I’m so bad at uploading – I apologise. I’m trying

I really apologise for the lack of uploads. If you read I think my previous blog you’ll have seen I’ve had a few health problems recently. At the time we thought it might be a one off or at least a few months before it happens again but that has not been the case. This seems to have aggravated my Narcolepsy as well. I am severely sleep deprived at the moment which has had a knock on effect on any activities I might have had planned or means I’m struggling to catch up with blogs.

I am currently trying to find ways to solve this but with the current global health situation gaining doctors appointments seems to be a struggle. I’ve been trying for ages and I still haven’t managed to get one yet. Hopefully I will be able to book an appointment soon to try and find out what is going on. I also have my B12 injection booked for the coming weeks so that will hopefully have a benefit on my motivation and energy levels. I feel I’m constantly apologising for my content. And it’s tempting to completely walk away but I actually enjoy this and I love the fact I can look back at stuff I’ve done I obviously just need to find a way to make it work around my current health conditions and home responsibilities.

Thank you everyone who still takes time to read my blogs and is still following. I’m even struggling on my Instagram account to post but I find that easier to keep up with at the moment. So if you want to see what I’m up to with Bella before the blogs come out go check it out @making_memoriesblog. I’m hoping I will be back up and running again soon. So annoying because I had this huge back log of blogs got them all up and then my health went down hill.

Thank you again, see you on Instagram

Love CiCi x

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