Bella’s Birthday 2020 – Peppa Pig World Day 1 – 21st February 2020

It’s Bella’s birthday! Oh my, where have the last 3 years gone. We all ended up sleeping in this morning. I’m guessing Bella’s bouncing tired us all out. Zach and I were the first ones up followed by Daly. I woke Bella up but she wasn’t happy about it. Even the idea of seeing Peppa Pig wouldn’t get her to stir. In the end I had to pick her up out of her bed and pop her in bed with Daly. That worked. She wasn’t happy but she woke up.

We started our morning by Daly heading off to get Zach and I a Costa while we got dressed. I then gave Bella a few presents for her birthday. I chose the most useful ones for the day. She settled down on Daly and I’s bed and ripped into them.

She was very happy with her new wellies and instantly wanted to put them on. I guessed that would be a useful present to bring with us and give to her this morning. It wasn’t suppose to be wet today but it had rained all of yesterday so I guessed they’d keep her dry from the puddles.

She also received a new water bottle and a Peppa Pig book this morning. We filled the water bottle and popped it in her bag and took it with us.

Daly returned with our drinks and we started to make a move to Peppa Pig world. Bella and I sat in the back of the car playing snap with cards.

We were only a 15 minute drive away so it didn’t take us long to get to Peppa Pig world. When we got there the main car park was full so we were directed into the second car park.

We parked up and bundled up in layers. It was cold. Because of that we popped Bella into her Frozen onesie. We loaded up the pram and headed towards the parks entrance.

I had already bought our tickets so it was pretty quick to make our way through the gates. Bella’s height wasn’t even debated, they just let her straight in.

We made our way in and asked Bella where she wanted to go first. She had a look at the map with Daly and decided she wanted to head towards Peppa Pig world. So that’s where we headed.

On our way over towards Peppa Pig world, Bella spotted the entrance to Critter Creek. She could see the mini rollercoaster in this area and wanted to see what was in this area.

She wanted to go on the little train first and after enjoying this ride she wanted to go on her first rollercoaster. She was just tall enough so I thought why not. I mean if she got too scared watching it while in the line we could easily jump out. Zach joined us in the queue with the view if there was enough space on the rollercoaster he’d go in the seat behind us.

Sadly when we got to go on we were the last carriage so Zach was unable to come on with us. He did take a nice photo of us once we were settled in the carriage before going to stand with Daly to watch. I was a little bit concerned about taking Bella on the rollercoaster but she was adamant she wanted to go on. Turns out I had nothing to be worried about, she absolutely loved it. She sat beside me giggling and saying ‘weee!’

When we got off of the ride we went to look at the ride photo. We decided to purchase the photo as it was Bella’s first rollercoaster. We ended up purchasing a photo pass at it was far more cost effective. You end up getting four photos for the price of two and a half.

We then started to make our way back towards Peppa Pig World. However we were side tracked once again. Bella spotted the carousel and decided she wanted to give it a go. I was so excited as Bella is now big enough to sit on the horses. She didn’t seem to thrilled about sitting on a horse but she soon warmed up once she was sat on it. We ended up sitting on a horse that rocked rather than went up and down. Luckily I noticed and we were able to quickly change horses.

Bella absolutely loved the carousel. She was grinning and waving to Daly as we went round. Mum absolutely loved carousels so it was a bit emotional for me finally getting Bella on a horse and her enjoying it.

Once we were off the carousel we eventually made it into Peppa Pig World.

As we walked through the gate we asked Bella where she wanted to go. She spotted the castle and told us she wanted to go on there. It’s one of those sort of sky train rides that takes you over parts of Peppa Pig World. So we ditched the pram at the bottom of the stairs and joined the queue for The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride. The queue said it was 20 minutes long but it didn’t feel like it was that long. Soon we made it to the top of the stairs and soon were welcomed into one of the queens coach.

Bella decided she wanted to sit with me so Zach and Daly sat opposite us. It was a lovely relaxing ride and we were able to get a good look at all the other rides in Peppa Pig World.

The ride soon came back into the castle and we got off. Bella was very grumpy to get of the ride but we quickly distracted her with the idea of another ride.

