Blogmas – Meeting Elsa – 18th December 2019

I have a Christmas surprise planned for Bella. The other day I had seen an advert on one of the toddler groups I’m a member of. The advert was for a Meet the Ice Princess session. Now as seen in Bella’s Christmas list Bella is slightly obsessed with Frozen so I thought meeting ‘Elsa’ would be a great treat for her. Rachel was coming with us as well to enjoy the experience as we were meeting Dad afterwards and then Rachel and Bella were going to do some Christmas cooking.

We had to get up quiet early for us. I got Bella up and dressed her up in her Anna dress with a little green bow. I would have plaited her hair to make her really look like Anna but we didn’t have time this morning. Saying that we actually made it to the hall where the session was happening early.

We all turned up and were invited into the hall. We found some seats to land on. They were playing music from Frozen 1 and 2 and Rachel was sat next to me singing along – she’d already gone and seen Frozen 2 so was familiar with the songs. We were soon asked to sit down on the floor to call for ‘Elsa’. Bella didn’t want to go sit down on the floor on her own so I went and sat with her. We had to call for ‘Elsa’ before she appeared. When she appeared she sat down with the children and went around them all asking who they were and how old they were. ‘Elsa’ really liked Bella’s dress, as soon as she saw it she greeted Bella by calling her her sister which was cute.

Once everyone was introduced ‘Elsa’ invited everyone up so they could have a game of musical statues. Now Bella really struggled with this concept even with me trying to explain it as she needed to freeze or that ‘Elsa’ was freezing her. As the game continued she kinda got the idea but she wouldn’t freeze for longer than a couple of seconds.

Now of course with all the children being between 2 and 4 ‘Elsa’ couldn’t ignore Bella and leave her out as she was going round giving everyone a sticker for being a statue. Bella was the last to receive a sticker but she was so proud when ‘Elsa’ called her up.

The next activity ‘Elsa’ brought out a large parachute. The aim of the game was to try and keep snowballs on the parachute. They had to shake the parachute up and down while ‘Elsa’ threw on a few snowballs. Bella loves games like this. She had great fun.

After the girls had fun laying under the parachute pretending to freeze it and it was put away ‘Elsa’ pulled out some ribbon wands. The girls all danced around swirling their wands.

In the middle of the session ‘Elsa’ taught the girls a dance to Let it go. Bella did really well joining in and copying all of ‘Elsa’s moves. Bella seemed completely in her element. It was wonderful to see.

Once they had learnt the dance ‘Elsa’ sang let it go and everyone joined in with the dance. Bella was a little unsure but she tried hard and copied ‘Elsa’

After a short break the fun continued. ‘Elsa’ pulled out some bubbles. Of course everyone loves bubbles. The girls were running around chasing the bubbles. ‘Elsa’ had tried to encourage the girls to catch the bubbles on their fingers but they were more interested in trying to pop them.

The final activity before saying goodbye was colouring. ‘Elsa’ handed out some colouring sheets and pens and everyone settled down to colour. Bella came and sat and down with me and Rachel to do her colouring. ‘Elsa’ was very impressed with her colouring. Bella has been trying really hard to stay inside the lines.

After everyone had finished their colouring we took a group photo of all the girls with ‘Elsa’. Once the group photo was taken ‘Elsa’ took individual photos with anyone who wanted one. Bella wasn’t too sure about having a photo taken (as seen in the picture below) but she gave it a go. It’s a shame she didn’t smile but at least we have a nice memento of our visit with ‘Elsa’

We said goodbye to ‘Elsa’ and set off to meet dad for coffee and an hour of a Christmas catch up.

We had a wonderful morning with ‘Elsa’ I’m looking forward to their next event. I wonder which princess we might see next time.

Until next time

Love CiCi x

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