Shopping with Rachel – 8th January 2019

Rachel is coming round today. We hadn’t really since Rachel since Christmas so it was nice to actually see her and spend some time together. When Rachel turned up Bella wanted to show her all the things she had gotten for Christmas.

She grabbed Rachel and the pair of them ended up sitting on the floor together and did their make up. As well as the little make up she had gotten from Zach she also received some make up sets from Daly and I. We had got her a large set of water based nail varnish as well as a make up set with lip gloss and eye shadows.

Once Rachel and Bella had finished their make up I came up with the idea of going for a walk into town. I’ve have a few people I need to buy some birthday presents for and with Daly being at work and it being after Christmas we decided we were going to walk into town.

We got ourselves ready and I sorted out the pram so we could walk into town. Off we went into the cold. Rachel pushed the pram into town while I slowly walked behind them.

We took a nice wander around town, visiting all the charity shops – something I don’t think we’ve really done since mum died. We used to go every Monday with mum, it was just our little routine. We had a look round all a few other shops in the High Street before hitting the shopping centre. We headed into the Works and had a look round. While we were in the Works Bella got a bit bored so I took her out of the shop and let her play with the Christmas Baubles that were in the middle of the shopping centre. They were part of their Christmas decorations and the shopping centre hadn’t deChristmased yet.

We were in the shopping centre where Bella’s godfather Zach works. I sent him a photo of us playing around in the baubles. While we were still waiting for Rachel, Bella disappeared off to the jewellers. Bella loves their window display of Disney ornaments. While we were looking through the window Zach appeared behind me, making me jump. We had a chat about the ornaments that Bella seemed to like and Rachel finally joined us.

We were planning on heading to Poundstretcher but Bella had other ideas. I had told her we were going to go to Costa for lunch and she didn’t want to go to Poundstretcher. Instead she was hungry and dragged us off to Costa. We went in and grabbed us some lunch before ordering drinks. Once we received our drinks we went and sat on a table into the corner.

After lunch we carried on with our shopping. We eventually made it in to Poundstretcher where I’d promised Bella she could have some chocolate. She had tried to get me to buy her a cheap version of Kinder eggs but I told her I’d get her a Paw Patrol egg instead and at least that might have something inside she liked. Well she didn’t want a Paw Patrol egg instead she wanted a chocolate lolly. I didn’t mind, it was probably half the price of one of those eggs.

We finished looking round the shops in town and quickly popped into Sainsburys to get some bits before we went home.

It was nice having a chilled out day with Rachel just wandering round town together. It’s been a long time since we did it.

Night all, and let’s see what our next adventure is

Love CiCi x

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