Blogmas – Stars on the tree for Mum – 3rd December 2019

Day 3 of December started a little slow. I got up with Bella who wanted to go downstairs. Normally she will come in and play in the bedroom for a little bit but not this morning. Instead I managed to get up and get downstairs with Bella. She wanted to watch Paw Patrol and that’s how our morning was. Snuggles and Paw Patrol.

It was time to open the third door in Bella’s advent calendar. I had to give her a little help. Those doors were not designed for little people. Inside, behind the door, we found a star to go on top of the tree. Bella wasn’t too thrilled about it. It obviously wasn’t as much fun as a present and Santa.

Daly had to head over to his parents. While he was gone Liam and I got our cleaning on. I headed in to the kitchen to sort that out while Liam attacked the living room and play room. He had only planned on hoovering the floor but he was bored and once he starts tidying he’s like me. He just keeps going. It was nice to see Bella’s play room tidy. I had been meaning to do it for ages as I’d been using it for drying clothes rather than letting Bella play in it. It was a lovely surprise to walk into the living room and seeing it so tidy.

Once Liam had finished the living room and had moved into the play room Bella decided she wanted to play with her toys in the living room. She found out her little watering can house and her little dolls and was happily playing with CBeebies on in the back ground.

I was working hard in the kitchen. There was lots of washing up that needed to be done so I cracked on with that. Once I’d finished the washing up I started on tidying up the sides and then wiping them down. I’d also managed to pop on a load of washing, helping to make a dent on the massive pile sitting in the corner of my kitchen.

I finished in the kitchen and then headed upstairs to sort out the washing. There was a lot to sort out. I don’t get how I end up with so much washing all at once. I sorted them out into individual piles for Bella, Daly, I, tea towels, towels and sheets. I couldn’t believe how big each of the piles were.

I finished up sorting out the washing and then headed back downstairs. I was watching TV with Bella and Liam and ended up dozing on the sofa. I’m having a really hard time staying awake at the moment. Daly had come home and sent me up to bed to have a lay down. I was heading out later for a memorial service held by the hospice mum was cared for by. I told Daly to wake me at 5om so I could get ready to go out and try to wake up.

Daly woke me up and offered to come to the service with me. It was being held at my old school so I told him it would be a chance for him to see my old school. Daly smartened himself up a bit and I got myself dressed in something warm.

Liam was watching Bella for us while we went to the service. Even though my old school is only round the corner but we took the car. We needed to pick up dinner afterwards and grab some bits from the shops.

We made it to the school and parked up. We walked in and it turned out the service was being held in one of the new parts of the school rather than the school hall where I thought it would be. We walked round through the school and found some seats to sit in.

On each of the chairs was a star with little hooks. They were to be hung up on the tree they had set up at the end of the service. You could write on the back of them a message but I left mine blank. I didn’t need everyone knowing what I wanted to say to mum. That’s between me and her.

We sat through the service, commenting on bits mum would have liked. It was a very short service. Turned out it was only 30 minutes long. Some of the girls from the school had stayed and were the choir for the evening. There was even a year 12 girl who sang two solos – she was very good. It was a nice service.

The mayor turned on the lights to light up the tree and then after the prayers we all took our stars up to hang them on the tree. Once the stars had all been hung and the service was over Daly and I headed out to ASDA.

I was annoying Daly in ASDA following him around and yelling random stuff at him. It seemed to entertain the other shoppers. We grabbed our shopping and then we swung round to McDonalds to get dinner.

When we got home we had a McDonalds picnic in the living room. It turns out they had got our order slightly wrong. We had ordered two large meals and one medium but we ended up with two large drinks one medium and then one large fries and two medium fries. As I normally end up feeling quite full with my meal I gave Daly the large fries and Liam and I had the medium fries.

Once we’d finished eating Bella was suppose to be going to bed. We ended up popping Pokemon on and discovered that Liam had taught Bella to say Pikachu. It was so cute.

Joe and Jess turned up and while Daly and Joe played with the cars I popped Bella to bed. Jess, Liam and I all chilled out downstairs watching TV while the boys tinkered and then it was time to say goodbye and goodnight.

Not a very exciting day. Not much happened but I’m sticking with this blogmas. Until tomorrow.

Night all and let’s see watch adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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