Come for a Walk with Me – 6th February 2020

We got up nice and early this morning. Bella wasn’t too happy about getting up this morning for babyballet but I managed to coax her out of her room but letting her take her pirate ship downstairs. She happily ate her breakfast while playing with the ship. I wasn’t the happiest about it but if it meant my morning battle was going to be easier I’ll go with it.

We got up and dressed into Bella’s ballet outfit and headed off to ballet. This morning seemed to be a better morning at ballet than we have in the past. No real tantrums. She like always enjoyed singing Incy Wincy Spider before playing hide away behind her knees. She’s getting very good at hitting her positions.

About half way through the class the parachute came out. Bella was so excited like normal. She helped shake the parachute up and down, before Miss Paige let them all go underneath the parachute. After running around under it for a while, Miss Paige asked them to all lay down under the parachute and tried to kick the canopy with their toes. Bella did really well kicking her toes and reaching the canopy. So much better than she used to do.

After the parachute Miss Paige turned all the girls into Sugar Plum fairies. They skipped around the room with their wands. As a treat Miss Paige brought out the bubble gun and the girls ran around underneath popping the bubbles with their wands. Miss Paige had asked them to catch them but why do that when you can pop them. I was scared that Bella was going to end up hitting someone over the head with her wand but thankfully there were no injuries.

Next up Miss Paige wanted to try their galloping steps as a group in a circle. Bella was brilliant, she got up and joined the circle holding hands with a new little girl. It was nice to be able to sit and watch Bella take part in the activity. She tried really hard and even helped the girl next to her.

We finished the class with the shakers followed by hugs with Twinkl. Bella happily danced around with Twinkl and blew her kisses to finish the class.

After lunch at home, we got ready for nursery. I got Bella dressed and then we drove to nursery. She looked so cute in her little kitty cat coat as she balanced along the edge of the flower beds outside nursery.

After I’d dropped Bella off I decided to take a walk. The weather was lovely and it wasn’t too cold. I took a walk over to the park. I walked through the graveyard and took a few photos of the architecture and there circled round to head back towards home going through the housing estate behind ours.

As I walked through the estate I came across a large grass area with lots of daffodils. I stopped to try out some of the pro settings on my phone camera. I made a mental note of where I found the daffodils. I’d been looking for a field of daffodils last year to do a spring photoshoot with Bella. I now know where I’m going this year for a spring photoshoot.

I picked Bella up from nursery when she finished and we headed home for a nice relaxed afternoon. When we got home Bella found the Argos catalogue and led on the floor flicking through it. She seems to have got into the idea of looking through toy catalogues to find things she’d like for her birthday.

We had a pretty good day today. Bella enjoyed herself at ballet and I enjoyed the winter sun on my afternoon walk.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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