Blogmas – Writing a Letter to Santa – 17th December 2019

Guess what we started our morning with? The advent calendar. Bella is really getting in to the routine of finding it and bringing it to me so we can find the number together.

Behind door number 17 was a little present to add to her winter scene. We had got one a few days ago so I was pleased that there was another to go with santa.

Now today was a bit of a boring day for Bella. I had to work. I spent most of the day editing the photos from the birthday party I had shot the other weekend. I had over 350 photos to go through, sort out and edit. So to keep Bella involved she sat up at the table next to me and did her own bit of work – writing a letter to Santa.

First she wrote what she wanted to Santa along the top of the letter.

Now it was time to tell Santa what she wanted. To make it easier for Bella we always go through the Smyths catalogue together and I let her pick out 5 or 6 things she likes. I then cut these out so she can stick them into her letter for santa. So while I was editing on the laptop, Bella was sat next to me gluing the pictures into her letter for Santa.

Once Bella had completed sticking what she wanted on her letter I wrote her name, age and address on the back in the hopes Santa might write back. This year Bella has asked for a few Frozen bits – I think she’ll be in luck this year, I believe she has a few Frozen themed items coming her way. She also asked for some PJ Mask themed toys as well as Avengers. Surprisingly I noticed Bella had put something on her Christmas list for the past two years. Bella has put the Baby Annabel Hospital on her Christmas list for the past two years. I think we will have to get it for her for her birthday. It’s too close to Christmas to get her one now but the fact she’s asked for it two years running makes me think she really wants it.

I eventually finished editing all my photos. It was nice having some company while we did it even if we weren’t doing the same activity together.

Until next time

Love CiCi x

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