1st February 2020

We woke up this morning to find Daly asleep on the sofa. When Bella had woken me up at 7am I had found Daly hadn’t come to bed. I figured he had either fallen asleep in bed with Liam – they had been playing on the PlayStation in his room last night when I had gone to bed. Either that or he had crashed on the sofa downstairs. It turns out the latter was correct. Bella was quite surprised to find daddy asleep on the sofa but she didn’t let it bother her. She happily pulled out her toys and played.

Daly woke up but he wasn’t quite with it. He was still very tired from being up all night playing on the PlayStation. He decided he was going to carry on with his gaming.

After a while of Daly playing PlayStation and drifting in and out of sleep he finally decided he was going to get up and do something. We had planned on having a movie day but Bella was bouncing off the walls and Daly was barely awake.

I needed to head down to the post box to drop a letter off and where Bella was running around the living room and bouncing off the sofas I thought I’d take her with me. As I was going for a walk with Bella, Daly decided he was going to wash the car because he can not let it get dirty lol. He pulled out the jet wash and set it up outside. Bella wanted to bring her pram and against my better judgment I let her. I remembered the last time I took Bella for a walk with her pram, it was a shorter walk but she gave up with the pram as we got out of the close. We popped baby in the pram and wrapped her up in a blanket. I added my letter to the pram and then Bella and I popped our coats on.

It was nice and sunny outside. Bella happily pushed her pram down the road as we left the close. I was pretty impressed she stopped her pram on the edge of the curbs.

We made our way down the road to the post box. Once we made it to the post box Bella posted the letter. I had to pick her up so she could reach. After the letter was posted I told Bella it was time to go home. The problem was she didn’t want to go home the way we came. Luckily even though we lie in a dead end road there are quite a few little walk ways and alleys that can be used. So we headed in the opposite direction to home so I could direct her through these walk ways. She carried on pushing her pram and only stopped when I had to carry it up some steps.

Bella was a little weary when a good of boys were coming up the path behind us but I reassured her they were ok and not to be scared. I’ve found most groups of scary teenage boys are actually really sweet and try to make Bella feel comfortable. I mean I’ve had one boy on a bike practically throw himself off his bike into an oncoming car in a car park to avoid crashing into my trolley with Bella in it so I don’t think they deserve all the bad press they get. Because I’d told Bella the boys were ok she insisted on stopping and waving to them all as they headed off in the opposite direction to us.

We eventually made it back to the house. With Bella only getting fed up with pushing the pram as we came into view of the house again. Daly had nearly finished washing the car as we walked up the drive. He was just left to dry it off and polish it while we settled back into the house.

Just as Daly had finished with the car I realised we had forgotten to pick up some pizzas for dinner tonight. It’s our usual Saturday routine. Pizzas on the floor while we sit around and watch Saturday night TV. Daly and I headed out quickly to Food Warehouse to pick up some pizzas as well as a few little bits we had forgotten yesterday. I told you that phone call to the doctor had thrown me out.

When we got home I popped the pizzas in the oven and then set up the TV so I could watch the Masked Singer. Liam and I have really got into it trying to work out who the singers are. It’s an infuriating show but they know how to make it work. They lure you in with the mystery and then you have to keep coming back each week to see if the singer you want to find out about had been kicked out and unmasked. Daly moaned about the fact it was more of my rubbish TV but it turns out he really got into it too.

Pretty exciting there was a double eviction but none of us guessed the celebs right. We’ll have to try again next week and see if we can get any then.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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