We took a walk around and past George’s Dinosaur Adventure. Bella wasn’t interested in that though. She saw Daddy Pig’s car ride and wanted to go on that one. Bella and Daly went on it together which was cute. It was nice they were going to have a daddy daughter ride.

The queue was a little bit of a wait so Zach and I hung around waiting for them to go on. I ended up trying to find a good spot to take photos. It turns out that isn’t any except standing in the exit gate. I chatted to the worker helping people off the ride while I waited.

Bella and Daly made it to the front of the queue and climbed into their car. They made their way around the track. Apparently Bella was driving daddy to the pub according to Daly.

When they made their way off the ride we headed to find some food. Zach and I had discussed going to find some while Bella was on the ride. We were all hungry so it seemed like a good idea. We walked back through the park to the entrance where the main restaurant was.

When we made it to the restaurant it was packed. Of course it was. Despite this we managed to find a table. As we walked in a family was leaving so we instantly grabbed that table and take a seat. A member of staff came over and cleaned the table commenting on how it was meant to be as this table was just perfect for us. We sat and had a look at the menus and Zach and Daly then went us to order. They quickly returned to the table though to inform us that it was over an hours wait for food. We had seen a few of those outdoor food stalls so decided to head back into the park to grab food. We had made the decision to go out for a proper meal later to celebrate Bella’s birthday so we only needed something to keep us going for the rest of the afternoon in the park. We had our drinks in the restaurant and then walked back into the park. Zach and I had needed hot drinks to warm us up.

We walked back to Critter Creek and bought us adults a cheeseburger each and Bella a portion of fries. I had brought some snacks with me so I knew she had some other bits to eat. We decided instead of heading back to Peppa Pig world now we’d head back about half 3 (so an hour and a half before the park closed) as we thought it might be quieter.

We headed over to the Lost Kingdom. Bella was a bit upset as she was complaining she was cold so I snuggled her up under my scarf to try and warm her up. She cheered up once she had her fries. They must have been warming her up as well.

As we walked into the Lost Kingdom we had a little wander around to see what we could find and Bella discovered the Dinosaur Tour Co. A little car tour a bit like Jurassic Park but without it breaking down and a T-rex trying to eat you.

We joined the queue and as we walked through the entrance I noticed a sign saying ‘No food or drink beyond this point’. Now Bella still had her box of fries and was walking along the queue eating them. I told Daly, that as we got closer to front of the queue, that he would need to put her fries in his pocket so we didn’t get in trouble. As well as the sign at the entrance over the speakers it was constantly mentioned not to feed the dinosaurs. I told Daly to make sure he didn’t feed them. When I wasn’t telling Daly not to feed the dinosaurs I was badly singing the Jurassic Park theme.

We eventually made it to the front of the queue. Daly had hidden the fries in her pocket and kept pulling one out and offering it to Zach and I going ‘ wanna chip?’ As if it was a dodgy deal. Bella wanted to sit in the front with Daly so Zach and I were sat in the back. I videoed our whole little tour while Daly sat in the front offering the dinosaurs chips. It was a good laugh. There were even a few dinosaurs along the way who squirted water.

When we got off the ride you had to exit through the shop. We stopped to have a look at the photo from the ride but sadly due to Daly being so tall you couldn’t see Zach sat behind him. Bella being Bella was instantly drawn to the soft toys in the shop. She had a look at all the dinosaurs and Daly was showing her some of them but she ended up settling on a blue diplodocus. We paid and she proudly left carrying her new dinosaur.

We had a look at the few little stalls near the ride but we decided to head back towards Peppa Pig World to finish off our day. As we headed back we spotted a penny machine that squishes pennies and puts an image on them. I collect these and between us we managed to find a pound and a penny so we could have a go. I chose the design I wanted but let Bella squash it with Daly’s help. Happy we’d squashed the penny we carried on towards Peppa Pig World.

Now Bella really wanted to go on the Miss Rabbit Helicopter ride. The queue had been huge all day but we decided to chance it. The queue wasn’t too bad but it took a while to get through it. Eventually we made it too the front of the queue and could climb into our very own helicopter. Bella sat with daddy in the front while Zach and I were at the back. Daly and Zach were pretending they were in an attack helicopter as we went round and round. It’s a bit like a Ferris wheel.

