Blogmas – Daly’s ill – 4th December 2019

Bella had me up early this morning and earlier than normal. I was not happy about it. Daly kinda woke up with her but not really. Some how she managed to get herself really worked up in her bed so I ended up having to go in and getting her and bringing her into bed with us. She snuggled down with us for a little bit but then got grumpy being in bed and wanted to go downstairs.

Surprisingly Liam was up before us but he was off out so that made sense. I eventually managed to make it out of bed and downstairs. Of course Bella wanted to watch Paw Patrol. Liam had been watching the TV but he automatically turns the TV over to the kids channels as soon as Bella turns up. I popped on Paw Patrol and Daly and I got into an argument about what kind of dog Tracker was.

Liam headed off out. Bella had seemed to have lost interest in the TV and started playing with her baby in her high chair. As she’d lost interest in the TV I put on Jeff Dunham’s Christmas Special. Not that Daly and I were really paying attention. We ended up cuddled up on the sofa and dozed off together.

I woke up just before 12pm to find Bella had crashed out as well with her iPad. I needed to head down to the church to pick up Bella’s colouring book that she had left over the weekend and I also wanted to pick up some chocolate Santas to celebrate Sinterklaas. I got dressed and walked down to the church.

The church had a drop in session. I popped in and stopped for a cup of tea. I felt bad just walking in to pick up Bella’s colouring book. It turns out it was being stored behind the tea table anyways. I got my tea and found a spot to sit down. A friend from church sat down with me and had a long chat about everything.

As I was leaving I got caught by another church goer and had another long chat about stuff. I eventually left the church and headed up the High Street to the European store. Sadly I couldn’t find what I wanted but I did find some chocolate Sinterklaas’. I grabbed them and then walked back home.

When I got home Daly was dozing on the sofa. He was curled up in a ball and looking rough. I told him to go upstairs to bed if he wasn’t feeling great. He put up a weak argument that he had been sleeping all day and was fed up but he soon disappeared upstairs and crashed out in bed.

Rachel was on her way round as we were going to watch a Muppet Christmas Carol. She text me to say she was on her way. Within about 20 minutes Rachel turned up. She hadn’t had lunch so before we settled to watch the film we had something to eat.

Rachel made herself some lunch and then we settled in the living room. Rachel had done a little bit of shopping before she turned up. It turned out she had bought a Harry Potter advent calendar in the sale. They were £18 but Rachel got her’s for £5. She sat there and opened up the first 4 days so she was up to date.

As Rachel had been opening her advent calendar I thought it was a good time to do Bella’s. We found the number 4 door and today even I had trouble opening the door. I eventually got it open and Bella was able to pull out the gift. Today’s gift was a sheep. Bella was excited to get the sheep but she wanted to open more doors. Especially as Bella had seen Rachel had opened more doors than one.

We then settled down for the main activity of the day – watching the Muppet Christmas Carol. It was mum’s favourite Christmas film. Once she’d put it on it meant it was officially Christmas. We settled down and started the film.

Bella got right into the film, she came and snuggled down with me on the sofa under the blanket. For some reason the house has been really cold today.

Even Rachel and Misty were freezing. Rachel snuggled up under mum’s blanket to try and stay warm and I turned the heating up. Couldn’t believe how cold it was.

The rest of the afternoon after the film was a bit slow. Liam and Daly came and joined us watching films off of sky movies and I cooked dinner. Daly had only just woken up and gotten out of bed after spending the whole day in bed feeling poorly. He had joined us but still wasn’t feeling too great. Instead of a proper dinner I made him some super noodles. That is his go to food when he’s poorly.

After we’d eaten dinner Daly and Liam went out and Rachel and I spent a little longer together. Just as Rachel was about to leave we discovered her car key were broken. Our new project for the evening was trying to fix the key enough to drive home. I managed to fix it with a bit of black tape and wedge the key back into the case. Rachel then taped it up more to keep it in. We eventually secured it enough so Rachel could drive home and she headed off.

It was time for Bella to go to bed. I got her ready and sent her off to bed. Once she was in bed I settled down on the sofa to watch some Friends. It was so nice to have a chilled out evening just me all curled up on the sofa blogging and watching Friends by the glow of the Christmas tree.

Poor Daly not feeling so great today but thankfully the sleep seemed to do him some good. Hopefully he’s feeling better tomorrow.

Night all, and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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