A Trip to the Hospital – 16th February 2020

Now this is not a normal blog. Normally I tell you about my day but instead this is about my evening of the 15th into the morning of the 16th.

After I went to bed from finishing the number 3 I had a bit of a migraine. I decided to try and get some sleep but took my migraine painkillers as my head felt like it was going to explode. I took two cocodamol. Now I hadn’t taken any cocodamol in a while or if I had I’d only taken one. I always seemed like I had chest pains after taking them but I also get the chest pains randomly. The doctors think it’s acid reflux.

Anyways I took these two cocodamol and tried to settle down to sleep. About an hour after taking them I still hadn’t managed to fall asleep and I was starting to get some pain. It started like really bad hunger pains but I ignored them. I was trying to sleep and I didn’t think anything of it thinking it was hunger.

In the next hour the stomach pains turned into chest pains. It feels very similar to when I had gallstones but I had my gallbladder removed two years ago so we know it isn’t that. As the doctors had told me it was acid reflux I took some Gaviscon hoping that would help. When that didn’t ease it I made myself a hot water bottle as I’d also been told that would help.

The hot water bottle helped for five minutes and then the pain came back even worse. That was the point I decided to call NHS111. By this time I had dragged myself into the bath room as I’ve found the cold floor normally grounds me. This time, however, it wasn’t working. The pain was so bad I could barely breathe. At that point Liam came out of his bedroom to find me on the bathroom floor. He quickly got on the phone to Daly while I was answering the questions on the phone.

Because it was chest pains they automatically send out an ambulance it seems. I had messaged Daly telling him to come home now. I was in so much pain and I really just wanted to pass out but no luck.

Soon the ambulance turned up and Liam let them in, it was about 1.30am by this point. They came upstairs and found me on the bathroom floor. Liam and I filled them in and then they needed to assess me. I knew it was coming as this isn’t the first time the ambulance has been called out to me.

I went and laid down on our bed so I could be assessed. They checked all my obs, took all my information and then did an ECG. Turns out there was nothing wrong with my heart but they wanted to take me to hospital because of the pain and the location. I sorted myself out and then made my way downstairs.

Daly had turned up so I had a quick hug and then I climbed into the back of the ambulance.

The whole way to the hospital I kept having waves of pain. I’ve found curling up seems to ease the pain or at least make it easier to manage. I’ve also found the breathing they teach you when your in labour helps. It’s something to focus on. The trip to the hospital wasn’t great but I made it there in one piece.

Daly met us at A and E and we walked in. The paramedics checked me in while I curled up on Daly in the waiting room. We kept watching the little TV they have that says how long the waiting times were trying to work out how long we’d probably be there. The paramedics checked me in and then said goodbye. Time for the long wait.

Eventually I was called into be assessed and the usual checks were made, temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen. I then had to have another ECG. Once again they confirmed there was nothing wrong with my heart and they decided to send me down to the out of hours doctor.

We walked through and settled down in another waiting room. I was shattered as I hadn’t got any sleep yet. I curled up across a few chairs in the waiting room and tried to sleep. I think I dozed a little but no really sleep.

I ended up being called into see the doctor and they have no idea what is causing my chest pain. They were happy my ECGs were clear as it means my heart is ok. I asked if it could be the cocodamol triggering the pains. The doctor didn’t suspect it but he said it could be a cause. The only thing I came away with was instead of taking two cocodamol, I should take one cocodamol and two ibuprofen instead.  

I wasn’t impressed as the doctor seemed more focused on my rosacea than my chest pains so I was grateful when we left and he wasn’t judging my skin.

As we left the hospital Daly was moaning he was hungry. I pointed out that I thought McDonalds breakfast started at 5am so we could go and do that. He liked that idea so we got in the car and I directed Daly to the nearest McDonalds.

We pulled up and ordered. I love the hash browns so of course I ordered one of them. I also ordered a egg and sausage mcmuffin just so Daly wouldn’t moan that I hadn’t eaten anything. Daly ordered his bacon roll. Once we got our order we parked up in the car park and ate.

After McDonalds we headed back home and into bed. That’s how the rest of my day went. I got home curled up in bed and didn’t reappear until 6pm that day.

Not a fun day, not how I planned to spend that day.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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