Bella’s Birthday 2020 – Traveling to the South – 20th February 2020

We are off for a few days away for Bella’s birthday. We are taking her away to Paultons Park to go a visit Peppa Pig.

We had thought about getting up early especially as I planned on going into town before we head down to Hampshire. That, however, did not happen. Bella came into us at 9am telling us that it was sunny outside and to get up. I was really struggling to wake up though so instead I managed to persuade Bella to climb into bed with us and snuggle down. She happily climbed in over me and curled up under the duvet. She must have been tired because not long after she climbed in she ended up falling asleep.

In the end we woke up at 10.30am when Liam came in and woke us up. We got up and started to get ready for the travelling ahead of us. I made Bella and I some breakfast and Daly packed the car. Once he’d finished we settled down while Bella played. She had found the bag of toys I had packed for our trip so had pulled it all out and was happily colouring on the sofa. We were running a bit late and I still needed to go into town.we thought it would be easier for Daly to get Bella ready while I quickly ran into town.

I managed to pick up what I needed from town and by the time I got back Bella was ready. I quickly packed up the rest of our stuff into the car and we decided to make a move. We were heading to pick up Zach first as he was coming with us to celebrate Bella’s birthday

We said goodbye to Liam and hit the road. We got to Zachs and stopped for about half an hour so we could see Cathy and Nathan before we headed off.

Bella and I went up to the house and knocked on the door. Nathan answered the door to us. We went in and found Zach and Cathy on the sofas in the living room. While I made myself comfy next to Cathy, after a hug with Nathan, Bella raided their toy cupboard. She pulled out the checkers board and her and Zach settled down to play while I showed Cathy the photos from Bella’s birthday photo shoot.

After a bit of catching up with Nathan and Cathy we decided we should probably make a move. Zach went and grabbed his bags and we said our goodbyes. We loaded the car up and set off on our way. We took a quick swing by Sainsburys to buy some snacks and then hit the motorways.

I settled in the back with Bella and we settled down to watch Cinderella.

We stopped at Clacket lane services for a quick pit stop and I picked up a Costa. Bella and I can’t do a road trip with our gingerbread man and latte. Once we had our Costa we headed back on the road.

We continued to watch Cinderella. It was a pretty uneventful journey. It had started uneventful journey. It had started in torrential rain but it gradually cleared up the further west we got. Daly and Zach we’re happily chatting in the front seat.

Soon we came across Fleet services and we stopped again. We’re trying the whole potty training thing again so we were trying to stop as often as needed. So after a quick pit stop in Fleet services we were back on the road.

As we got closer to Southampton I pulled up directions to our hotel. Daly wanted me to SAT NAV it but it was so easy I didn’t need one. So instead I sat in the back seat and just gave him the few little directions he needed. I told him as we drove down this A road he would see the Travelodge on his left.

The Travelodge appeared and we pulled in. However Daly wouldn’t tell me if it was the right Travelodge so I had to get out and check. Yeah the blind person is really going to be able to read the signs. Once we’d discovered it was the right hotel, we unloaded the car and headed inside to check in. There was a little confusion at the check in desk. I wasn’t sure which surname I had used to book it and I gave my maiden name first. The receptionist panicked because there was no booking under that name and the hotel was fully booked but luckily I had booked it under my married name instead.

We received our key and headed off to move into our room for two nights. We didn’t stay in the room long though. I was straight away on the case of trying to find us somewhere to eat. We were all starving. It turned out there was a McDonalds just down the road so we packed ourselves up and headed off.

The McDonalds was a little bit confusing to find. I find a lot of the places in Hampshire are like that but you get used to it. We made it and bundled out of the car. We walked in and Zach and I ordered while Daly and Bella found a table.

Bella did some colouring while we waited. Our food soon turned up and we tucked in. We enjoyed our dinner but it was soon time to head back to the hotel and settle down for the night.

We arrived back at the hotel. We all got ready for bed and snuggled in under the covers. Us grown ups decided we were going to watch Pretty Woman – I love that film. Bella had different ideas though. She was bouncing round the room, on and off the beds and playing with her toys. She would not settle and I refused to turn the TV off. I wanted to see the film.

After a long time of Bella bouncing I asked Daly what the time was. It was 20 past 11. I warned the boys that Bella would still have a good 40 minutes of running around in her. She is either asleep by 9pm or she’d stay up until midnight. Turns out tonight was one of those nights.

I just hope she isn’t too tired tomorrow for Peppa Pig World.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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