A Quick Update

I really apologise for the sudden stop in Blogmas. Basically I ended up having a really busy week with Christmas activities and ended up with the time just getting away from me. I’m so annoyed with myself but with everything happening this December it has meant I’ve managed to get away from myself. I will be uploading those blogs but they will probably not be as detailed as they should be but I want them to be uploaded even if it’s only for me and Bella to look back on.

I will be doing a goals and aims for 2020 blog but if you have been around for a while you know when I fall behind on myself I still have to upload my blogs in order. It drives me crazy when they are out of order. So that blog will be written very soon but not uploaded until December has been fully updated. I know I need to make a few changes to the way I blog this year to keep it sustainable and prevent myself from falling behind so hopefully I will better organise myself.

So that was a quick update. Hope everyone had a wonderful new year and I will see you all soon.

Love CiCi x

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