Lockdown 2020 – Doughnuts are a no go – 29th March 2020

It was a little bit chilly today. So I wasn’t a huge fan of the back door being open but Bella wanted to go outside. I gave in to try and prevent arguments. Luckily I seem to have an angel of a child at the moment. No tantrums or arguments the last two days and I didn’t want to anger the beast.

Bella popped her coat on and wellies which we’ve made a little spot by the back door for. I mean she doesn’t need her coat near the front door I’m not planning on her heading out that way for a bit. So she put her coat and wellies on and headed out. I ended up sitting in the doorway, leaning on the beanbag and hiding under a blanket to try and stay warm while I supervised.

First Bella started her fun outside playing with her scooter. She scooted around the patio. She’s getting pretty good at scooting.

She then got the spots out and laid them around the patio and garden. She was jumping from one to the other and then using them as cones to scoot between.

Once she’d got bored of the spots and scooter she decided to use her sensory bin. I had been moving it into the garden everytime Bella went outside to play. She pretended to plant some flowers again using the same method she had used the other day with the stone in the bottom of the pot.

It soon became too cold for me to sit outside or in the doorway and it was also lunch time so I called Bella inside. We sat and had some lunch before we started our afternoon fun.

Where I had tidied Bella’s playroom up, she had found a few toys she had forgotten about. One of those things being my old recorder that I’d saved from my dad throwing it out when he moved out. I thought it would be another instrument for Bella to add to her collection. She pulled it out and then processed around the living room playing it. Recorders really do make one irritating sound. It goes straight through your brain.

Thankfully she didn’t end up playing with it for long and soon moved on to another activity. Now we were drawing and colouring. She’s been enjoying drawing and colouring since nursery closed. It’s nice that I can just give her the equipment and just let her imagination go.

I carried on trying to warm up on the sofa under a blanket. I can’t seem to get warm at the moment. But then again I find if I get cold I really struggle to get warm again. One of the perks of my narcolepsy it seems. I’ve been watching quite a bit of e4 during the day. I’ve been binge watching Brooklyn Nine Nine recently.

While sitting on the sofa I started to crave doughnuts. Now I know that isn’t a good enough reason to leave the house. Also the idea of leaving the house scares the life out of me. I mean lockdown when you have mild agoraphobia is just asking for trouble. I mean my anxiety about being stuck in the house and discovering I was running low on my anxiety meds Friday has caused my anxiety to rocket. And I’ve been trying to get a doctors appointment as I needed a medication review to get my anxiety meds. And at the moment you have to ring up to book an appointment. So drama!

Anyways I really wanted doughnuts but refused to go out to get any. Instead I did a bit of googling. I hit a bit of a snag though as all the recipes required yeast. Now yeast is not an ingredients I have in my cupboards. So I tried a new Google search, this time for a recipe without yeast. I found a recipe that used bicarbonate of soda instead – so baking powder, and that we have in the cupboard so I thought I’d give it a go.

I suck at cooking so wasn’t expecting them to go amazingly but I’ve been get better so I figured it could work. I made the dough, turned on the deep fat fryer and set to making the doughnuts.

Yep! Epic fail. I can not cook. Although I have to say I felt better once I spoke to Rachel. Now she can cook. She has made all of Bella’s birthday cakes, her christening cake, our wedding cake, I mean she amazing at baking but turns out doughnuts stump her too. I didn’t want to give up completely on them so I wrapped up the dough and popped it into the fridge to come bake to another day. Liam had also suggested it could be because the dough was too warm so I was going to try cooling it.

The rest of the day was pretty chilled. No more cooking fails.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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