Lockdown 2020 – Gaming Household – 8th April 2020

Daly’s off today. I wonder what he’s going to do today. Liam has been sorting out our greenhouse so we can become a little bit self sufficient in this crisis. Only problem was I only have flower seeds. I don’t grow vegetables. I mean I lucky if I can get the flowers to grow so I’ve never attempted vegetables. I used to have  little flower patch in our old garden because my dad had this huge vegetable patch but when we moved here it kinda wasn’t a thing.

As I was making myself a cup of tea – shock, horror I made my own cup of tea. There was a knock on the door and it was the seeds Liam had asked to be picked up for him. Liam was still in bed so I took charge of the seeds and went to enjoy my tea.

Our morning started with the boys watching films. Daly had tried to stay up after work and had gone and done the shopping for us. Even though I leave it to Rachel so Daly doesn’t have to go out more often than needed. On the kitchen side was two bags of shopping. I thought Rachel maybe had come round really early and then I realised that the recipe had a milkshake on it and that would have been Daly.

Anyways, back to the films. Liam and Daly (once they’d both woken up) sat and watched the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. They weren’t impressed that I’d never seen it before and the fact I kept rolling out Lion, the Witch and Wardrobe facts. I loved the books as a kid and my uncle had bought me one every year for my birthday. The only book I actually don’t have is the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. But apparently I was ruining the film for them.

When Bella lost interest in the film we started on her Easter bonnet. I had seen that the Faversham Carnival Club were running an Easter hat competition and I thought that at least gave us a purpose to make an Easter bonnet. I filled a tray with items she could decorate her hat with and some ribbons to choose between.

First job was choosing the ribbon. Bella wanted a purple ribbon so I sewed that on to the hat before letting her decorate it. She chose what she wanted to put on her hat I just added a bit of hot glue to the item and then let her put it on the hat wherever she wanted. It certainly tested my perfectionism but she was proud of the hat she made.

The next step of taking a photo and sending it to the carnival club was a little harder. She did not want to stand still for a photo like normal. I ended up chasing her round the garden and through the house. I still wasn’t fully happy so I thought I’d leave it for a little bit and come back to it.

Of course being out in the garden meant Bella wanted to play outside. It was lovely and warm outside. We had found her flip flops so she didn’t have to keep walking around in her wellies outside with the weather getting nice. The bit hit in the garden was of course the swing again. Everyday she seems to be getting more confident using it and her ability to swing is getting better.

Now Daly was bored and we discussed going on the PlayStations. I am severely at a disadvantage when it comes to games as I only have GTA. We did discuss going on COD but in the end Daly joined me on GTA while Liam played a different game. I can tell one day Bella is going to be a gamer girl. If I got up to go to the kitchen or the toilet by the time I got back Bella was sat in my seat with my headset on chatting away and playing with the controller. It’s so cute.

We had a very chilled out day with Bella running in and out of the house playing and us playing on the PlayStations (I always keep one ear uncovered from the headset so I’m aware of what Bella is doing and where she is)

When it came to dinner Daly wanted pizza but not any pizza he wanted Dominos. And I gave in like an idiot. So we ended up having a pizza picnic on the living room floor for dinner. Liam had encouraged me to order a cheeseburger pizza and I have to say it was a good choice. It was very similar to a cheeseburger. Hopefully that gave me a bit of a McDonalds double cheeseburger fix for the time being.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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