing cutting. We pulled out the Argos catalogue and I found Bella’s scissors. She happily sat and cut out items she wanted.

She also wanted to do some colouring so I gave her some Easter colouring sheets I had printed off for her. They were a range of pictures such as daffodils, chicks and eggs. They seemed to keep Bella busy up until dinner time.

After dinner we all settled back into the living room and playing on the PlayStation. Liam was set up in the dinning room and we’d managed to connect with Zach online. Liam was busy playing Apex but we were able to hear him over the headsets.

I set Bella up with an Easter cutting and sticking activity which was brilliant for practicing her cutting skills. It was a task to decorate a Easter bonnet. Bella cut out the decorations to go on it such as eggs, bunnies, chicks and flowers. She was very happy with her bonnet when it was finished.

Once Bella had finished her bonnet it was bed time so I sent her up to bed following our normal bedtime routine. I settled her in bed with a story before heading back downstairs to play on the PlayStation.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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