Blogmas – Boxing Day – 26th December 2019

It’s Boxing Day which means we’re heading off to Cathy’s. Daly was back at work and Liam was having a chilled day at home so it was just Bella and I who were off to Cathy’s.

Bella got up and helped me pack all the presents up to take them round. She does like to be helpful.

Once everything was packed and we were all dressed we jumped in the car to go to Cathy’s but first I needed to do my Boxing Day tradition. Every year on Boxing Day I would always go and get mum and I a Costa while the rest of the family went on a walk. Now I carry on that tradition with Bella. We headed to Costa and went through the drive through. I bought Bella a gingerbread Santa face and me a Latte. Bella was very happy to get her gingerbread man.

I got a bit emotional as it was my Christmas tradition with mum and she wasn’t around to share it with me. Last year hadn’t been so bad even though mum had only just died. I had had Daly and Zach in the car with me so I had distrations but with just Bella with me I had time to dwell. Luckily by the time I got to Cathy’s I had stopped crying.

We got in, said our hellos and I curled up on the sofa with my Latte.

Now it was back to our Boxing day tradition with Cathy and Zach. We sorted all the presents out and shared them out between us. Bella had a massive pile of presents by the TV waiting for her. As Nathan wasn’t around we piled his up out of the way for him to open tomorrow.

Bella was encouraged to take presents out of her pile and open them as the day went on. Once again below is photos from the day and I will just be adding little comments in here and there.

Daly and I had got Zach a spoon with cereal killer on it. It’s a bit of an inside joke between Zach and Daly.

Now Zach has a habit of getting Bella giant presents. Her first Christmas he bought a giant Simba from the Disney store. Last year a giant unicorn – and it’s so comfortable to lie on and this year to go with her Frozen theme she received a giant Olaf. It is actually taller than her.

Bella had received an Elsa dress from Cathy for Christmas, She wanted to wear it so she dressed up in her Elsa dress and then to encourage her to come out from the sofa (she was a bit shy) Zach told her to open the giant present. Inside was this Olaf. She was so excited and happy when she opened it. Paige filmed her opening it and once it was unwrapped she gave it a massive hug.

As well as an Olaf, Zach had also bought Bella a camera where she had shown so much interest in my photography over the past year. Adam helped her set it up and then she had fun taking photos.

Bella needed a little encouragement to open her presents. As I said yesterday she’s very happy opening two or three and then just playing with them for the rest of the day. Instead she took to grabbing a present and then getting a grown up to help open them up.

Her favourite person to help her open presents for the day seemed to be Cathy. Cathy kept popping off into the kitchen to check on dinner but that didn’t please Bella. She followed Cathy out into the kitchen with her presents to get Cathy to come back into the living room to help her.

It turned out the present Bella had followed Cathy with was a drum kit. Apparently Zach’s buying her everything she needs to start a band he’s just going to buy them all over birthdays and Christmases. It was quite funny watching all the men set up the drum kit for her.

Zach wanted to hold a few presents back for Bella to open when Daly finished work so to fill in that time Bella played. She went a found a jigsaw in her toy cupboard and then she and Paige sat on the floor to complete it.

Daly soon finished work and popped round. This meant Bella was able to open the rest of her presents. It turned out the main one Zach wanted Daly to be around for was a football goal. Daly used to play football when he was younger and it’s something he wants to share with Bella so this seemed like the perfect present to get her started.

Bella continued to open her presents, opening a few clothing items Zach had got her. He had got her a new dressing gown (with unicorns all over it of course) a unicorn onesie and a nice fluffy coat. As well as a few dresses.

Dawn had started to feel a bit poorly so Grant took her home so she could rest and hopefully be well enough to continue with the festivities tomorrow. Bella had wanted to do some drawing but the boys had another idea of what to do with the paper. Instead of drawing they wanted to make paper planes and had a paper plane fight.

We had a wonderful day with Daly’s family and Cathy and Zach. Bella was truly spoilt and received lots of goodies. Tomorrow we get to do it all again with Nathan.

Until next time

Love CiCi x

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