Lockdown 2020 – Easter is starting – 7th April 2020

Thankfully I’m feeling a little bit better today. My immune system has received it’s get up and go and it’s finally doing it’s job. Bella wanted to start her morning with a picnic so that’s what we did. We laid out the picnic blanket and the plates and had a picnic for breakfast. Maybe I should actually make her little mini picnic for breakfast one day. I bet she’d like that.

After our picnic I set about starting todays learning activities. First up was a little bit of maths and this time it was putting objects in size order from smallest to largest. Bella was really good at this and didn’t need any help at all. First I had given her some Easter bunnies to put in order and she did that so quickly I gave her some Easter eggs. She was even able to use correct language to describe the bunnies and eggs.

Once she’d finished I popped the resources away but she seemed to enjoy the activity so much she soon pulled them back out. I was happy that she was enjoying her learning and taking it in to her own hands. It turns out they had also posted on her nursery page about ordering objects by size so it was obviously a good plan.

As Bella seemed so interested in her learning today I pulled out another resource I had created. This time instead of sorting things by size she needed to sort them by colour. I placed all the coloured eggs in a basket and then she had to pull them out and match them to the right coloured basket. This activity she didn’t like so much a quickly became bored.

Now for some reason today Bella will not stop eating. She’s been snacking all morning and just before lunch she wanted some fruit. Not that I’m ever going to say no to offering her fruit. I first offered her an apple but she wasn’t interested in that so I offered her a banana. That she accepted but then wanted an apple as well. This girl is a nightmare at times lol.

She ran off with her fruit back to the living room to continue watching TV, while we had our quite time and I had some lunch.

Soon after though Bella wanted to go outside to play. It was a beautiful day outside so of course she was allowed. First up was the swing. She’s getting better using it. She’s getting the idea of bringing her feet out from under her so she is able to swing herself without any help.

I have to say I absolutely loved her outfit today. Daly said she looked like a flower child or something. But she looked so cute in her pastel trousers and a white frilly top. It especially looked cute with her wearing her starfish jewellery she got for her birthday. It just tied it all together. I spent the whole day trying to get a photo of her in it. You can tell she’s a photographers child because she wanted no such photo taken.

Bella continued to play outside until it was dinner time and I called her inside to play. I like her to be inside when I’m inside just to stop her being tempted to go next door through the fence. Inside she entertained herself with the Argos catalogue. Using child safe scissors she was going through nd cutting out all the toys she liked. Something she must remember doing at Christmas as that’s how we make her Christmas list. She found parts for her dolls she wanted and a Cinderella carriage.

She even cut out the castle she had received for her birthday. Once I reminded her that she actually owned that castle we pulled it out for her to play with. She found the princess and I left her happily playing with that while I went into the kitchen to cook.

Little did I know that while I was looking my little monkey was going to appear behind me with a lolly stick claiming she had a moustache. It was incredibly cute and she actually let me take a photo of her making silly faces in the kitchen doorway. I saw this as my chance to get some photos of her in her pretty outfit. I grabbed her and we headed outside.

I thought by the daffodils would be a pretty spot but as soon as I wanted to take her photo the arguing and moaning started. I’d been trying all day for this photo and I was going to get one. Luckily Liam helped me out. I had found a cute spot amongst the daffodils so all Liam picked her up and popped her in the middle.

Turns out she was quickly happy for me to take her photo. We started with a bit of peek a boo and then she wanted to smell the flowers. I’m so glad I eventually managed to get a photo. I mean I know I take photos all the time but a nice proper photo is rare to get of Bella.

I went to finish dinner while Liam and Bella played in the living room. Watching a bit of Paw Patrol.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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