Blogmas – Mini Photoshoot – 1st December

It’s the first of December. We are officially into the count down to Christmas. Even though Rachel’s been counting down for months. Bella came in to wake me up this morning. I wasn’t too fussed, it’s a Sunday, we don’t have anything planned for today. When she came into the room she moaned that we were in Nanny’s room as we’ve switched bedrooms now we’ve sorted mum’s out. She came running in going ‘Mummy, daddy get out Nanny’s room. Go sleep in mummy and daddy’s room.’ Once I told her no she lost interest and asked if she could play with her house – mum’s dolls house.

She happily played with the dolls house while I tried to wake up. That was not easy though. The colder it gets the harder it is for me to wake up. I eventually managed to wake up enough to work out what was going on.

As it is the 1st I found Bella’s advent calendar. We’ve bought her a vTec Toot Toot calendar. She climber onto bed with me and we got her calendar out. I had to take the cover off of it so we could get to the doors. Bella was very excited for all the doors and I told her we needed to find number 1. We couldn’t find a door with the number 1 so we figured that Santa had to be the 1st item out of the calendar.

Sadly Santa’s battery had died so I had to find a screw driver and some batteries so I could get him chatting again. Bella sat patiently waiting while I unscrewed Santa and replaced his batteries. Once Santa was fixed Bella was able to play with him.

When you press the button in his chest he talks and sings songs. I’m looking forward to see what other items we’re get from the calendar. 23 more days of goodies to go.

Bella also has a chocolate calendar which is a felt gingerbread man with little numbered pockets that mum had made. I’ve put a chocolate coin in each pocket for Bella. We climbed off the end of the bed so we could find the pocket with the number 1 on it. We found it and Bella pulled out the coin.

We headed downstairs with the goodies. I popped the TV on and we spent our morning watching Paw Patrol. Bella asked me to open her coin and where she had been hugging it, it had melted slightly. That upset Bella. Apparently it made it yucky. We ended up popping it on a table in the hopes she would come back to it.

Bella and I spent a chilled morning watching TV. I sat on the floor and wrapped up a few boxes to use as props for my mini Christmas shoots. We spent our morning just Bella and I until after lunch when Daly and Liam came and joined us downstairs. Daly had bought Bella a Milky Bar ballet bear for how well she’s been doing with ballet and in nursery. Bella was very excited to get the chocolate bear.

Daly and I had to go shopping so Bella stayed at home with Liam while we popped out. When we left, Bella was happily munching on her bear.

Daly and I headed to ASDA so we could pick up some shopping. We did the usual thing of wandering around and doing our shopping. Daly and I caught up while we shopped. When he’s on nights we don’t really get a chance to talk or spend time together. I was in charge of the shopping trolley which is never good but luckily Daly took it off me before I crashed into something.

I had a few issues while shopping. I was looking for some spices for cooking. And could I find them all, no I couldn’t. I stood there for ages looking for certain spices and sadly didn’t find all the ones I needed.

By the time we left the shop it was raining and miserable. I wasn’t happy as we had parked miles away from the entrance. I don’t like walking in the rain, I hate water on my face. We loaded the car and then set off back home.

Bella had been as good as gold for Liam while we were out. When we got home she was still munching her chocolate and watching Paw Patrol. I swear that’s all we have watched today.

Daly got dressed so he could head to work. We sat for a little bit before he had to go but we didn’t get long. Daly’s dad was borrowing our car for a little bit so I needed to head their way to drop it off to him. Daly and I left at the same time and I followed him down to his parents, while Bella stayed with Liam again.

We made it to his parents where we said goodbye to each other. Daly headed off to work and Grant drove me home. When we got home, Grant came into say a quick hello to Bella before he headed back home.

Once Grant had left I cracked on with the second half of Bella’s mini Christmas photoshoot. I had done the first half the other day but Bella had become really grumpy so I had to stop. Today we were taking photos of Bella in her Santa dress. I set up the backdrop and the lights so we could get our photography on.

Bella wasn’t too keen to play ball again. I’m currently really struggling to get her to look at the camera. It’s really frustrating but I managed to get a few cute photos. We took photos of her with the boxes I had wrapped, having a snowball fight, her magical Santa key and she also wanted a few of her with her baby.

Once we had finished it was time to take down all the lights and the backdrop. Bella wanted to help take down my lights. She was my little photography assistant today. Don’t worry the lights were cool by the time she was trying to take them down.

She pulled the diffuser covers off my lights and then while I was folding them up she tried to take the bulbs out. Obviously she was able to unscrew them so I had to help her with that.

Once I’d unscrewed them Bella put the bulbs inside their polystyrene holders and then inside their boxes. It was lovely that she wanted to help. Once we’d popped everything away it was time for me to cook dinner.

We sat and had dinner together in the dining room. Once dinner was finished Bella wanted to do some painting. I set her up some paint and then we sat together while she got creative. I was very impressed because Bella drew her pictures using her crayon and then coloured in her picture by using the paint. She was doing very well remembering to dip her brush in the paint and then when she had finished with the colour she cleaned her brush off so she could use the next colour.

Bella painted a picture of Santa and his reindeer and then painting a few other pictures. She really does like painting. I love how creative she is and also how good her imagination is.

Bella painted 4 pictures and then we decided it was time to stop. By this time all the paint had been mixed together and so Bella now only had a yucky brown colour. We cleaned up the table and then went back to the living room to watch Captain America: Civil War with Liam. Bella likes Captain America and Spiderman.

It was really weird watching Civil War because I’ve watched it in the past but I couldn’t remember what order the plot went in and where I’ve been watching Youtube videos since Endgame came out, I’ve seen certain scenes a lot more than others.

It was getting close to Bella’s bedtime so I got her ready for bed and dressed her in her little Guess How Much I Love You onesie. However she wasn’t ready for bed. Instead she started a snowball fight with Liam using these little snowballs I bought from the works.

The two of them went at it, throwing the balls at each other. Bella was laughing her head off and having a great time. She does love to play with her uncle Liam. The snowball fight had to come to an end though so Bella could go to bed.

Today has been a pretty good way to start December, let’s see how the rest of the month goes.

Night all, and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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