Lockdown 2020 – Time to ice some biscuits – 2nd April 2020

This morning started with Bella playing doctors with her babies. However instead of staying in her playroom she dragged all her baby stuff into the living room so she could play. She popped on her doctors jacket and looked after her poorly babies. She used all the equipment from her doctors bag making sure to take her baby’s temperature and check their heart.

I spent my morning like normal, trying to wake up while scrolling through facebook. I stumbled upon one of those fun bingo boards on my old uni cheer squads page and thought I’d give it a go to see how much uni cheer has changed in 10 years. Turns out not much. Out of 24 things I had completed 16 during my uni years.

Once I’d finally woken up we moved on with our activities for the day. First up was decorating our daffodil biscuits we had made. Rachel had managed to get me some jelly tots to use as the trumpets of the daffodils. I made up the yellow icing and we cracked on with icing the biscuits.

Once they were all iced Bella added in the jelly tot trumpets. Of course, once we’d finished icing them Bella wanted to try them. I told her she had to wait until the icing had dried. She wasn’t happy with that but went off to play.

We had some Angel Delight for lunch. Like you do. Bella seemed to really like the strawberry flavoured one. Sorry Daly you’ve got some competition.

After lunch Bella went outside to play for a little bit. She practiced kicking her ball before she decided to change activity. She found a sponge and went round the garden cleaning everything using the water from the rhino bucket.

Bella had so much fun playing in the garden. She is truly is an outdoor girl. I’m so grateful we have a garden for Bella to run around in.

That was it for today haha. We didn’t actually do much.

Stay safe,

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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