Lockdown 2020 – It’s offically Lockdown – 24th March 2020

It’s official. We’re on lockdown. Although there’s so much argument over it because the Prime Minister didn’t use the term lockdown. Let’s see we’re not aloud out of the house unless we’re going out for essential shopping (all shops have closed except one’s deemed essential), for medical reasons, one form of exercise a day or to go to work if you’re a key worker or unable to work from home. Short of having police and the army stationed outside houses I think we’re almost there.

Anyways I had a simple activity planned for this morning. Shape Bingo. I do love Twinkl. The house is becoming full of resources. I set up the shape bingo on the carpet but as it was a nice day I had opened the door. That was a bad idea. Bella didn’t want to sit in the house and play shape bingo, instead she wanted to play outside. A little bit different to what I had planned but I used to work as SEN TA so I’m used to plans being thrown out of the window straight away and adapting to the child. So instead I let Bella play outside.

She tried a little bit of gardening in one of mum’s old planters with her mini garden tools. And of course was playing in her little house. With the weather being so nice I’m happy for Bella to play.

Little bit frustrating though, next doors fence fell down during all the storms and apparently their landlord is trying to say it’s our fence – it isn’t, we have our own little fence but they have a six foot wooden fence which funnily enough the same fence the landlord fixed when they first moved in. Anyways because we have this massive gap in their fence and they also have a little girl the two kids keep wanting to play together and it’s really hard to get them to understand that they can’t go into each other’s gardens or get to close.

After an hour or so out in the garden Bella decided she wanted to come in and actually participate in shape bingo. We each had two bingo cards and then had to choose shape cards that were facedown in between us. Bella did really well and remembered a few of the shapes names from yesterday. I helped her with remembering ‘circle’ and she muddles square and rectangle together and has come up with a new shape name – ‘squaretangle’

After shape bingo Bella wanted to play picnics again. The great thing is, as I may have mentioned, the picnic foods are various different shapes. We played for a little bit with me asking questions and then I left it to the picnic basket. It has a setting on it so you can set it to teach about shapes.

Halfway through playing Bella wanted to move our picnic to the back door so we could sit in the sun. She’s like a cat looking for the sun spots. We played for a little longer and then it was time free play.

The rest of the day was pretty chilled. I had planned on painting rainbows to go in our window but as Bella had done that yesterday I thought I’d leave her to it. While I sat and organised bits and sorted out bits on the laptop Bella happily watched Disney+. I had stayed up until midnight last night to log in a use it.

Although that hadn’t quite gone to plan. Just after I’d downloaded and started watching I ended up in A and E again with chest pains. I just want something for the pain so I don’t feel I’m taking up their time when they have bigger things to worry about at the moment. I know they haven’t got the time or resources to investigate why I’m in so much pain or what’s causing in but I think if they could give me some damn good painkillers I might not end up on the phone to 111 being told I need to go in and get checked out.

So our afternoon was a chilled one.

That’s our first day of lockdown done. Let’s see how this goes for the next few weeks.

Stay safe

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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