Blogmas – Christmas baking – 7th December 2019

Slow morning again today. I wanted to go see Bella’s nursery’s Christmas tree at a local church today but those plans were soon squashed. We got up this morning a little bit earlier than yesterday but I still felt rough. Definitely suffering from a migraine and possibly too much caffeine.

This morning was another morning of Paw Patrol. I am so over watching those dogs. I need some new kids programmes for Bella. But Bella happily watched Paw Patrol. I curled up on the sofa and took some painkillers to try and help with my migraine.

I could hear Daly’s phone going off through the floor and I thought someone was trying to ring him. When it happened a second time I went up to see who was ringing him. I thought it maybe something important. When I got upstairs it turned out it was his alarm. I couldn’t work out why his alarm was going off at 11am though. I woke him up briefly and told him his alarm was going off. It fell on deaf ears though, he was back asleep in minutes.

Bella carried on playing for a bit downstairs before she started asking for some toast. I told her I would do her some toast but she needed to go wake up daddy. Off she went and I could hear her telling Daly to wake up. She soon came back expecting her toast. I sat her on the sofa and she happily munched on her toast with jam. I had no idea she liked jam until Dawn had put it on her toast yesterday.

Liam was up and came downstairs to join us. Bella wanted to open her advent calendar. I got it down for her and we looked for door number 7. She’s got a real thing about door number 11 at the moment. I will ask her which door she thinks it is and everytime she says it’s door number 11.

I told her that it was door number 7 and we found it. She wanted me to open it for her today. I opened number 7 and inside we found a cookie cutter/play dough cutter. It was a reindeer shape. Bella was a little confused about what it was though.

Our afternoon was a bit of a boring one. Daly spent most of it upstairs on the phone trying to sort our the car, which has got a puncture. Liam and I were enjoying some e4 and Bella was happily playing with her make up and destroying my tree. I had to threaten her with taking down the tree if she didn’t leave the decorations alone. I’m fed up of redecorating it every day.

To try and distract her from the tree I offered to do some cooking with her this afternoon. Now just as I was about to sort her out some cooking bits I received a message from Daly’s cousin offering me a photography job as she was unable to take it on now. I sat and messaged with the client and then ran around sorting out all my equipment for the shoot. I got myself a bit worked up because I couldn’t find one of my lenses. Liam and I pulled the place apart and I randomly found it hiding in Bella’s play room. I packed my bag ready for the shoot and put all my batteries on charge.

I was now free to do some cooking with Bella. We had several packets of gingerbread men mix in the cupboard so we decided to give them ago.

First up we had to melt butter and golden syrup together. Bella helped me measure them out and then put them in a pan before I turned the hob on. I stirred the mixture to melt it and then Bella poured in the gingerbread mix. And then she gave it a little stir.

I finished the stirring, making sure it was all completely mixed. Once the mixture was cool Bella rolled it out with the rolling pin. She took the little gingerbread man cutter we had got with the mixture and started to cut out some gingerbread men.

I popped the gingerbread men on a tray and then popped them in the oven. In this time Bella became very grumpy and we had lots of tears because she wasn’t allowed to play with the flour or have her iPad. She was refusing to listen.

Once the gingerbread men were out of the oven I placed them on the side to cool down. Bella still didn’t want to calm down or do some colouring with me so I suggested having some alone time upstairs. Sometimes she just needs her own space. That seemed to do the trick, she ended up settling down and falling asleep.

I enjoyed some me time. I sat on the sofa and enjoyed a cup of tea and watching some Buffy.

I managed to watch two episodes before it was dinner time. I got Bella up just before I started dinner. I didn’t want to have to try and wake her up when dinner was actually ready. I got her up and brought her downstairs with me. She didn’t really wake up though. I put her on the sofa and she cuddled back up and fell asleep again.

I woke her up once dinner was ready and we all settled down to eat our pizza and watch Strictly Come Dancing. We had a nice chilled out evening with Bella having a bath just before bed. After her bath she came into my bedroom with me and she played with her dolls house for a little bit but soon it was time to go bed.

I’m now planning on having a shower and an early night ready for a busy and fun filled day tomorrow.

Night all, and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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