Lockdown 2020 – It’s just a cold I hope – 5th April 2020

Today I was even sicker. I felt like death. I had barely slept because I couldn’t breath and I had tried everything I had found on the internet. I also kept checking my symptoms to see if it was Covid19 or just a simple cold. It doesn’t help that when you look into all the symptoms and there’s news articles saying that a rare symptom is nasal congestion and a runny nose. I was so paranoid I was taking my temperature ever hour. Thankfully my temperature never got anywhere near 37 degrees.

I had had a very broken night of sleep and taken two showers during the night to try and help me breath and open up my air ways. It hadn’t really worked though. I got up when Bella got up. Downed two glasses of orange juice and some cold and flu tablets. When we were down stairs I made Bella some breakfast and tried to eat some fruit for all the good vitamins. I was still very miserable and feeling like crap.

As the morning went on Bella wanted to do some playdough so I pulled out some of the playdough mats I had made and we sat up to the table. Again I was googling how to get rid of the congestion and it always says soup is good for aiding a cold. Thankful Rachel had picked me up some soups a few weeks back so I cooked one of them and sat with Bella at the table to eat it.

Bella was using some spring playdough mats where she had to try and make things such as rabbits and chicks. Instead she wanted to use the cutters so I let her get on with that. I felt too yuck to argue with her and it wasn’t hurting anyone if she wanted to use the cutters.

She soon got bored of the playdough and wanted to head outside. I had had the door open to let some fresh air in and decided to head out with her. I once again set up my garden chair with my little table next to me for my tea and orange juice. I sat and played my games on my iPad while Bella played in the garden. I’ve found sitting outside seems to be helping my breathing a little but not fully. I thought I’d give myself a little help by having a quick shower and using the steam to open my air ways.

When I jumped out of the shower I went back down stairs and outside. I gathered a few pillows and a blanket to lay on the grass so I could lay down and enjoy the weather. Bella was happily playing in her car and driving around the patio.

I soon gave up being outside though as I couldn’t breathe. This led to the rest of the day me switching between steaming my head with olbas oil, downing as much orange juice and water as I could, taking cold and flu tablets when it was time and taking hot showers. By Bella’s bed time I was thoughly miserable especially as steaming my head and a hot shower had not opened my air ways at all and I couldn’t breathe.

I climbed into bed propped up by countless pillows and did another Google search. It said tea could help, as would plenty of fluids, sleeping up right and preventing blowing your nose (that’s where I think I was going wrong) It also said to sleep in a cold dark room so I opened the window slightly and turned the fan on. Turned off the TV and settled down. As well as all that advice I took my last cold and flu tablets for the day, dabbed a bit of olbas oil on my pillow and I’ve also stolen Bella’s Calpol plug in at the moment. I’m willing to try anything and now it’s time to sleep.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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