Blogmas – Christmas with Nathan – 27th December 2019

Grandad was picking us up today to go back over to Cathy’s so we spent our morning just getting ready. Bella happily played with her Christmas presents. This morning the toy of choice was a make up set she had gotten. She set it all up and sat on the floor pretending to do her make up.

Grandad soon turned up and Bella ran down to the car. Happy to jump in and head off. We had to pick up Grandma on our way. Luckily she was feeling better. We drove round to Cathy’s and heading in to wish everyone Happy Christmas again. Nathan was very happy to see Bella. Once again we exchanged gifts between the adults and then it was on to the present battle with Bella.

I was impressed though Bella sorted through her stack of presents from Nathan and pulled out the largest one from the bottom of the pile. It was funny watching her pull it out from under the rest. Inside the biggest present was a tool work bench. Which was ideal as I think we’d spent the last 6 months saying about getting her a work bench.

The next present she ripped into was a Paw Patrol Scalextric. I didn’t even know they did like toddler Scalextric so that’s pretty cool.

Now this now set task one of the day – build the Scalextric. Zach and Grandad got down on the floor and popped it all together while I sat a cut out all the little bits to put round the edge of the track.

Once it was build Bella and Grandad had a little race but Bella didn’t like the idea of anyone else winning. I discovered if you told Bella you were winning she’d pull the cars off the track and insist on starting again. It was so funny.

After playing with the Scalextric Nathan set about building the work bench. That didn’t quite go to plan to start with but once Zach found the instructions and helped him the bench managed to be built.

Bella opened the rest of her presents with the help of Grandad.

Once she’d opened her presents it was time for food. Daly was finishing work soon so would be round. Now with Christmas food you have to have Christmas crackers. Bella likes to pull crackers but she hasn’t got the strength. To prevent Bella pulling the cracker and flying backwards Nathan stood behind her to catch her if she flew backwards.

With Daly there, he opened up his presents from Nathan before we played some family games.

To keep Bella occupied while we played games she stuck to building with her work bench.

It was nice to be able to spend ‘Christmas’ with Nathan. It’s been fun having Christmas dragged out for four days. It’s been busy but a good few days and seeing everyone important in our lives.

Until next time

Love CiCi x

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