It took us a while to get off it as they unload each helicopter and load each helicopter once the ride finishes. We were the last helicopter to be unloaded so we had a lovely view over the park while each of the other helicopters were filled.

When we got off the ride Bella wanted to go onto the Windy Castle ride. Bella had had a chance to look around and choose what she wanted to do next after the helicopter. So we headed that way.

Next to the Windy Castle was Madame Gazelle’s School House. Inside there was a photo opportunity so we headed in there first before heading to the Windy Castle queue. Now one thing I will say is they were so good about letting you take your own photos even though it is one of those set ups with a camera and you can buy the photos. After a little encouragement from me, Bella went and stood with George and Peppa figures and held their hands for the photo. With our Photo Pass we felt we had to get a copy as this was the whole reason we were here.

We left the school house and went round to the Windy castle. I took Bella on the ride but because the queues for rides were virtually non existent I didn’t really have a chance to see what the ride did. It’s like two mini Ferris wheels attached to a castle tower. I thought the Ferris wheels were just raised to the top of the tower and then did their thing. Boy was I wrong. We got into our little pod in the Ferris wheel and up we went. Everything spins on this ride. The Ferris wheels go round like a normal Ferris wheel. Then the castle tower you’re on also spins round. As well as the pods your sat in. They spin round as well then stop and spin the opposite way. Man did I feel sick when I got off. It did stand up to it’s name though. The wind had started to pick up so when you were at the top of the tower the Ferris wheel was swaying. Not a fun ride for me at all. Zach and Daly were laughing at me when I got off complaining how sick I felt.

While we’d been sat on the ride I had asked Bella what she wanted to do next. While we were in the air she had spotted Grandpa Pig’s Boat Trip. Daly had told her it was time to go home when we got off of the Windy Castle but I had already told Bella she could go on the boats. We agreed this would be the last ride of the day and we’d be back tomorrow so she could go on any other rides then.

Again the queue was non existent and we walked straight on. Bella chose her boat and on we got. Bella sitting at the front driving the boat while I sat behind. Again I hadn’t had a chance to work out what the ride did. I thought the boats just went round in a circle but not only that they also went up and down. Bella loved this ride and pretended to steer the boat. She noticed that the boat bobbing up and down in front of us was splashing us so she was giggling and laughing everytime she got splashed. As we got off the ride the worker operating it noticed Bella’s birthday badge and wished her happy birthday. She tried to give Bella a high five but she can be a little bit funny about physical touch from strangers so instead the lady pulled a funny face at her.

As with a lot of places to leave the site you have to leave through the shop. We had a little look while we were heading to the exit. We managed to avoid all the Peppa Pig toys thankfully but Daly and Zach took Bella to look at all the soft toys. Bella became attached to a unicorn teddy (she has a huge thing for unicorns) so Zach bought it for her while Bella and I headed out through the exit and back towards the car.

We loaded up the car and Daly asked me to SAT NAV to a garage and a restaurant for dinner. I sat in the back with Bella while she snuggled with her unicorn and directed Daly. After the quick pitstop at the garage we headed off to a Harvester. We do love a Harvester for a birthday meal.

Eventually we pulled up at the Harvester and got out. When we checked in to see if there was any tables we were asked if we’d booked. We hadn’t but thankfully the waiter was able to fit us in. We were shown to our table and settled down for dinner.

It was nice to have a little family dinner. Bella was a little up and down during dinner but she wasn’t too much trouble. The waitress had spotted Bella’s badge and when it came to time for the dessert she brought out Bella’s ice cream with a candle on it and the whole restaurant sang Happy Birthday. Bella honestly couldn’t believe her eyes. It was the cutest thing ever.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel and Bella opened the rest of her presents that we had brought with us as well as a few cards. Bella had great fun opening her presents and then spent the rest of the evening playing with them while us adults chilled out and watched TV. Then it wasn’t long before we all headed to bed.

Bella had an amazing third birthday. I’m so glad we were able to do something so fun and different.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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