Lockdown 2020 – My sister is better than yours – 1st April 2020

This morning started with a little bit more Disney. We watch Fantasia this morning. Bella was absorbed into it. She really enjoyed when Mickey was on screen and the unicorns. It seemed to be a hit with her. I turned it off before the last few pieces. They’re a bit too dark for me and as a kid I was bored by that point so never really saw the end of it anyways.

We then moved on to learning. Our first activity was shape bingo. It was a good chance for Bella to practice her shape names again. She is still struggling with squares and rectangles but she has mastered oval.

After some maths Bella moved on to playing with her foam letter and number pieces that slot together to form a mat. I had planned on trying to find all the number pieces and put them together for Bella to try and learn her numbers but she had other ideas.

While she was playing I sat at the table to get some work down and have some soup. I’ve bee feeling a bit ropy the last day or two so was hoping some soup might make me feel better.

I enjoyed my soup and got a bit of work down and then the craving for doughnuts returned. I thought second time lucky. So I gave them another go. This time went slight better. The dough seemed to be cooked all the way through.

I carried my finished doughnuts back to the table to enjoy them while watching a bit of 16 and pregnant. It turns out they weren’t great. They were burnt on the outside and barely cooked in the middle.

Bella wanted to give them a try but turns out she didn’t like them either. So it turns out doughnuts can not be cooked. They just hate me. Maybe another day I’ll have some luck. Bella wanted to try them so I happily let her give them a taste. Turns out she didn’t like them either. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

That evening Rachel brought round my shopping for the week. I had asked for a bottle of wine but didn’t think she’d be able to get the one I like as it seems to only be found in ASDA. Just after she’d dropped it off I spotted a bottle of wine peeping out of the bag.

And things got even better, when I was putting the shopping away I discovered another bottle of wine hiding under the crisps. She really is an absolute star. I hate that I’m asking her to do our shopping but if it’s what I need to do to keep myself and my family safe I guess I’ll do it. Rachel always reassures me that she’s happy to pick up our shopping and she’d rather do it than me catching the dreaded Covid19.

What a nice way to finish the day, finding two bottles of wine.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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