Blogmas – Movies and Fancy Dress – 19th December 2019

Today was a boring lazy day. Daly was at work, there was no nursery or ballet so we had an at home day. Now I have been trying to sort Bella’s play room out ready for Christmas which means Bella has been finding a lot of toys she’d forgotten she had. While tidy today I came across the bag of costumes we took on holiday with us over Halloween. Of course that meant Bella wanted to play dress up.

Her first costume of the day was her witches costume. Now because she was a witch she also needed her hat and broom. So I had a good hunt and found them hiding in the mess and Bella was a fully kitted out witch.

Now this witch, like I said, had found lots of toys she had forgotten about. Her cleaning trolley being one of them. She wheeled it out into the living room and then proceeded to clean. She used to broom to sweep and the mop to clean the floors.

As well as doing all the cleaning she also came across her babies high chair and pram and played with them. I suppose it’s a good thing she’d playing with her toys but a bit of a pain that instead of playing with them in the play room she insists on dragging them into the living room.

In the back ground we had Disney Life on playing films. Bella loves the Cinderella films and Sleeping Beauty. Surprisingly she doesn’t ask for Frozen on too much but this morning we watched Frozen followed by all the little films they made afterwards.

While she was playing she decided it was time for a costume change. Bella wanted to be a pumpkin …

Which lasted two minutes before sh decided she wanted to be Tinkerbell. She struggled a little bit with her wings but we soon had them attached to her back and she could fly round the living room.

With the flying round the living room she found a gymnastics ribbon which used to be Rachel’s. She loves to twirl this thing around and insist I take photos of her.

Once she had finished being Tinkerbell she wanted to be a purple fairy but we discovered the purple tutu was far too big for her so instead she had to settle for being a blu and pink fairy – one of the first fancy dress costumes I ever bought her. I remember finding it in the sale section of Claire’s at Bluewater when I went shopping with Rachel. As soon as we bought it she wanted the tutu and wings on and walked around waving the wand as we carried on with our shopping. She was so cute – good memories.

So that was Bella this afternoon my little Blue and Pink fairy while we settled down to watch Tinkerbell on the TV.

Until next time

Love CiCi x

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