Back to Ballet – 9th January 2020

Christmas is over which means back to normality. Back to a routine. I am so happy about that. This morning it was back to ballet. Bella had received a new ballet bag and a long sleeved leotard for Christmas from my dad so today we were trying them out. I got her all dressed and ready for ballet and then we headed out. It was a little painful getting up this morning, my body clock is completely out of wack no matter how many times I’ve tried to reset it. It’s stupid. Surprisingly I actually managed to get Bella and I both up and dressed so we could leave on time.

Bella had insisted on a giant Tickled Pink bow (covered in the breast cancer ribbon) as apposed to her usual ballet bow. It looked a bit silly but I let her. I was happy she was letting put a bow in her hair so I wasn’t going to fight which one it was.

We headed out to the car and set off to ballet.

Bella was a different child at ballet today. She was so focused. I was amazed. She listened so nicely to miss Paige and joined in with all the activities she was given. Normally she’s running around and causing a bit of chaos but today she joined in beautifully.

One of her favourite activities was Incy Wincy Spider. She went and sat next to Miss Paige and tried so hard with the actions. It was nice to be able to just sit and watch her rather than having to encourage her to look at what was going on, or what she should be doing, or to just get her to join the group again.

She joined in so nicely and sharing things with the other girls. We tried galloping from side to side today. Bella wasn’t too sure how to do it so more walked than galloped but I got a good work out out of it. We had to hold our children’s hands while galloping around the mats one way and then the other in the hopes to encourage them to gallop. As I said Bella couldn’t really work out how to gallop.

Next up was jumping and this is just not Bella’s cup of tea. She completed one run of jumping on all the spots laid out across the floor but after that she was done. I don’t know why she doesn’t like jumping so much but she just will not give it more than one go.

At the end of class Bella went and got her Twinkl and rocked her to bed. She followed all of Miss Paige’s instructions. She brushed Twinkl’s hair, bushed her teeth, blew her a kiss and tucked her into bed.

After class Miss Paige gave Bella her sticker and praised her for being so much calmer and focused in class today. It’s sad but Bella moves class in 6 weeks as she’ll be too old for this class. I wonder how she will get on in that class. Especially as I think it is a different teacher that runs the class. But we will see when the time comes.

Night all, and let’s see what are next adventure is.

Love CiCi x

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